three mobile data not working

How to Fix Three Mobile Data Not Working?

Three mobile data not working issues are no exception to its subscribers living across the United Kingdom.

With the rise of affordable and convenient mobile data offers, it is not surprising to see many people streaming their favourite programs and songs in the subways and along the streets.

Despite the convenience of using your mobile data, you may encounter connectivity issues at some point in your life.

Of course, we know how frustrating this ordeal can be.

Because of this, we have compiled all the possible troubleshooting techniques for your Three mobile data connectivity issues in this handy guide.

Three Mobile Data Not Working Reasons

three mobile data not working reasons

There is nothing more frustrating than having a weak and unreliable network connection.

But before you begin scratching your head, you first need to understand that there are various reasons why you are encountering these issues.

In reality, several factors may affect your signal and browsing experience.


We have listed the common reasons why your Three mobile data may not be working in its peak condition below:

1. Obstructions

First on our list are the obstructions present inside and outside of your home.

Although this factor is often overlooked, your signal may not reach your devices indoors because they would need to pass through your walls and windows.

Because of this, the type of materials used in building your homes and offices may also give rise to various connectivity issues.

Aside from this, heavy construction equipment and scaffolding may also interfere with your network signal.

2. Account and Device Issues

Issues with your connection may also arise because of problems with your Three mobile data settings or SIM card, as well as your phone settings, operating system software, and battery percentage.

You may also find it challenging to use your cellular data if your Three mobile account is temporarily on hold.

3. Weather Conditions

Extreme weather conditions may also have a significant impact on your connection.

For instance, severe storms and winds, as well as flooding and fallen trees, all play a role in your ordeal.

4. Service Outages

In some instances, you might experience issues when planned or unplanned service maintenance occurs on Three mobile’s end.

How Fix 3 Mobile Data Not Working Issues

fix three mobile data not working

Although there are many reasons why your Three mobile data may not be working, there are several easy-to-do approaches to troubleshoot your connectivity issues on your own.

Let us take a look at these essential steps below:

Step 1 – Check Your Account

When troubleshooting your connectivity issues, the first step is to check whether your Three mobile account is on hold due to a failed top-up or a payment problem.

You can visit the My3 page to review the current status of your subscription.

Besides checking your account’s status, you also need to rule out whether you have reached your credit limit or cap.

Similarly, you should also check if you currently have an active data offer on your prepaid account.

Step 2 – Check for Service Outages

Once you have checked your account, you also need to determine whether there is an unplanned service maintenance in your area using their outage detector page.

If there are no problems with your account or service outages around your area, then the next step you should do is to check your Three mobile data settings.

Step 3 – Correct Three Mobile Data Settings

three mobile data settings

You can try out the following techniques to ensure that your network settings are correct:

Method 1: Manually Select Your Network

There may be instances where your current network signal is not available in a specific area.

For example, Three’s 5G signal does not work in Edinburgh. However, you can switch to your 4G or 3G network to continue accessing the internet in this location.

You can go to their coverage map to see if their network signals reach your current area.

Method 2: Edit Your Access Point Names (APN)

Your APN settings are vital when accessing the internet using your mobile data.

To ensure that your settings are correct, follow these steps:

1. Go to your phone’s Settings menu and look for the Mobile Network option.

2. Select the Access Point Names menu and choose your cellular provider’s name.

3. Click Edit Access Point and enter the following settings:

  • Name: 3
  • APN:
  • APN Type: MMS + Internet
  • MMS Port: 8799
  • MMSC:
  • MMS Proxy:
Method 3: Reset Your Internet Settings

If none of the above methods work, you can try resetting your network settings.

Afterwards, edit your APN settings again.

Step 4 – Check Whether the Issue Is with Your Device

Once you have ruled out possible issues with your account, cellular provider, and mobile data settings, the next thing to do is check whether the problem is with your smartphone.

How to Fix Three Mobile Data Not Working? 1

Below are some easy-to-do techniques:

1. Reboot your smartphone and check if this resolves your issue.

2. If you cannot access a specific application on your phone, make sure to check whether you have access to your other programs. Otherwise, you only need to reinstall the said application.

3. Put your device on aeroplane mode and wait for a few seconds. Afterwards, disable this service and reconnect to your network data.

4. Make sure that you have enabled your mobile data.

5. Update your phone to its latest operating software.

6. Activate the data roaming feature if you are abroad.

Step 5 – Check Your SIM Card

If there are no issues with your mobile data settings and device, then the problem may be with your SIM card.

To check if this is the case, remove your SIM from your current phone and insert it on another phone.

If your issues persist, you can get your SIM card replaced.

But if your problem is with your phone, you can get it fixed from any Three store near your area.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Three mobile data not working issues may be frustrating, but there are several measures that you can do to troubleshoot them on your own.

But if your problem persists, then you can contact their customer service or check the 3Community.

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