how to program cox contour remote to tv

How to Program Cox Contour Remote to TV in Easy Steps

How to program Cox Contour remote to TV, both with a code and without? This is among the most asked questions of Cox users.

While there are a ton of guides out there, you wouldn’t be able to find a guide as detailed as what you’re about to see and learn with us here.

Today, we’ll help you by giving you the complete setup on how to program Cox remote to TV! Whether you have a Samsung TV, an LG TV, and other types of players, we got you!

This guide will be for all Cox users and members and it’s going to be complete! We’ll even guide you when it comes to programming it without a given code!

Can You Program Cox Remote to TV Without Code?

Since many people aren’t well-versed when it comes to verification, they often throw the question of how to program the Cox remote to TV without the code. Is this possible? – Yes, you can actually program it without having the code.

However, this very process has more steps and more often, conflicts are involved.

How to Program Cox Remote to TV Without Code

how to program cox remote to tv without code

It’s common to not have a code on your television when you feel like programming your remote. It’s because some television sets have small fonts and you might not be able to read it properly; some don’t have it, it’s in the box, etc.

If you feel like you can’t program it, have hope because there’s something you can do!

Here’s a complete guide on how you can program it even if you have no codes! It will take you less than a minute, so tag along!

Step 1. Make Sure Your Clicker Has Batteries

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your Cox Contour controller has batteries. Cox Contour remote controls require AA size batteries. If it doesn’t have batteries, you wouldn’t be able to program it.

Install new batteries into the clicker to make sure the procedure flows out smoothly.

Step 2. Press and Hold the Setup Button on the Remote

Once you know there are batteries on the controller, hold the Setup button which is on the lower left part of the remote.

Wait until the light on the blinker LED turns green.

Step 3. Clicking 9 9 1 on the Controller

When the LED blinker turns green, you’d have to press the buttons 9-9-1 in order.

After you press the buttons, you then have to press the Channel Up button three (3) times or until the television goes off.


For older versions of the Cox Contour clicker, you’d have to press the A button to remove and erase the programming out of the remote.  

When the television goes off, hit on the Setup button again to lock the code into place.

Then, all you have to do is to turn the TV back on. This procedure is also effective if you’re asking how to program Cox remote to Roku TV!

It Doesn’t Work, What Should I Do?

When you follow these steps religiously and it still doesn’t work, you’ll just have to press on CH- or CH+ to go back through the different codes. You’ll know that it’s working if it turns on!

That’s the procedure on how to program Cox Contour remote to TV without having any codes! It’s easy, right?

How to Program Cox Contour Remote to TV (With Code)

how to program cox remote to tv

Now, let’s get onto the guides on how you can program or set it up with codes!

First off, you need to know what your television’s code is. The code you will need to be able to program the remote to your television would depend on the brand and the model number.

However, the most common codes for the most popular brands are:

  • Samsung – 2051, 0812, 1632, 0702, 0060, 0766, 1959
  • LG – 2731, 1423, 1755, 1178, 2424, 0178, 2834, 1993
  • VIZIO – 1758, 1756, 0864, 088i5, 2512
  • Roku – 1756

NOTE: The codes in bold are the most common and would usually be enough to control your television. If you’re not sure what your code is, it’s best to start it with the codes that are in bold.

How to Search for Television Code

search cox tv code

You can actually search for the code via the search method. Follow these steps to be able to look for the code:

Step 1. Press the TV button on your remote; the blinker must blink once;

Step 2. Then, press and hold the button that says SETUP; the blinker must blink twice;

Step 3. On the remote control, enter the digits 9, 9, 1 and wait for the blinker to blink twice;

Step 4. Direct your clicker to your television and hit on the PWR button;

Step 5. Press and release the CH+ button slowly and continuously and stop when the television powers off; and

Step 6. Lastly, press on the PWR button and turn the TV on. Lock the code up by pressing the SETUP button once again.

Step 7. If the steps won’t work, repeat the process and press on CH+ or CH- until you arrive at the point where the television turns on and you’re able to hit on SETUP to lock the code in.

How to Program Cox Remote to Samsung TV, VIZIO TV, LG TV, and Roku TV

program on roku samsung lg

Here’s a quick guide on how to program your Cox remote to your LG TV. These steps also apply to Samsung, VIZIO, LG and Roku TV with a slight variation from models to models.

The Steps are as follows:

1. Turn TV On

First, you have to turn your TV on. You wouldn’t be able to change up or modify the remote’s status if it’s turned off.

Make sure that it’s plugged in and activate your TV.

2. Press Setup on Your Clicker

Once you have it turned on, press and hold the SETUP button on the remote.

You have to press and hold onto it until it blinks twice (x2); usually, it’s for about three (3) to four (4) seconds.

When it does, you can now then release the button.

3. Enter the 4-Digit Code

The blinking is the sign that it’s ready for the code. When that happens, duly enter the 4-Digit Code that is specific to your device. If it doesn’t work, try a different code.

You can perform a search mode on your controller by following the steps we’ve detailed above.

4. Check if it Works or Not

You’ll know that the 4-digit code you have is working if the blinker blinks twice. Otherwise, it will give a long blink.

NOTE: There are multiple codes specific to a company or a manufacturer; even more when it comes to the device. So, try and try a different one until you get the correct code for your specific device to make it work.

5. Hit on Power [PWR]

When it finally turns on or when it’s successful, point the clicker and aim at your TV, and press POWER [PWR].

The signal that your controller is working is when it turns off after you do these steps.

That’s just about it! That’s how to program Cox remote to VIZIO TV, LG, Samsung, Roku, and other TVs!

It’s not rocket science, and you don’t need deep knowledge about TVs and television sets to do it!

Tips to Remember in Using Cox Contour’s Remote Control

tips cox remote

Here are a couple of tips you need to remember to ensure that everything is and will work perfectly:

No Obstructions

Direct your clicker to the television whenever you want to change the channels or the volume. Make sure that there’s line-of-sight and that no obstructions are between it. 

Check the Remote

Cox Contour remote controls’ LEDs blink whenever something is pressed. If it doesn’t replace and install new batteries. Cox clickers would give you a sign that it’s running low on battery by blinking five (5) times.

Find TV Manual

Try finding the manual of your TV and try locating the model number there to save you time from searching.

Use Correct Batteries

Prepare AA size batteries for the clickers in case yours are defective or already out of energy. The most recommended ones are alkaline batteries because they have longer battery lives.


Now that you know how to program Cox Contour remote to your TV, you wouldn’t have any troubles when you purchase a Cox Contour controller for your Smart TV.

It’s easy, right? And the best thing about this is that it doesn’t choose a television to work with! Whether you have an LG television, a Samsung Smart TV, even a Roku player – it’s simple and easy-to-understand!

You don’t really have to be an expert with tons of experience to learn and to be able to understand how to program Cox Contour remote to TV.

If you encounter further technical issues, contact your TV’s manufacturer. They’ll surely be able to help you find a solution to what your dilemmas are!

Should there be problems with the controller, never hesitate to give the guys at Cox a call. They’ll be more than happy to help you and to assist you!

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