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How to Record on DIRECTV – Step by Step Guide

Are you trying to find ways on how to record on DIRECTV and DIRECTV Now? Have you been looking for “THE” guide that’s comprehensive and complete, which is designed to help you in terms of recording using your DIRECTV?

This will be the complete guide in helping you record! If you’re also wondering how to record shows on DIRECTV without a DVR, we have what you need!

You can easily record on DIRECTV using your remote, computer, and the DIRECTV App! In using the remote, you just have to press “R” to schedule.

If you’re using a computer, you’d have to sign in to DIRECTV Entertainment, use the program guide, and press Record to TV. And if you’re going to record using your smartphone, open and log in to the DIRECTV app > Browse for TV > Record to TV.

In this guide, we’ll teach you all the different ways of recording on DIRECTV, DIRECTV Now, and how you can record shows even if you don’t have a DVR!

What Can You Record on Your DIRECTV?

First things first, do you know what content you can record on your DIRECTV? Would you be able to save the shows and movies you want?

With your DVR, you can actually save a show or a movie that’s a part of your subscription or your plan.

So, if a particular show, title, or program isn’t a part of your package, you wouldn’t be able to record it.

Now that you know what programs and titles you’ll be capable of recording, let us learn how you can record shows and movies on your DIRECTV!

Guide on How to Record on DIRECTV

We’ll now be walking you through the different ways and methods on how you can save the shows you want to watch for later.

NOTE: The following methods and guides we will be detailing in this part will require a DVR. If you’re looking for a guide on saving shows and titles without a receiver, check out the latter part of this guide.

Recording on DIRECTV Using Remote

record on directv using remote

Using your DIRECTV controller is actually the easiest method (if you’re near the TV).

Here’s how you can save shows that you’ll want to watch later:

Step 1: Turn Your Television On

The first thing you have to do is to activate and turn your television on.

Make it load until you see its interface initializing.

Step 2: Find a Show or Title to Save

When it loads fully, the next thing you want to do is to find a show or a title you like to save.

You can do it while you’re watching the program or via the program guide.

Step 3: Press “R” on the Zapper

To record a specific episode, you just have to press “R” on your DIRECTV remote. Pressing “R” twice will automatically record the entire season or the succeeding episodes of the show or program you recorded.

That’s how simple and easy it is! Now, let’s get onto the fun part!

Recording on DIRECTV Using Computer/Laptop

record on directv using laptop

If you wish to store up shows and titles using your laptop or your computer, just follow these steps.

Step 1: Ensure That You Have a Stable Internet Connection

Before anything else, you need to make sure that you have a stable internet connection and that your laptop or your computer is connected to it.

Step 2: Sign In to DIRECTV Entertainment

Then, the next step is to sign in to DIRECTV Entertainment or the web app of DIRECTV.

You can access it by visiting this link.

Step 3: Navigate to Record to TV

Once you’re logged in, find the option that says Watch on TV and utilize the search bar or the Program Guide to look for the title you want to save.

Selecting a title will give you multiple options, and one of them is the option to save, which is Record to TV.

Recording on DIRECTV Using Smartphone

record on directv using smartphone

Here are the steps on how you can save and store shows on your “watch later” playlist:

Step 1: Ensure That You’re Connected to WiFi  

To be able to record or save shows on DIRECTV for later, you have to make sure that your tablet or your smartphone is connected to WiFi.


You can use your data, but you might have extra charges on your bill this month because you might exceed the usage you’re allowed. It’s because of the next step, which is…

Step 2: Download and Sign In to the DIRECTV App

You have to download the DIRECTV application, which is allowed on both iOS and Android.

If you have the app, just sign in to your account and wait for it to be accepted.

Step 3: Navigate to Record to TV

Once you’re in the user interface (UI) of the application, click on Browse for TV and wait for it to load successfully.

From there, you’ll see an option to Record to TV.

Step 4: Choose the DVR Where You’ll Record It

Once you decide on which show you’ll save and record, choose the DVR you’ll save it to and hit on Record.

Those are the steps on how you can save titles and shows via your computer and your mobile device!

Did you know that saving shows and titles it via the computer and the smartphone/tablet is also the method of how to record shows on DIRECTV away from home?

Wherever you are, so long as you have an internet connection, you’ll have no problems saving your favorite shows and titles!

Guide on How to Record Shows on DIRECTV Now

how to record on directv now

A lot of people thought that it’s not possible to record shows on DIRECTV Now. But you can actually record shows on DIRECTV Now!

Thanks to the newest cloud DVR feature, subscribers are able to save titles and shows that they can watch later!

As a matter of fact, here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how you can store shows on DIRECTV Now so you can watch them later!

From Your DIRECTV Device

On your DIRECTV remote, click on the three-dotted line (…). What this does is give the system signals and hints that you are trying to record.

Then, hit on OK. You also have the option to record once or to record the complete series.

From Your Computer or Smartphone/Tablet

If you’re using a computer/laptop, visit the AT&T TV website. If you’re using a mobile device, access the AT&T TV app.

Sign in using the respective credentials and navigate to the show or the title you’re looking to save.

Press on (…) and select the REC option.

From Roku or Amazon Fire TV

On your Roku or Amazon Fire TV, navigate to AT&T TV. It shall display the video player or the programs you have.

From there, navigate to select the REC button, hit on OK, and you’ll be taken to an assisted guide.

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to save programs on your DIRECTV with a DVR. But what if you don’t have a DVR? Will you still be able to record?

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Guide on Recording Shows on DIRECTV With No DVR

Yes, you can save shows for later even if you don’t have a Genie receiver! However, you would need storage of some kind, maybe a flash drive, a hard drive, or a memory stick.

Here are the steps on how you can do so:

Step 1: Insert Flash or Hard Drive to the TV

With the flash drive or the hard drive ready, insert it to the USB port in the back of your television.

Make sure that it’s stable and that it wouldn’t fall out.

Step 2: Start Recording

Since you have a Smart TV and you’re able to watch DIRECTV shows via the website or the app, then most probably you would have the [RECORD] button there.

Otherwise, you may be able to find it under the Info button. When the show is done, you can set playback to see if it was captured.

Step 3: Stop Recording

Unlike how you can record shows with a DVR, it doesn’t do it automatically if you don’t have a DVR.

That’s the reason why you need to manually stop the saving of the show for the recording to stop.

But, once you accomplish it, you’ll never worry about how you can save shows even if you’re lacing a DVR or a receiver ever again!

That’s one, if not the most sought-after method of recording or saving shows and titles on DIRECTV even if you don’t have a Genie Receiver.


While a lot of people are finding it difficult, recording programs and series is actually simple and easy, if you know what to do.

With these steps in your hands, you’ll have the best and the most effective tips and tricks on how to record on DIRECTV.

You neither have to be a hacker nor an expert to do it – if you have the hardware and all the needed materials, it’s going to be easy and convenient for you!

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