How to Fix BT Youview Box Problems

bt youview box problems

BT YouView Box problems are exasperating because they hinder you from enjoying the wide variety of channels the company offers. Just when you settle comfortably on the couch or bed to watch, your TV instrument finds a way to irk you.

If you are facing any issues with your BT instrument you are in the right place. Fortunately, we’re here to help you fix these issues.

So, without any delay, let’s start this troubleshooting guide!

bt youview box basic troubleshooting

Basic Fix of BT Youview Box Problem

Before trying any of these BT Youview Box Problem troubleshooting, it is recommended to check these issues first:

  • Check the Battery of Remote
  • Find out if there are any loose wirings
  • Restart the BOX and TV.
  • Check Broadband Connection
  • Make your software update.
bt youview box troubleshooting

BT Youview Box Troubleshooting

Let’s start by identifying the typical problems the BT community encounters. Listed below are the top nuisances that might confront you one way or another if you are a BT customer:


Recording Problems

The Freeview signal or broadband connection is often the reasons for failed recordings. It is improbable to recover lost tracks so take measures to prevent such circumstances.

How to Fix

  • 1
    Evaluate the channel you want to record. It is only logical that recording would fail if you cannot view the channel properly.
  • 2
    Secure your equipment cable.
  • 3
    Turning off your BT TV box wouldn’t allow any recording so make sure it is on before you record.
  • 4
    Go to the Scheduled section of your My TV to check if recordings are set up properly.


Signal Problems

Connection problems limit the things you can do with your BT TV. Here are the things you can do before calling Customer Support.

How to Fix

  • 1
    Check the status of your service. On the service status page, you can check if there is a network interruption.
  • 2
    Use the landline to check if it is working. Broadband needs a functional phone line to work.
  • 3
    BT Hub should be restarted. Network problems are often resolved by turning the connection on and off.
  • 4
    Check if the lights are turned on in your Hub after. It will indicate if your device is working or not.
  • 5
    For fibre customers, your Openreach modem should be power cycled.
  • 6
    Assess if your test socket is working. Sometimes, internal telephone extension is the problem and not the phone line.


BT TV Box Not Working

BT YouView stuck on loading or BT YouView Box not working is one of the most reported issues in the BT community. Many refer to this as freezing. Here’s how you can fix it.

How to Fix

  • 1
    A reboot is often enough to fix this issue. Switch the box off and wait for 10 seconds before you turn it on.
  • 2
    If the reboot does not work, try checking if your software is up to date. Just press the YouView button and click settings. After that, select Information & Reset.
  • 3
    Once you’re done, select Software Information and then Update Software.
  • 4
    If all else fails and BT Box not working remains a problem, a full reset is required. However, you would lose all your recordings.
  • 5
    If the BT instrument Not Working issue continues, ask BT for assistance by contacting them on 0800 111 4567.


Channel Problems

The cause of the problem can easily be identified since the channels are categorized. Here’s how.

How to Fix

  • 1
    If any channel within 1-299 is not working, fix your Freeview signal.
  • 2
    Subscription channels are from 301-399. If any within the range does not work, fix your internet connection.
  • 3
    Reboot the BT box and check
  • 4
    If not solved, follow the reset method given below


Remote Control Problems

You have the TV instrument, but control settings are vexing to handle. To fix the issue, just do the following:

How to Fix

  • 1
    Check the batteries. Oftentimes, non-functional power sources are the reason why your remote is not working.
  • 2
    Check if the remote is flashing light when you press its buttons. If it does not, the remote itself is the problem. Otherwise, your TV box is not responding and needs to be rebooted.
  • 3
    If all else fails, reset the remote control.


No Lights on BT Mini Connectors/Powerline Adapters

No lights often indicate a non-working device. Here are the things you should do to address these BT YouView Box problems.

How to Fix

  • 1
    Check if the power is switched on.
  • 2
    Look at both the mains and the socket.
  • 3
    Re-Tune the Channel list
  • 4
    If it is on and the problem persists, find the configuration or reset button. Press it and wait.


Pictures Pixelated

Watching is not fun when you cannot see the characters clearly because the pictures keep pixelating. Here is how you can resolve it.

How to Fix

  • 1
    Check if your TV box is connected with an Ethernet cable. If yes and it’s too short, you can buy a longer one at BT shop.
  • 2
    Assess carefully if all cables are connected correctly.
  • 3
    Check if you are connected to the BT Hub and not to any other router.
  • 4
    Check BT Hub lights.
  • 5
    Check if other members of your family are using the BT line for games or any other activities that might consume a large amount of the connection. 
  • 6
    Go to settings > TV Signal & Quality > Picture Quality Alert to reduce further pixilation.


Box Keeps Losing Channels

Sometimes you may notice some channels especially the HD Channels keeps losing without any problem. This is a common problem that many users complain. To fix this issue do the following:

How to Fix

  • 1
    Check the Signal Quality & Strength
  • 2
    Try an aerial attenuator
  • 3
    Reduce the Signal level to 95%
  • 4
    Restart the device again and Check


Stuck on Maintenance mode.

Sometimes when you try to start the box, it gets stuck in the red light or the maintenance mode. This is really a big issue and we recommend applying this fixing method:

How to Fix

  • 1
    Try to restart the Box
  • 2
    If not fixed press the arrow button of the box for few seconds to enter ‘Maintenance Mode”
  • 3
    Check the prompt “Y”
  • 4
    Now check if the indicator light is blue.
  • 5
    If not, do a hard reset of the BT Box.


Any other Issue?

If your issue is none of the mentioned problems, then we recommend you to do a hard reset of your BT TV Box.

Reset will bring your BT instrument to its original factory settings and will fix the issue that you may be facing. To help you out, we have mentioned the methods to reset a BT Box below.

how to reset bt youview box

How to Reset BT TV Box

BT YouView Box problems are often quickly resolved when you reset the BT TV instrument or device. You have two options on how you would reset it. Either you reset using buttons on the TV box itself or through the menus.

#  Method - i : Through TV Box Buttons

Let check the first method to reset your BT device back to its original state. Follow these steps:

  • 1. Reboot the TV box by switching it on and off. You should see a red light on the front panel to confirm that it is working.
  • 2. For five seconds, press the down arrow button at the back of your TV box. At the bottom screen, you should see ‘Enter Maintenance Mode Y/N’.

    reset bt youview box method i

    3.Press the power button as soon as you see the label.

    reset bt youview box method

    4. Maintenance mode will appear next. You should choose the Factory Reset, keep recordings option to finish the reboot.

    # Method - Ii : Through the Menus

    Keep in mind that with this option, you will lose all your recordings. To reset through the menu option do the following:

    1. Press the Home or YouView button on your remote control to go to the main menu. Once you’re in, select Settings > Information & Reset > Factory Reset.

    bt reset method 2
  • 2. A warning will be displayed. Just enter the numbers shown using the remote control if you wish to continue. Otherwise, cancel.
  • steps of reset

    3. Once you’re finished, the screen would require set-up again. Just follow the instructions, and you’re done.

    BT Youview Box Still Not Working?

    Even after doing the troubleshooting methods and followed by reset has not fixed the issue with your BT Box, we believe your instrument has some serious issue. It is better to contact the Company and order a replacement Box.


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    BT Youview Box Problems can certainly cause frustrations while watching any of your favourite shows or TV. Knowing the basic troubleshooting methods can surely help you in the hour of need.

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