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EE Lost Phone : Detailed Guide

EE lost phone can be frustrating! Have you lost your EE Contract Phone?What to do Now? If you have lost your device, do not worry!

Here you will learn all details in case you have lost your EE Phone.

No other network operator tops EE’s 4G and 5G coverage in the UK. If you’re a user of the network, you can enjoy its best mobile experience in a long list of places.

However, along with this, there are risks of unfortunate situations happening where you might misplace or get your phone stolen. This can be alarming, especially because our mobile devices contain a lot of our personal and most important data.

As a user of the network, you might worry and ask “What happens if I lost my EE phone?”

Here are the steps that you can take to minimize the damage in the case of an EE lost phone.

Initial Steps After EE Lost Phone

steps on  lost

The moment you realize that your mobile device has been lost or stolen, try to stay calm and not panic. Before anything, try to do these steps first before reporting your mobile device as lost or stolen:

1. Text or Call

The first action that you should do after losing your phone is to send a text message or call it using another mobile device. If you’ve misplaced it, you can easily find it once it rings.

If someone picked it up and is looking for a way to get it back to you, they should be able to view it if you send a text message. If it is locked, however, and there is no way for the finder to access your contacts, giving it a ring can help the person contact you.

2. Track It

Depending on your device, you can use built-in features to track its location. Note, however, that these features will only work if the device is on, and usually when it’s connected to the Internet.

For iOS

Log onto your iCloud account. Click the ‘Find My iPhone’ option. There, you should be able to track your device’s location on a map and make it ring.

For Android

Log-in your Google account on any browser, and search ‘find my device.’ Make sure that you log-in the same account that you use on your missing phone. Similar to Apple’s feature, a map should come up, and you will be able to track your device’s location.

3. Report It

If you fail to track its location, this is the time that you should file a report to the network provider’s Customer Service. If it is protected by a lock screen, you shouldn’t worry too much about the risk of unauthorized access.

But to be safe, it is best to immediately change the passwords of your accounts that are connected to your device.

How Can I Report My EE Lost Phone?

how to report ee lost phone

Report your stolen or lost phone EE immediately once you’ve confirmed that you lost it. You can call them 8 am to 9 pm during Mondays to Fridays, and 8 am to 8 pm during Saturdays and Sundays to report your device as lost or stolen:

  • Dial 150 from an EE mobile
  • Dial 07953 966 250 from any other mobile (standard rate)
  • Dial +44 7953 966 250 from abroad (international call rate)

If you’re calling from a payphone, Customer Service can call you back. They can also call someone for you to explain that about the loss.

What Happens if I Lost EE Contract Phone ?

If you’ve reported the case to EE’s Customer Service. They will block your device and suspend your account so no one else can use it on their network. You can put a password in case you find it later.

Just go to any of their 550 physical stores and you can get a free SIM card or they can send you another one (delivery charges apply)

You can search ‘My EE’ to view your most recently dialed numbers.

Company Policy

lost policy

If you contact Customer Service within 24 hours about the lost or stolen case and somebody else uses the device during that period, you will have to pay fine.

You need to pay a maximum of £100 for any unauthorised usage outside of your allowance. They will cover the cost of any usage charges of over £100.

If you have reported within 24 hours and you still get charged for over £100 during that period, call 150 from an EE mobile to confirm whether you are eligible for the cap and arrange for the charges to be credited back.

Quick Fact

If you fail to inform them within 24 hours that your phone is lost or stolen, however, you will be liable to pay all of the charges incurred during this period.

As the amount taken was from a third-party content or services, they cannot refund you for this.

Will EE Replace My Lost Phone?

If you have a Damage Cover or Full Cover and you damaged, lost, or got your device stolen, call Customer Service at 150 from an EE mobile or at 07953 966 250 otherwise to get a next-day replacement. Review the terms and conditions here.

What Happens If I Lost My EE Phone & Then Found It Again?

If you find your phone again, contact Customer Service immediately to let them know. Dial 150 from your EE mobile or 7953 966250 otherwise.

They will ask security questions to confirm that it’s you who’s handling the device, so take note of your personal details.

If you’ve requested for your phone to be blocked prior to finding it, they can unblock it for you.

NOTE: Please wait at least 24 hours for your device to be unblocked.

Finding EE Lost Phone

finding ee lost phone

In the case of finding an EE device, you can help return it to the owner.

Simply fill up this form, and they will send you a prepaid bag for you to return and post the device without charge.

Quick Fact

They cannot process the return if you can’t find either the SIM card number of the IMEI number. In that case, please surrender the device at your nearest police station.

Where is the IMEI or SIM card number?

  • SIM card number: You can search that on the SIM card.
  • IMEI number: Located either on the back of the device or underneath the battery. It is usually 15 digits long.
  • If you can’t find the IMEI number, try typing *#06# in the dialler.


We hope after reading this article you have gathered enough information on “Lost Phone of EE” and now you are confident for your next course of action. Follow the steps above and report to the company immediately.

If you have any further questions or clarifications, or if you want to make a complaint visit the Company’s Official website.

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