directv genie not working in one room

DIRECTV Genie Not Working in One Room – Fix Guide

DIRECTV Genie is not working in one room? Are you completely lost? Are you rummaging through all the different guides online to find the best and the most effective solution?

This error is actually one of the most common complaints subscribers and users have, and in this guide, you’ll know all the steps to finally fix it!

To resolve DIRECTV Genie not working in one room, first reset the main Genie DVR then check the input and all connections cables. Disconnect and reconnect them and restart the TV. Also check the condition of your remote control as well.

If it’s all-good, then you should have your receiver back up and running! Now let us dive into the steps one by one for better understanding.

Why is My DIRECTV Not Working?

why is my directv genie not working

Contrary to popular belief, there are multiple reasons why you’re the Genie DVR or receiver is not working in one room.

It’s not just one (1) problem, it could be due to quite a few reasons, which include:

Damaged or Worn Out Wires and Cables

One of the most common reasons why your DIRECTV Genie isn’t working properly could be because of the wires and cables.

If your wires and your cables are broken, then it’s not efficiently and effectively transferring and receiving the data that it should.

Therefore, causing the error or the problem of it to not work.

Remote Control Problems

What most people forget to realize is that their remotes can actually be a problem.

For one, the batteries of the remotes could already be defective, so you need to replace them.

Another is if the remote itself already has defects; you can check and see if the LED on the top of the remote is still functional.

DVR Overload

Another reason could be because the Genie DVR or receiver is experiencing overload. Therefore, you’ll need to restart it.

It’s common in various types of devices such as routers and gateways, as well as modems.

These are a few of the most common reasons why your Genie receiver is not working.

Guide to Fixing DIRECTV Genie Not Working in One Room

directv mini genie not working in one room

Here’s the complete step-by-step guide on how you can fix and resolve the problem of your Genie receiver not working in one of your rooms.

Step 1: Reset or Restart Main DVR/Receiver

In order to straighten the problem out, the main or the primary DVR or receiver needs to be reset or restarted, too.

So, restart the main receiver. Should the main receiver be the one in your room, skip this step.

Step 2: Check TV Input

After you restart and reset the primary receiver, check the input of the television. Some TVs label it as “source” or “mode,” so be sure to check them all out.

What you need to do is to ensure that your device is set to the right input (i.e., If the receiver is linked to HDMI 1, make sure that the television is on HDMI 1).

Step 3: Check Genie’s Wires and Cables

Then, after checking the input, assess and evaluate the status and the condition of the wires and cables of the Genie receiver.

Go through all the cables, including the coaxial cable that goes through the wall and look for any damages.

If there are, what you need to do is to purchase and use new cables.

This is because the problem might be due to the wirings and the cables. But, if you don’t see any problems, go to the next step, which is…  

Step 4: Restart Receiver and Television

Proceed to restarting and resetting your television and your receiver.

You can reset the receiver by simply removing the power cord from the back of the receiver or from the electrical outlet.

Wait for 15 seconds to 30 seconds and plug it back again.

For the TV, you turn it off and unplug it for about 15 seconds; plug it back again and turn it on.


Make sure that your television is properly plugged in, as there are instances where the problem is with the screen and not the receiver.

So, double-check your television.

Step 5: Check Remote’s Condition

Lastly, what you have to do is to check and assess the condition of your remote control.

First, look at the batteries and see if they’re still working.

Sometimes, we forget that batteries are the ones that enable some devices to work. If they don’t have the said power, then they wouldn’t work!

Moreover, check the remote’s functionality by pressing any button and see if the green light on the remote will light up.

If it does, then it’s still responding, if not, though, you might need to replace the controller.

This guide applies to both the Genie and the Genie Mini.

So, if your problem is with the DIRECTV Genie Mini not working in one room, you can use and follow this guide as well!

Can I Move DIRECTV Genie to Another Room to Fix It?

can i move directv genie to another room

There’s actually no rule about keeping your Genie receivers and DVRs in the same place.

However, DIRECTV suggests keeping it as it is to avoid connectivity problems and issues.

And to answer the question, moving it to a different room wouldn’t “fix it.”

But yes, you can move your DIRECTV Genie to a different room and connect it to a different television.

Thanks to the Single Wire Multi-switch (SWM) system most receivers utilize, you’ll find it easy and convenient to move equipment faster and easier.

Testing the DIRECTV Genie

Once you’re done troubleshooting, you could perform a test of the DIRECTV Genie to see if it’s already working properly.

Step 1: Turn the Television On

Now, what you need to do is to test your DIRECTV Genie. Activate and turn your television on.

From there, press the [MENU] button on the remote control and select Settings.

Step 2: Navigate to Perform a System Test

From Settings, navigate to the option that says Info and Test, then what you need to do is to run a Test of the system to check and to assess the system.

Step 3: Check and See the Alert/Message

Lastly, press on the dash [-] on your controller to finalize and confirm. Your screen will be populated by an alert about the condition of your hardware. You should see All Items OK.

Otherwise, reboot the receiver and the television again.

What to Do If It Still Doesn’t Work?

If you check it and it’s still not functioning properly or if you don’t see anything, the next best thing to do is to contact DIRECTV support and tell them about your dilemma.

Tell them that you have successfully accomplished all necessary troubleshooting steps, and it’s still not working or functioning properly.

They’ll go through the problem using their steps and follow them!

If they deem that the problem is with the receiver and that you need to replace it to fix the issue, then that’s what you have to do!


If this worked for you one time, but you’re still resetting or rebooting your Genie DVRs more than three (3) times a week, it’s not fixed – so contact DIRECTV’s support team immediately.

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You Don’t Need to Be an Expert!

If you’re part of the demographic who thought that you need to have experience in troubleshooting to fix this problem, think again!

By following these steps, you’ll be able to fix the malfunctioning DIRECTV Genie in your room in no time!

So, when you find your DIRECTV genie not working in one room in the future, you don’t have to rummage through the house to find the phone to contact tech support; you have this guide with you, and you can come back to it every single time!

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