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How to Gift Data on EE – Detailed Guide

Knowing how to gift data on EE can give u the edge, especially when you have a family with many devices. It helps you to share your Internet when required as well as utilize the full quota of data balance.

Mobile Internet consumption cannot be predicted in this era of Internet. If your family member’s device runs out of Internet quota when it is most required, it can bring frustration.

So, if you have an EE account, and have many devices to manage, you can certainly use this “data gifting feature’ to transfer Internet allowance at the hour of need.

Want to know more how do you gift data on EE? Read this article and learn how to do it instantly and start Gifting.

Let us dive in!

EE Data Gifting

ee data gifting

EE Mobile is one of the largest mobile network provider in the UK with a huge base of subscribers. It supports both 4G and 5G.

This UK company has huge fan following and is a subsidy of the BT group. It provides the best in class mobile Internet including calls.

Now, comes the requirement for data gifting.

The requirement is simple.

“You just need an EE Family account plan activated for your family with a minimum two devices attached”.

If you have a big family and do not have a family plan you should go for it. You can add the family plan with your existing account. You can contact the support staff if you are facing any issues.

After, activating the plan, you can freely share your data between your members or other users who are connected with the plan. However, this feature is not available for business plans.

How Do I Gift Data on EE?

how do i gift data on ee

When you are gifting data, it means you are moving the Internet allowances from one device to another.

You just need to choose the user, whom you want to send. The process is simple and does not involve any cost. Let us learn how to initiate it.

1. Download the EE App

The first step is to download My EE app from the play store or Apple App store. Without this app, you will not be able to manage your Internet plans and EE phone details.

2. Select Manage Family

Now log -into your account. From there select ‘Manage Family” option followed by “See Everyone”.

Here you can see all the members and their Internet usage. Also, you can add restriction to them.

3. Choose the User

Now tap on “the User” (your family member) whom you want to manage. A list of options will pop up against the user.

4. Select who is Gifting

Now among the users, choose the person who will gift data to the other member. Tap on the option “Gift Data” under “Allowance” option.

5. Mention the Amount

Enter the “Data amount” you want to gift. Make sure it is above 500 Mb as below this limit is not allowed. Also, ensure that the member who is sending has the available balance.

6. Send Data Gift

Finally, tap the “Send” button and that’s it. Both the members will get text notification confirming the data transfer.

The gift Internet balance will be transferred immediately to the user selected. The validity of the gifted balance will be same as the main account i.e. month.

Is EE Data Gifting Any Good?

With the help of this simple yet powerful EE feature, you can enjoy the last bite of your Internet allowance. 

Also, you can help your family member by gifting at the hour of need. Now, let us know the pros and cons of this feature:

ee data gift pros and cons


  • You can gift your family members data when needed.
  • Control the unused Internet.
  • Make the most out of your plan allowance.
  • Be in control of your house Internet use.


  • All your Members or users’ needs to be on the same plan.
  • It is allowed to pay monthly plans only
  • Pay as you go accounts are not eligible.
  • You have to send a minimum of 500 Mb.

Data Gifting vs Tethering 

Many people have the confusion whether their data will be shared when they use tethering or hotspot with family members. However, EE Internet Gifting has no relation with this.

Gifting. Data gifting is to transfer Internet allowance to other member or users. This is restricted to people who also share your plan. For this, the family member does not have access to your device. The data is transferred online to them.

Hotspot or Tethering. However, Hotspot or Tethering is sharing Internet with any devices connected to your wifi. Hence, it is limited to access to your mobile or device wifi.

EE Data Gifting Not Working

ee data gifting not working

Though the sharing process is simple, still many users are unable to utilize the same. Let us learn the possible reasons why you cannot gift your Internet allowance:

1. Exhaust of Limit

Before doing any Internet sharing, make sure you have at least 500 Mb in your balance. If not, you can buy an add-on using the EE app or website.

2.Shared Plan

If any user is on a shared plan, you can’ t gift data to them. However, you can add additional add-on pack to your plan, so that they can use.

3. Roaming

While roaming outside the UK, you may not be able to share Internet allowance if your plan does not allow it. You must return to the UK, to start gifting again.

If you fulfill all the conditions, and still cannot use the gifting option, we recommend contacting support staff. They will definitely sort out the problem for you.


Managing and keeping an eye on all your family member’s devices and their Internet usage has been simplified by EE.

Using the app, you are in full control whom to share the unused Internet allowance so that you utilise your plan to the limit.

We hope you have learned how to gift data on EE. The process is quite simple. All you need is to have members within the same account.

In case you face any issues, make sure you contact the support staff. After all, you do not want to lose any Internet allowance of your family plan.

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