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Virgin Mobile Upgrade : All you Should Know

Virgin Mobile Upgrade or changing to a new mobile phone is something that many people are keen to do.

The easier access to mobile phone shops, and the frequency of launches from mobile device providers are making them replace their old phones in a matter of weeks or months.

If you are a Virgin Media subscriber, there are steps that you must follow to transfer the services of the company when you move forward to a new phone. Here are the latest information.

Upgrading to a new phone is easy. You just have to purchase the unit from the store and let the staff guide on everything that should be installed. However, if you are subscribed to Virgin Media, the process will change.

If you are headed toward Virgin Mobile upgrade, there are guidelines to follow.

Without further ado, here are the pointers to remember — from your options to the legal stuff.

Virgin Upgrade Options Available

virgin mobile upgrade options

There are three options wherein you can upgrade your Virgin Mobile subscription, more so if you change phones.

You may choose to: upgrade early, upgrade at contract’s end, and changing your plan.

Early upgrading

If buying a new mobile phone is in your mind but hasn’t fully done it yet, you can still have your Virgin Mobile upgrade, and even get started right now.On the official website of the company, you can connect with their support representatives to find out the best deal for your needs

Upgrade at End of the contract

When you upgrade within Virgin Mobile services, timing is important.

Upon your contract’s end, and when you get hold of a new phone, selecting any phone you’re having as brand new, you may upgrade to it from Virgin Media’s SIM Only plan even while in the contract.

How to Change your Plan

Changing your subscription plan in your current phone, meaning to say, without replacing your current mobile device also falls under the upgrades.

Change the subscription anytime you want, no matter as to whether you have the SIM Only, Freestyle, or Classic contract.

How to Upgrade Virgin Mobile

how to upgrade

One of the questions you may have is how you can go about the upgradation steps or methods.. 

The process is very simple, and all the details are also posted on their website.

Here’s a rundown.

1. Visit Website

You can get started upgrading the current mobile contract you have via the Internet. Simply log-in Your Account, go to Plan and device sections.

From these pages, you can then be able to change the contract. Remember, if you haven’t signed up for Your Account, you first need to register.

2. Customer Support

Then, you can also support staff via phone call. Speak to one of Virgin Media’s agents over the phone. You can find their number from the website’s Contact page.

3. Visit Virgin Store

A lot of customers choose to visit the store to upgrade. You can also do this. There are various stores that accept inquires and assistance to customers

4. Official Website

The website also provides a one-stop store locator to find out which branch is nearest your location.

Benefits of Virgin Mobile Upgrade

upgrade benefits

Upgrades are both to keep the benefits of the features of Virgin Media products, and to save up on the costs.

The biggest benefit is being able to use the complete services right on your new mobile phones right as you go through the said upgradation.

These are great areas to discover among entrepreneurs because they don’t have to transfer contacts or tell their networks one by one that they got a new number or phone to contact.

When you upgrade with the Company’s new phone upgradation feature, you also get access to the following advantages:

  • Keep your unused data with Company’s Data Rollover Program
  • Contact your friends and family data-free on Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp
  • For 12 months or one year, you can surf the Internet securely with  F-Secure SAFE internet security
  • F-Secure SAFE internet security
  • Add phone insurance alongside the features
  • Also every month, you can change your 4G subscription plan, or ask for downgrade if the budget isn’t enough.

Upgrade Virgin Mobile Early

upgrade virgin mobile early

How about your early upgrade? You’ve learned previously that even if you do not have the new mobile phone yet, you can anytime avail of these features whenever you need to.

The Freestyle Contract

The Virgin Mobile upgradation features and benefits work if you are on Freestyle Contract, and should you upgrade early, you can do so with Freestyle Trade Up.

Sign up to your new two-year contract, and freely utilize the value over your old mobile device to cover your current ones.

In any case, should this be insufficient to cover the costs, you can also choose to settle payment on the difference.

Do you need to settle fees?

What’s even greater is, if you are fortunate to get within the Freestyle Contracts, customers never have to wait for the upgrade to work.

All they have to arrange is to pay the remaining balance in full as per the phone credit terms and conditions. If you are done, you can upgrade via online.

Who to Contact

If you are ready for upgradation, simply phone support staff at 789 or call 0345 6000 789** from any mobile device to order a new mobile phone.

The company has a team of support representatives to guide you throughout the steps. You can also make sure you got everything right by logging into Your Account.

Should you Upgrade to Virgin Gigabit?

Among the trendiest products offered on Virgin Media is the Super fast Gigabit Internet.

Dubbed as the fastest major provider of UK broadband, this subscription plan is state-of-the-art, providing super fast Internet for your gadgets, including your mobile phones.

Should you upgrade to a new phone, you can carry this subscription plan. This will will provide you with download speeds at 1,104Mbps, faster than any provider or Virgin Media competitor.

Part of its features are never limiting your devices, high-definition streaming, superior broadband quality, sharing files in an instant, and full speed Internet at home or when in the office.

Gamers, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and people who utilize their mobile for purposes that require fast Internet, this Virgin Media product is indeed a must-have.

Legal Details

legal details

These up-gradations are also bound with legal information. One of the most important to remember is the legal stuff on Freestyle Contracts.

  • From your 24- or 36-month interest-free Consumer Credit Agreement from Virgin Media. 
  • While for your 30-day Pay Monthly Airtime rolling contract with the company, they may require Direct Debit or Credit check as payment options. 

In order to successfully upgrade your package, you must pay off any loans in full before getting hold of the new handset.

Standard rates apply, so it is recommended to check with your network provider for the specific rates.


During your Virgin Media upgrade, you can also avail of features such as the Trade Up, and mobile phone recycling. With Trade Up, you can easily “bid farewell” and “say hello” to your upgraded phone.

Simply provide the old phone to Virgin Media, swap and pay off your current contract, and get the new phone. The company also provides cashback rewards when you recycle your phone.

When it comes to having to upgrade your cellular plans and subscription, taking note of this significant information and all the details.

This will avoid any mishaps that could happen while initiating your Virgin Mobile upgrade.

Think about the many benefits and features you can get to guide you on making every Virgin Mobile upgrade a great one.

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