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How To Turn EE Voicemail Off in Easy Steps

To turn EE voicemail off can be quite challenging for some of their users. In reality, the Company sets up the call divert setting on all their mobile phones. Although this feature comes extremely useful for some customers, others find them extremely annoying.

So, the best way to avoid the nuisances it brings is by turning it off.

Here, we will discuss several methods to turn off voicemail EE on your mobile phones. Also, we will present you with some possible troubleshooting methods in case your voicemail stops working.

So, let us dive in!

EE Voicemail Cost

Voicemail messages can get out of hand, especially when you go abroad. This EE benefit has some loopholes.

In reality, EE charges its customers when they receive voice messages from people even though they are outside the country.

If you receive a voicemail within any of their EU countries, you will not receive any extra roaming charges.

But accessing these messages from a non-EU country will cost you their standard per-minute roaming rate.

How to Turn EE Voicemail OFF

turn off ee voicemail

If you want to avoid extra charges on your plan or you want to avoid the nuisances, you must turn off the service.

If you are unsure how to do it, you can try out five simple methods to turn EE voicemail off on any mobile phone.

Let us learn these one by one.

Method 1 – Text

The easiest way to remove the service on your phone is through text. Do this by following the steps below.

  • Send “VM OFF” to 150. This number should also work if you have activated your roaming. If not, send your text to +44 (0) 7953 966 250.
  • Wait for a confirmation text from their customer service team.

Method 2 – Text Trick

If the keyword, “VM OFF,” does not do the trick, you can send them with a similar message. Do this by following the steps below.

  • Send “VOICEMAIL DIVERT OFF” to 150 or +44 (0) 7953 966 250.
  • Wait for a confirmation text from their customer service team.

Method 3 – Voicemail Settings

Sometimes, the above methods do not work because of problems with your EE voicemail settings. When this happens, you should check whether you have turned on this feature.

Below are steps on how to activate voicemail on EE mobile.

# Android Users

  • Send “VM ON” or “VOICEMAIL DIVERT ON” to 150 or +44 (0) 7953 966 250.
  • Press and hold “1” on your keypad to activate your voicemail.
  • Press * to access the menu if you want to set up a PIN for added security measures. You can also record a voice greeting for a more personal touch.

Quick Fact

If you cannot access your EE voicemail settings, you can dial 222 on your phone. You can contact them at 07 953 222 222 if you are using another phone or landline.

# iPhone Users

On the other hand, Apple users have the choice to activate a visual voicemail on their iPhones instead of the regular call divert. 

This option allows iOS users to manage and scan all their messages as a list. However, it is only available if you have updated your software to the latest iOS and EE carrier settings.

Do this by following the steps below.

  • Send “IPHONE VISUAL ON” to 150 or +44 (0) 7953 966 250.
  • Wait for a confirmation text from their customer service team.

Method 4 – Live Chat

If none of these text messages work, you may reach their customer service team through the EE live chat. Do this by following the steps below.

  • Visit the Help page on their website.
  • Scroll down and select the live chat link.
  • Inform the customer service agent about your request and follow his or her instructions.

Their live chat is free to all their customers. However, doing this method will only work if a technical help member is available. So, if you plan on doing this method, be sure to do it from 8 AM until 9 PM.

Method 5 – Phone

If both your text messages and the live chat do not solve your dilemma, the only way out now is by contacting their customer service hotline. Do this by following the steps below.

  • Call 150 on your EE mobile. If you are calling from an international mobile or landline, contact them at +44 (0) 7953 966 250.
  • Enter your EE security PIN.
  • Inform the customer service agent about your request and follow the instructions.

Method 6 – iPhone users only

The methods we discussed above work on all devices regardless of their brand and age. However, iPhone users may have to try a separate way to turn off their visual voicemail. 

Do this by following the steps below.

  • Send “IPHONE VISUAL OFF” to 150 or +44 (0) 7953 966 250.
  • Wait for a confirmation text from their customer service team.

Once your mobile phone no longer has voicemail, people calling you would have to wait up to 30 seconds.

After this period, your callers would not have the option to leave you a voicemail. Instead, the call will either keep ringing or not ring at all when you are unavailable.

EE Voicemail Not Working

ee voicemail not working

Like any network service provider, you may also experience a fair share of EE voicemail not working issues. For instance, you may receive a voicemail, but automatically get disconnected when you try to call the number.

But before you can do these troubleshooting techniques, you must also know how to activate the service first on your mobile.

Reboot Phone

reboot ee phone

The most hassle-free way to solve this issue is by rebooting your phone. Do this by following the steps below.

  • Power off your mobile phone. If possible, remove its battery and wait for a few minutes.
  • Return the battery and power your phone back on.
  • Wait for another 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Reconnect to your network settings.

Reactive Service

reactivate ee voicemail

The next thing you can do it to unsubscribe from the voicemail service by using the above methods. Then try to re-activate the service again.

This method has worked for many. However, it is recommended to wait for atleast 1-2 hours before you reactivate the service.

Update Phone OS

If rebooting your phone does not work, you might have to update your operating system. Do this by following the steps below.

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Check whether your phone’s operating system is up to date. If not, allow your phone to update.
  • Once completed, enable the Flight Mode and wait for a couple of minutes.
  • Take the flight mode off to reset your network settings.

Once you activate your call divert again, you can do any of the methods we discussed above to turn EE voicemail off.

Final Thoughts

Though it is a good feature for many, still many find it annoying. We believe after reading this article now you are sure how to turn this feature off.

Moreover, the UK Company has made it easier for its customers to turn EE voicemail off. Now, you do not need to stress about annoying disturbances or extra charges on your mobile bill.

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