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Vodafone Broadband Moving House : The Ultimate Guide

Vodafone Broadband Moving House on your plans? While moving home shifting the broadband connection to your new house can be often frustrating.

Today in this era of the Internet, people cannot imagine a single day without broadband. Be it office, studies, or for entertainment.

To help users to move their connection to their new home, Vodafone UK  has come up with this much-appreciated service. You can even keep your number while moving if your new area falls under the same exchange.

If you want to make a move home request, this article is for you. After reading this article, you will raise the shifting request with more confidence and especially without any worry.

What is Vodafone Moving House

vodafone moving house

Vodafone moving house is a service for an existing customer of the company who wants their connection to shift to a new address. The Company has a dedicated team to help users to complete the request.

To raise a request, you need to contact the Company with your account details and your new address. The team will then guide you to complete the moving request.

Note: You need to inform the company of the address change before 30 days of shifting.

The service is quite fast, and you can expect your Internet to be running within a matter of a few days in your new home. But for this, you must raise the request well in advance and not on the last few days of shifting.

Vodafone Broadband Moving House Checklist

vodafone moving house checklist

It is often confusing for many is from where to start. For any moving job, every company has some pre-set rules. Knowing these rules can help you avoid last minutes chase and frustrations.

Here is a checklist for Vodafone Broadband Moving House:

  • Check Availability of Internet in New Home
  • Keep the new address documents handy
  • Raise the Move Request
  • Pay pending bills if any
  • Keep track of the progress
  • Be present on the day of Installation
  • Complete Installation
  • Finally, check the speeds and connections

Now, let us discuss, the steps one by one so that you can know what to do in each stage of the moving process. For a clear understanding, we have divided this into three parts for clear understanding.

Before the Move

before moving home

Most users do not understand the importance of this stage and raise a move request hurriedly. But we recommend our users to keep these things in mind while you plan to shift your connection of the UK Company.

1. Registered Account Holder

Before you contact the Company, you must ensure that you have a registered account. It can be a Vodafone account or a landline number. Or else, your query will not be entertained.

2. Your New Address

Next, you should keep your new address or new home details handy. Remember you must be the legal owner of the property or you must have permission to install a connection in case your house is a leased one.

Make a copy of your address documents or permission from the landlord as you may require showing it to the Company.

3. Check Availability 

This is the most important check that you need to do before you think of shifting your connection. First, use this Vodafone availability checker tool to find out if your new address has the service available.

To double-check, you can contact any person you know of your new address. Ask them the status of the Internet connectivity of Vodafone in that place.

Connectivity is a different aspect, while speed is an important factor. So, check this also.

During The Moving Process

during the move

When you are sure that your new residence has the Vodafone service with good connectivity and speed, you can move ahead. You can now raise a request with the Company’s team using the following steps:

Raise the Move Request

  1. Contact the Home Move Team. You can use the chat option as shown below.
  2. First, provide your Account Information
  3. Provide the new residence address.
  4. Inform them of an approximate day of the move.
  5. Note the Activation date given.
  6. Also, keep the request number for future reference.
vodafone chat service

Pack the Instruments

The next step is to pack the router. This is because you will need this at your new house for installation. If you forget this, you may need to pay extra fees. The installation team will reset your router and reconnect it.

Can I keep my Existing Landline Number?

This will depend on the area you are going to reside in. If your area falls under the same exchange, you can keep the number.

However, if your area is out, you will not be able to keep the landline number and must get a new one.

After the Move 

vodafone after moving house

The work does not stop here. The company will do the installation at your new home. But you must check if the connection is done properly or not. 

Also, check the following:

1. Check Speed

Check if you are getting the promised speed as per your plan or not. You can use the major speed testing websites for this purpose. Check this for a few days, and if it continues contact the support staff for resolution.

2. Change Address Online

Next do not forget to update the address online in your Vodafone account. This will ensure the correct delivery of any correspondence that the company may send.

Early Termination Fees

early termination fee vodafone

If the new area that you want to shift has no Vodafone connectivity, you can ask for a cancellation of connection. Also if Vodafone doesn’t cover your new area, you can use a broadband checker to see which broadband companies are available.

In this case, you may need not to pay any Early Termination Fees.

However, if you cancel the connection and take choose a new provider yourself for any reason of yours, you must pay the Early termination fee.

You must also provide your new residence proof to the company.


We hope after reading this article, you can understand that Vodafone Broadband moving house is not as difficult as you may think.

You just need to follow the prescribed rules and know what you are doing. Rest assured the Company will do its part and will get your Internet active as soon as possible in your new home.

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