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Why is Plusnet Internet Slow & How to Fix

Plusnet Internet Slow? If you’re surfing though your browser to get a fix for your Plusnet internet slow problem, then we are here to help you troubleshoot your broadband connection!

We know how it feels experiencing a slow connection and how this can affect your day-to-day virtual and online activities.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to diagnose the main causes on why you are experiencing troubles with your connection.

Without further ado, let’s proceed to the guide!

Plusnet Slow Speed

plusnet slow speed

Before we start troubleshooting your problem, you should first conduct a speed test to determine whether your line is at fault or if it is your WiFi.

Conduct a Speed Test

plusnet speed test

To get the best results of your assessment, do and perform the following:

  • Test it directly on your PC via an ethernet cable
  • Make sure that you have closed all programs before conducting the assessment
  • Click your browser and type this link on your search bar
  • The website will ask you to do the same procedures as Numbers 1 to 3.
  • Select Yes and click Begin Test
  • After this, the website will conduct its own assessment and show you your upload and download speed

If the results differ from the plan upload and download data you are subscribed to, contact their technicians to help you.

However, if the test is at par with your connection plan, then it might be that your Wi-Fi has the problem.

Furthermore, it is also advisable to conduct the assessment on your Smartphone or other devices connected to your Wi-Fi.

Later see the difference between the result of your assessment with an Ethernet cord directly plugged in on your PC and with a device connected only through a Wi-Fi router.

Plusnet Slow Broadband due to Router Problem

1. Router Issue Causes PlusNet Slow Internet

It’s a well-known fact that routers affect your network capability. Determine whether your router is up-to-date.

plusnet router problems

Also check whether its port capacity can transmit and receive data with the same Gbps or Mbps of your Ethernet connection which can act as a limiter to your internet connection.

You also have to determine if there are dead spots within your home. If so, then the solution might be to purchase a connection extender for a better internet range coverage.

To do this, you must exactly determine the places where the signal becomes weak.

You may use devices such as your smartphone by checking the signal bar appearing on your smartphone screen.

When you have pinpointed the dead spot, make sure to position the WiFi extender on such place for a better internet coverage.

2. Master Telephone Socket

To do this trick, you have to find the master telephone socket within your household. Often times, it is positioned in a place where your telephone line enters into your home.

Connecting your router to this socket may give you an excellent broadband connection and will fix your Plusnet internet slow issue.

master socket

If you have determined that your router performs as well with other socks, then it’s better to position it in a socket that is closest to your computer.

Also keep it away from thick walls, other physical obstructions, and electronic appliances which will interfere with your router’s radio signals.

It is important to mention that when you live in a densely populated neighborhood, then it is advisable to use a 5 GHz router so your network signals would not be interfered by your neighbors’.

If you live in a place with a great area coverage, then 2.4 GHz is more suitable for your needs.

Plusnet Slow Internet due to Unsecure WiFi Network

unsecure wifi network

When you are troubleshooting your broadband connection, we advise that you change your WiFi password to be protected from potential harm.

Your neighbors may also be using your WiFi and eating up all your data.

Follow these steps:

1. Ensure that your computer is connected to your internet network

2. Access this through your browser

3. After you perform the 2nd step successfully, you will be sent to Manager

4. Start this procedure by hitting on the option that says Advanced Settings

5. Go to the Wireless Key to modify the passcode depending on your liking; then click Apply

6. If you are using two network names (one for the 2.4 GHz and one for 5 GHz band), worry not and follow the same procedures 4 to 6


You will find your WiFi Network and passcode at the back of your hardware. It will appear with various letters and numbers.

Plusnet Internet Slow due to Update Issue

update issue plusnet

Upgrading your router from your provider is essential for the broadband service’s full performance.

This will give you additional features and support that will affect your overall experience as an end user of your broadband.

The company is constantly providing firmware updates for its routers. These updates will also fix problems that you are not aware of and that you may potentially experience.

You should be able to double check whether your firmware is updated by doing the following:

  • Ensure that your computer is connected to your network.
  • Open your browser and access this IP
  • After so, you will be sent to the Hub Manager
  • Proceed to Helpdesk, and confirm the firmware version of your router
  • Compare the firmware version obtained by checking on the community

If you were not able to successfully perform this operation, then you may contact technical support to guide you with this matter. It’s also essential to upgrade your hardware or router as well.

Plusnet Internet Slow due to External Faults

plusnet external faults

There are a lot of external fault causes that may affect your broadband performance and this is most common with connections that are made through phone lines.

Try listening to your phone’s dial tone and hear whether the tone is static or noisy, if yes, then contact their technical support.

See to it that your cables are also plugged in properly to its respective sockets. If you’re not sure, it is best to contact their tech team to hepl you with it.


That’s all to see in this article and we hope that you learned a lot and know where to pinpoint the issue of your Wi-Fi connection.

You can visit this article the next time you encounter a Plusnet internet slow issue!

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