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Troubleshooting NOW TV Connection Problems – Best Methods

How to troubleshoot NOW TV connection problems? NOW TV offers its customers with thousands of programs at their home’s comfort.

But there may be instances where you may experience issues while streaming.

So, if you are wondering how you can resolve all your connection problems, then we have got you covered!

In this article, we will dive into the possible methods to check whether NOW TV is down and how you can troubleshoot your connection problems.

NOW TV Service Status

now tv service status

One of the most typical causes of NOW TV connection problems is due to a service outage on their end.

This reason is probably the most drastic one because there is nothing, we can do to resolve it but to wait until this entertainment provider fixes the outage.

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Below are some of the possible methods you can do to check whether NOW TV is experiencing service outages around your area:

1. Checking from Neighbour

check neighbour

If you want more reliable service status updates, you can ask your neighbour who is using the NOW TV connection.

This is because if there is any major issue in your area, your neighbour will also face the same issue.

2. Checking on Company Website

now tv website

Alternatively, you can check out whether there is a service outage around your area by visiting the official website.

All you need to do is to sign in to your account.

From here, you can then run several diagnostic tests on your internet and reach out to a technical engineer if there is an issue with your system.

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3. Checking Social Media of Company

social media

The next method you can try out to determine whether this internet service provider is experiencing issues is to check Twitter or their Facebook page.

There are instances where you can catch live updates on their official account.

But most of the time, you may see other subscribers tweeting or share about the issue.

How to Troubleshoot NOW TV Connection Problems

how to fix now tv connection problems

NOW TV provides you access to thousands of the most awaited television shows here in the United Kingdom.

But like any other streaming services, you may also experience connection issues with this entertainment platform.

Below are some of the most effective fixing techniques to resolve this problem:

Method 1 – Unplugging Your Streaming Device & Router

unplug devices

The easiest step to resolve your connection issue is by unplugging both your streaming device and wireless router.

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In this method, you do not have to worry about losing your customized settings, downloads, and passwords.

You also do not need to set up your streaming equipment again.

Here is how you can perform this technique:


  1. Unplug your TV box and router from the power outlet
  2. Wait for a couple of minutes.
  3. Plug your router
  4. Next, plug your streaming box afterward.

Method 2 – Troubleshooting Network Connection

network connection

Sometimes, your connection problems arise because of a weak or unreliable internet.

Below are some proven tips to boost your WiFi connection:

Identify Dead Spots

If your device indicates a weak WiFi signal, you can try moving your router closer to your streaming equipment.

Remember that your signal strength may vary in different areas of your house.

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So, refrain from putting your main router inside a cabinet. Instead, you can place it in a high position near your device.

Prevent Signal Interference

Aside from possible dead spots in your house, cement walls and certain household appliances may also interfere with your WiFi signal.

 To resolve this issue, make sure that there are no wireless devices and cement walls in between your router and streaming equipment.

Purchase An HDMI/WiFi Extender

You can also boost your internet signal using an HDMI or WiFi extender.

What’s good about this device is that it is readily available in almost all electronic stores.

Method 3 – Adjusting Your Data Settings

data settings

Alternatively, you can adjust your data settings manually to resolve your issues.

Doing so will also improve your streaming experience.

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Here is how you can do this method:


  1. Press the Home button on your TV remote control five times.
  2. Afterward, press the Rewind button thrice.
  3. Lastly, press the Fast Forward button twice.

Afterward, you will see the Bitrate option on your television screen.

 You can test out various bitrate settings to see which one works for you. Otherwise, you can choose Automatic.

Method 4: Checking for Software Updates

now tv update

In some cases, your outdated software may cause your connection issues.

If you suspect that this is causing your problems, here is how you can resolve this fault:


  1. Press the Home button on your TV remote control five times.
  2. Afterward, press the Fast Forward button thrice.
  3. Lastly, press the Rewind button twice.
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Once you have successfully pressed these buttons in the right order, a pop-up menu will appear.

Choose the Update Software tab and confirm your selection by pressing OK.

Method 5 – Resetting Your Streaming Device

reset now tv

The last technique that you should try out is to reset your streaming device.

Since doing this method will erase all your customized settings, usernames, passwords, and downloads, you should only perform this once you have tried all the methods above.

Here is how you can reset your streaming device:

#  Using the Settings Menu


  1. Go to the Settings menu
  2. Then click on the System option.
  3. Afterward, choose the Advanced System Settings
  4. Press Factory Reset.
  5. When prompted, enter the 4-digit code on your screen.
#  Using the Physical Reset Button

Otherwise, you can reset your streaming device by pressing the physical Reset hole on your black or white TV box for 30 seconds or at least 6 seconds for your NOW TV smart stick and smart box.

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Stream Without Limits

With this leading streaming provider of the United Kingdom, you can catch your favorite programs at home.

But like any other entertainment platform, technical issues will never be absent here.

Hopefully, these troubleshooting techniques helped you resolve your connection issues.

If not, you can reach out to NOW TV’s customer support team online using their Live Chat.

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