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How to Fix Voxi Data Not Working Easily

Voxi data not working issue is not new. Almost all operator gets complains regarding non-serviceability of mobile data.

If your mobile internet connection works well with Wi-Fi but stops functioning as soon as you go outside, your device’s connection configurations could be incorrect.

Here we are going to see what you can do to repair it.

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There are a variety of reasons why your Voxi mobile data stops working.

Many of them are more apparent than others, so here we will look at all the options, from testing that they are disabled to updating or restarting the device APN setup.

Using the fix methods mentioned below, you can fix Voxi mobile data not working issue in just a matter of 5-10 minutes.

So, let’s get started!

Why is Voxi Data Not Working? 

reasons for voxi data not working

Voxi data not working reasons can be fixed at the user end. These reason includes Data not activated to incorrect settings of SIM. To fix this Voxi issue, do the following

  • Make the Data Connection Active
  • Enable Data Roaming
  • Move to an area with good network coverage
  • Pay any pending dues and bills
  • Modify the requisite APN configurations
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Let us learn the problems in details and also how to fix them in easy steps.

Is the Data Activated?

is data activated

First, we will review all the different types of problems that can contribute to Voxi data not working issue.

This helps you save time to configure the APN configuration at the first go. We may need to fix this, but we will go step by step.

So, first check if your mobile data is on or not.

So, first check if your mobile data is on or not!

Hence, we will go from basic to advanced troubleshooting.

It’s obvious, but we can often forget to check it at some point.

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This happens particularly if we use it always and it was deactivated by mistake (for example, when the device was in the pocket).

The easiest way to check if the device is switched on is to lower the notification roll of your device and verify whether the mobile data setting is on.

If it does not appear at first glance, you need to go to the settings menu and enable it.

Enable Data Roaming

data roaming settings

As a general rule, it is better to keep data roaming off. But sometimes you may need to enable the data roaming option to get the correct network.

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To do this, you can switch on the data roaming option on your device and check if your connection is working fine.

The steps for enabling data roaming may vary from device to device but they are typically located within the “network and Internet” settings.

In Android, go to the Mobile network and finally search for the roaming tab.

Check Voxi Coverage

coverage voxi

Coverage is another important for the link. If your smartphone does not receive sufficient coverage, the Internet connection can be very slow or may not be available directly.

You can test this by looking at the “bars” coverage in the status bar.

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But if you want to know the exact details you need to go to the settings and enter the system configurations.

Tapping SIM status informs you of signal strength that your phone is getting.

Check if Payment made?

Also, do not forget to check if you have paid the required monthly bills to Voxi.

Chances may be there that you have forgotten to pay the bill and your data got disconnected.

Check bill details to find the same or you can contact support staff to let you know your outstanding amount.

Check Voxi Access Point Name Settings

voxi apn settings

APN is the acronym for “access point code” or access point code and is essentially the setup for an Internet connection.

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The good news is that, in the vast majority of cases, Access Point Names are configured as soon as you connect the SIM.

Hence, you do not need to do anything about it.

However, there are situations in which this does not happen automatically, and this is one of the key reasons why mobile Internet stops working.

The first step to correct the APN settings will be to “reset” its settings.

  • Go to your Android or iPhone settings
  • Locate the SIM configurations.
  • Proceed to APN settings.
  • Now, tap the reset option, to reset your APN settings.

How to Manually Add Voxi APN Configurations?

However, if still Internet does not seem to work on your device, it’s time to get the connection settings manually.

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To get the connection or APN settings of Voxi manually do the following:

1. Android

voxi android apn settings

If your Voxi mobile data is not working on your Android, try to get the APN settings manually.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • From your Voxi, SMS WEB to 40127
  • You will receive a Configuration message notification
  • If not check your recent notifications
  • Install the APN settings


  • If you cannot install automatically, you can manually add the APN configurations. Check out the Voxi APN settings given below and add them.

Voxi Manual Acees Point Configuration for Android

  • Name – Vodafone Internet
  • APN name– pp.vodafone.co.uk
  • Proxy – Not set
  • Username – wap
  • Password– wap
  • Server Address– Not set
  • MMS port – 8799
  • MMSC – http://mms.vodafone.co.uk/servlets/mms
  • MMS proxy –
  • MNC – 15MCC – 234
  • APN type – default,supl, mms
  • Authentication type – None
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APN roaming protocol – Ipv4APN protocol – Ipv4Bearer – Not specifiedEnable/disable APN – *tick for enabling it*Mobile virtual network operator value & Type – Not set

2. iPhone

voxi iphone apn settings

To get configuration settings for your iPhone manually is easy. Follow these steps to get the configurations manually:

  • Go to iPhone Settings menu
  • Tap on “mobile data” followed by “mobile data network”
  • Enter the following details in LTE, Mobile-Data, Hotspot, MMS fields
  • APN: pp.vodafone.co.uk
  • Username: wap
  • Password: wap
  • Now “restart” your iPhone


Calling support staff to solve Voxi data not working is not the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

But if none of the above has worked for you, it would be your best choice.

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If you are confident that your Android or iPhone Internet settings is configured correctly and everything is fine, it’s better to reach out to support staff.

However, this should be your last attempt to fix this, when you have all the steps mentioned above.

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