Plusnet Cancellation Fee – Fact You Must Know

plusnet cancellation fee

This guide lets us discuss the cancellation fees imposed by this well-known Internet provider to its various network packages.

Here, in this guide, you will learn how to ensure that your early termination fees are right. Also we will discuss the various legal ways you can avoid the fees.

Interested? Ok let’s start!

Is There A Cancellation Fee for Plusnet?

is there a cancellation fee for plusnet

If you are looking to leave Plusnet for a better broadband provider, you may have asked yourself the question, "Is there a cancellation fee for Plusnet?"

Unfortunately, the answer is Yes.

You will need to pay exit fees to your current broadband provider if you plan on terminating your contract with them before your minimum term expires.

This fee also applies during moving home if you want to cancel the service.

How to Calculate for Plusnet Broadband Cancellation Fee?

Most Internet providers follow the same rule for calculating their early termination charges. However, what makes them different from each other are the fees imposed on every broadband deal they offer.

Plusnet's Broadband Price Guide

plusnet price guide

Plusnet currently provides you with a variety of network deals and offers.

If you wish to cancel your contract with them before its actual termination date, they will charge you for each month you have left with them.

So, when you receive your final bill, you need to pay your usual subscription cost and the additional fees for your remaining months.

Below is a table of their Plusnet cancellation fees per month for customers who signed up before the 10th of December 2019.



Cancel Fee/Month


Broadband Only



Broadband & Phone



Broadband and Phone (Line Rental Service)


Unlimited Fibre

Broadband Only


Unlimited Fibre

Broadband & Phone


Unlimited Fibre

Broadband and Phone (Line Rental Service)


Unlimited Fibre Extra

Broadband Only


Unlimited Fibre Extra

Broadband & Phone


Unlimited Fibre Extra

Broadband and Phone (Line Rental Service)


Before the 10th of December 2019 Cancellation Fee

If you are having a challenging time understanding Plusnet's termination procedures, fear not because we have you covered!

Follow the steps below to calculate your Plusnet cancellation fee.

  1. Choose your current broadband deal from the list above.
  2. Check the remaining months you have left on your contract.
  3. Multiply that number and your Internet deal's early termination price.
  4. Add the cost to your current Internet plan's usual monthly fee.

After the 9th of December 2019 Cancellation Fee

If you signed up for your contract after the 9th of December 2019, you could enjoy their VAT deduction for your early termination charge.

However, it would still depend on the number of months left on your contract. This network provider follows the steps below to calculate your early termination fee.

  1. They take your monthly charge and deduct the current rate of VAT and wholesale costs.
  2. They then subtract 1% for early termination payments.
  3. They multiply this value with the number of months and days left on your contract.

Plusnet Cancellation Fee Calculation

sample calculation

Are you still having a difficult time understanding these steps? Let's try to use an example.

Assume that you are a current subscriber of their Unlimited Fibre Broadband and Line Rental package priced at £23.99 a month.

If you decide to terminate your contract with three months left on your minimum term, they will deduct the current VAT price and wholesale costs, leaving you with around £7.99.

Afterward, they subtract 1% for early termination, giving you £7.91. This value is then multiplied by three full months, giving you a fee of £23.73.

However, if you leave with three months and 20 days left on your contract, they will add the equivalent pro-rata amount for those 20 days.

So if you switch providers in September, which has 30 days, they will divide 20 days by 30 days, giving them 0.67.

This figure is then multiplied by £7.99, giving them £5.35. Thus, your early termination charge would be £23.73 plus £5.35, totalling £29.08.

Can I Avoid the Plusnet Contract Cancellation Fee?

avoid plusnet cancellation fee

Before you go crazy with their early termination fees, there are some cases where you can terminate your contract without paying any exit charges.

According to Ofcom, our country's communications services regulator, these scenarios include:

Before you go crazy with their early termination fees, there are some cases where you can terminate your contract without paying any exit charges.

According to Ofcom, our country's communications services regulator, these scenarios include:

1. Expired Minimum Contract Term

Plusnet Internet contracts usually last for 12 or 18 months. If you decide to switch to a new provider after your minimum term, you will not need to pay an early termination charge.

2. Within The 14-Day Cooling Off Period

Whenever you purchase a broadband deal online, telecommunications companies would give you a 14-day cooling-off period. If you suddenly change your mind within that time frame, you can leave your contract for free.

3. Changes In Monthly Bill

Some network providers raise their product prices at least once a year. They would usually notify you through email when this happens.

During this period, you can choose to terminate your contract without penalty within 30 days, no matter how many months you have left.

4. Unsolved Technical Faults

According to Ofcom's rules and regulations, you can cancel your network provider's service if you have a persisting technical issue.

However, to make use of this opportunity, you would need to provide concrete evidence. We suggest you record your outages and call your broadband provider every time this issue occurs.

5. Below the Broadband Minimum Speed

Plusnet is among the UK's network providers that have agreed with Ofcom's broadband speed code of practice.

Thus, you can terminate their services for free if your Plusnet Internet subscription does not perform as expected.

So if you find that your Internet service is not owning up to its expected minimum speed, talk to Plusnet's technical support team first.

If they are unable to solve your issue, you can then leave your contract without penalty.

How to Cancel Plusnet Services?

how to cancel plusnet

The methods for canceling your Plusnet broadband service are pretty much straightforward. You can switch to a new network provider that will take care of everything for you.

However, if you are thinking of transferring to Virgin Media, or perhaps not use the internet anymore, you can contact their technical support team in two ways: through call or mail.

Through Call

You can contact Plusnet's technical support team through 0808 169 2448, anytime for 365 days a year.

Through Mail

If you prefer to manifest your writing skills, you can write to Plusnet instead. Your letter should state your intention to terminate your broadband package, name, telephone number, and account number.

Once you have written all the necessary information on your cancellation letter, you can send your mail to the nearest Plusnet office.

What Happens Once I Have Paid Cancellation Fee?

When they approve your cancellation request, you will no longer receive their service.

You will also see your early termination fee on your final bill if you decided to leave before your minimum contract term ends.

But if you are already out of contract with them, you do not need to return your router or set-top box.

Get the Best Network Provider for Your Needs

Switching to a new broadband provider would be the best decision if you are not satisfied with your current network service. Here, we learned that there is no fixed Plusnet cancellation fee for every customer.

Instead, it would depend on the Internet deal that you have, and the remaining months left on your contract. 

Customers who signed up before and on the 10th of December 2019, also have varying calculations to determine your early termination charges.

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