straight talk high speed data hack

Straight Talk High Speed Data Hack That Works!

A simple Straight Talk high speed data hack is the thing you might just need if you are experiencing suddenly slow data connection speeds.

After all, no one wants to have to settle for a slow internet connection, even more when there is a high speed option available.

There are several methods that you can increase your mobile data connection speed without the need to purchase a more expensive plan.

You don’t need to make a call to your provider. After all, all it takes are some simple and easy steps and you can gain back the fast speed that you actually paid for.

In this guide, you will learn the basic workarounds for when you experience being throttled by Straight Talk.

If you start noticing that you are getting slower speeds and longer loading times for sites and videos, this is the answer to your problems.

Straight Talk High Speed Data Hack

Although Straight Talk and many other mobile service providers may try to limit your otherwise “unlimited” data, there is always a way for you to get the browsing freedom that you deserve.

A working unlimited high speed data hack Straight Talk beats these restrictions set by your provider.

The good thing about these tips and tricks is that they cannot be detected and therefore cannot be “fixed” or “patched” by your provider.

Why Do You Need A High Speed Data Hack?

You notice that your internet has become slower. This happens sometimes, you think. You then check the signal bar of your phone and you see that it has a full signal coverage.

So why is your connection so slow?

What you may not know is that your provider may be throttling your internet connection.

This results with you experiencing a slower speed in everything–from browsing to streaming to uploading.

When you get throttled, it is normal for you to want to get your fast speed back, which is why you would want to use a speed hack.

Check if Your Plan is Actually “Unlimited”?

With your plan, you would be able to browse the internet, connect your apps and games online, and stream videos as much as you want.

However, you can only do all of these “unlimited” for a limited speed.

On the other hand, you have a limited allowance of high speed browsing and downloads for only a specific amount of data.

If you go beyond that, you will be brought back to the usual slow speeds.

So, to sum it up, there is a little misconception about the term “unlimited” in the advertising of some providers.

Although the connection is indeed unlimited, the desirable speed that was promised based on the plan you got is not unlimited at all.

How to Know if you are Being Throttled

First, check if Straight Talk is currently down. Check from your neighbour or check the social profiles of the company for any updates regarding downtime.

If you see that there is no ongoing issue or downtime for your provider, then it is most likely that you are being throttled.

To check your internet speed, you can go to Fast website. This site is by Netflix, so it will test your connection speed as if you are streaming content from Netflix.

Alternatively, one way you can test your speed–aside from the usual speed test sites–is by simply going on YouTube and opening any video.

Once the video plays, right click on the video and select “Stats for nerds.” This will show several stats, including your connection speed.

How to Maintain High Speed Internet on Straight Talk Phone?

high speed internet straighttalk

There are two ways for you to maintain high speed data on your mobile phone even if your provider starts throttling your internet speed.

If you are thinking of a free high speed data hack Straight Talk downloads that is easy to do and is working perfectly, you should follow these steps and try these two options.

Method 1 – Use a VPN

If you use a VPN, the VPN app would hide your real IP address to the sites that you visit.

You could be in the United States and your VPN can make it appear as if you are somewhere in Japan.

However, one thing you may not know yet is that your VPN also affects your ISP. When you use a VPN, your ISP cannot track you and your browsing activity.

Technically, a VPN can make you invisible to your ISP as well.

This is true, especially if the service you are using is a premium VPN that uses more proxies bouncing off amongst each other.

How is a VPN used as a High Speed Data Hack?

Your ISP throttles you by measuring your data consumption. Usually, it can be a daily limit. weekly, or a monthly one.

For example, let’s say your ISP has (unknowingly to you) set a limit of 5GB per month for high speed internet.

Now, for every site that they see you visit, they measure how much data you consume with it. Once you reach your “limit,” they start throttling your speeds.

This is where using a VPN comes in.

Since your ISP cannot monitor and track your online activity, it does not recognize how much data you are currently using.

Because of that, you can never reach your “limit.”

Thus, you cannot be throttled. However, you might be wondering: why go through all of these? Isn’t my data plan unlimited?

Method 2 – Change APNs for Better Results

Access Point Names, or APNs, are settings that you phone use in order to establish a connection with your network.

Since you may be throttled by your network and it is the reason why you are getting really slow speeds, changing your APN can help a lot.

Here are some suggested settings.

Use them at your own risk, and make sure you write down your default setting first (your APN settings can be found in the Settings app under the Mobile Network option).

For fields that are blank, leave it an no value (completely blank).

## Suggested APN Setting 1

  • APN Name use: Straight Talk
  • APN: tfdata
  • Proxy use:
  • Port: 80 (better)
  • MMS Proxy use:
  • MNC: 410
  • MCC: 310
  • MMSC use:
  • MMS Port keep: 80
  • APN Type use: default,mms,supl,hipri
  • Authentication Type use: PAP
  • APN Protocol: IPv4

Note: Leave other settings blank.

## Suggested APN Setting 2

  • APN Name: Straight Talk
  • APN: wap.tracfone
  • Proxy: 80
  • MMS Proxy use:
  • MMS Port use: 80
  • MNC use: 410
  • MCC use: 310
  • MMSC use:
  • APN Type use: default,mms,supl

Note: Leave other settings blank.

If ever you need to revert back to your default APN, you can do it by simply deleting all fields on the settings and restarting your device.

Method 3 – Find Ways to Boost Signal Strength

For this you can restart your device and see if there is any increase.

For detailed guide to boost the signal strength check out this guide.


Do you feel like your ISP is throttling your internet speed? No worries, a Straight Talk high speed data hack is all you need.

It is a simple, easy, and a very straightforward trick that enables high speed browsing again.

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