how to make centurylink internet faster

How to Make Centurylink Internet Faster

How to make Centurylink internet faster for better online access? The Internet has undeniably become a huge part of human lives since you can do almost everything online.

If you wish to learn how to solve a particular mathematical equation, you can seek tutorials on the web.

You can also benefit from the digital world if you grow an interest in singing, dancing, art, etc since countless resources on how you can advance your career are readily available there.

However, relying on the web can sometimes be exasperating if your broadband connection is quite slow.

If you have a Centurylink subscription, we are here to help you maximize your connection.

In this article, let’s go over the steps on how to make Centurylink internet faster and the factors contributing to a slower net connection.

Centurylink Slow Internet Reasons

centurylink slow internet

There are many reasons that lead to slower Centurylink broadband speed. Sometimes it’s the fault on the side of the company, while many times it’s the fault of users that causes this issue.

The main reasons for Centurylink slow internet are as follows:

1. Broadband Outage

Sometimes, a broadband outage at the Company end can lead to this issue. There are many instances when there is a network issue in areas, which disconnect your connection as well.

Also, weather conditions lead to a breakdown of cables and poles thus accounting for the outage.

2. Infected System

Malware, if injected into your system, can cause serious troubles to your Internet speed.

These Adwares and malware replicates in your system and uses your system memory. As a result, they use more of your broadband speed.

3. WiFi Theft

Nowadays, many people spies on other WiFi and uses them by unfair means. The more people get connected to your WiFi, the slower will it become.

4. Browsers

Some browsers tend to use more of your WiFi to download unnecessary stuff. They do this in the background. Also, the unwanted extension can also use your data connection to operate itself.

5. WiFi Interference

The position of your router also plays a part in your speed. If a router is placed inside the room of a thick wall, chances are the other rooms may get a slower rate of WiFi.

This is because every wall, furniture, etc becomes an obstacle to transmission of data packets.

Must-Follow Rules

When it comes to getting a correct data speed, there are some set of rules, that needs to be followed by every user. These includes:

# Device Limitation

device limitation

If you are not aware yet, WiFi is not its own internet connection. Instead, it shares with the entire network.

Hence, the more devices connected to the WiFi, the slower it becomes since the bandwidth is shared with multiple gadgets.

These devices are not limited to smartphones and computers only. Here are some of the things you should also work on to resolve slow internet issues.

  • Security devices such as cameras and doorbells
  • Smart TV, Smart Air Purifiers, and other Smart appliances
  • Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  • Tiles and other GPS trackers for keys, etc.

Make sure to turn them off whenever possible so you can maximize the available bandwidth at home.

If many people use the WiFi at home, you can try scheduled usage so you can all enjoy a fast connection.

# Reduced VPN Usage 

reduce vpn usage

Another step you can take on how to make Centurylink faster is minimizing VPN usage. Some companies require you to use a VPN connection before you can access their secure corporate systems.

If your employer tells you that you need one, use it only when necessary since a VPN connection can slow down your WiFi speed and performance.

Turn it off whenever tasks that require it are already complete.

You can also limit your downloading and uploading of large files during your work or school days.

Instead, schedule the process overnight when you and other members of your family are not using the internet.

Doing this can help you improve the available daytime bandwidth.

# Less Streaming During Peak Hours

peak hour usage

Scheduling is a good way to ensure everyone in the family enjoys a fast broadband or WiFi connection, especially when doing work or school-related activities. Here is what you need to do.

  • Plan or arrange schedules for both work/school and leisure time.
  • Do not stream shows while other members of your family do professional work.
  • Don’t stream on another device when you are planning video conferences

Streaming consumes high bandwidth. Some of the media services that you should look after are Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV.

While other video streaming services, online gaming systems, streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV, and music streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify. Use them when you need.

How to Make Centurylink Internet Fast

In case the aforementioned does not fix the problem, here are some more steps on how to make Centurylink faster.

Sometimes, troubleshooting is all it takes to fix internet speed or connectivity issues. Here are the things that you should do to resolve the problem.

Step 1. Restart the Modem

restart modem centurylink

You should first unplug the modem and leave it disconnected for at least one minute. All lights in front of the modem should have gone off to verify it is completely disconnected already. After which plug it back in to reconnect with the internet.

Step 2. Use a WiFi Mesh System

wifi mesh usage

Sometimes, your Centurylink connection speed may be good, but you may not receive the correct signal at all places. Hence, the low speed issue. 

A permanent solution for this will be to get a WiFi Mesh system for your home. These advanced WiFi systems will remove any blind spots from your home and give you fast and reliable internet.

It may be confusing which Mesh System you should trust. Based on our extensive research, we recommend three WiFi Mesh Systems that you can buy from sites like Amazon US.

Note: Clicking the above product links will redirect you to Amazon US official website(in new tab) to complete the checkout process.

Step 3. Update Modem Firmware

update firmware

You should then evaluate the modem that you are using. Making sure it is updated can help improve your home connection. Some modems usually require firmware.

If you don’t know that, it is a combination of memory and data stored on your modem’s chip. In case your modem is not updated yet, you should follow the steps indicated here.

Step 4. Filter Check

check filter

Once you are done, check if your modem has a filter. Because if it does, it can slow down your internet connection.

A DSL filter may be needed for your home phone landline, but it affects the speed and performance of your connection.

Step 5. Home Wiring Check

home wiring

Another factor you should observe is your home wiring. Older homes usually have faulty wirings that restrict the internet connection from maximizing speed. If you own one, you should get it fixed as soon as possible.

Step 6. Stop Background Activities

stop background

The next thing you should assess is background activities. Some of them consume high bandwidth, including device updates and software downloads.

Sometimes, updating and downloading may happen without you even knowing. So, make sure you check your web-enabled devices every once in a while.

Step 7. Update Device & Browsers

update device browers

Updating your devices and web browsers is also a factor you should explore since it can also affect the speed and performance of your connection negatively.

Before you attempt to access the web, make sure you have everything up to date first.

Step 8. Reset the Modem

restart modem

If the aforementioned still does not work, it will be a good option to reset your device back to its original settings.

Just use the reset button present on the device to reset it. But remember, you need to do the configuration once again.

Step 9. Change your Modem

modem change

The greater your internet speed is, the more advanced your modem should be.

Incompatibility can slow down your net connection so make sure to evaluate what device you use. Make sure to get an updated modem if you have one gig internet.

You can find more details in our how often to replace a modem. Check it out!

Battling Slow Internet Connection

Factors contributing to a slow internet connection are many. It is not only limited to how many devices are connected to the network.

It can also be about the software used, updates, downloads, and even the setup of the modem itself. You should explore every possible source of a network interruption.

To maximize the speed of your Internet connection, you should make all the necessary adjustments including the versions of browsers.

But if you still have not received the correct strength that you want, might as well check your WiFi performance. Sometimes, it is not the internet itself but the router.

Centurylink internet can be optimized by following some troubleshooting processes. If you need more help you contact support staff.

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