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How to Get Vodafone Proof of Purchase Quickly

Vodafone Proof of Purchase may become the main necessary when you need to raise an Insurance Claim in the United Kingdom.

Most UK insurance providers make it compulsory to submit buying evidence of devices when one makes an insurance claim. 

This is just to Authenticate the Real Buyer and avoid Fake Claims being processed”.

However, this being an after-sales service, most companies including Vodafone often neglect it and do not give due importance to help users promptly.

If you need Vodafone proof of purchase either for claiming insurance or claiming any gift this article is for you.

Here, you will learn how to raise a purchase validation document correctly with the Company in the best possible way.

So, let us get started!

What is Vodafone Proof of Purchase?

vodafone proof of purchase

Vodafone Proof of Purchase is an official document that you will receive from the Telecom Company that authenticates you as the real buyer or user of the device.

To get the proof of purchase or ownership you need to do the following:

  • First confirm the purchase
  • Keep your Registered email ready
  • Device IMEI and model ready
  • Submit an online form
  • Wait for an confirmation from Vodafone

Why It is required?

This is short enhances the genuineness of the claim process with Insurer.

For making any insurance claims, all major insurance providers require you to authenticate your ownership of the device or its usage.

Generally, insurance providers do not accept bills as these are subject to malpractices.

Hence, you need to approach the Company to get yourself a copy of the proof of purchase if you need to smoothly process your claim.

However, if you just need this document for redeeming any gift or Vodafone discount, it is not required. We will discuss this in the later part of the article.

What Type of Validation you May Get?

types of proof

Insurance providers may require validation of procurement, usage, or blacklisting. Normally, Vodafone gives proof under these two conditions:

On Procurement of Device from Vodafone

If you have purchased the mobile form Vodafone, you can raise the document request with the process mentioned below.

You can also ask for validation of blacklisting or usage if you use their network also.

On using Vodafone Network

Chances are that you may buy your device from other websites or Companies and use them on the Vodafone network.

In that case, you can ask for a validation of usage or blacklisting or as per your requirements.

But remember you cannot ask for purchase proof in this case and you must contact the actual company from whom you brought your device.

Quick Fact

Hence, you must double-check from your Insurance provider what they require – Proof of purchase, usage, blacklisting, or all of them. Then apply accordingly.

Prerequisites Before Form Submission


To raise a purchase proof document from the Company correctly, you need to fulfill these conditions first

  • Must procure a device from the Company
  • Must have a valid Account Number
  • Registered Email account
  • Device IMEI and Model

How to Get Vodafone Proof of Purchase

how to get proof of purchase vodafone

The process to get the buyer authenticity document from the Company is simple and straightforward. You just need to fill up a form online and the document will be sent to the registered email id.

Please note filling up this form is mandatory to get the document. The process to fill up the form is as follows:


1.   Go to this Official Page to fill-up the form.

2.   At the Bottom select the type of you have.

  • Pay Monthly
  • Pay as you Go
  • Business
first part

3.   When you select the type, the form will show up. Now select “Proof of purchase” from the list as shown below.

4.   Now fill up the form with the details as shown below

second part

5.   Submit the Form

6.   Check your email after 3-5 days

Proof of Purchase Required for Redeeming Gifts?

redeeming gifts

Do you require purchase validation from Vodafone to redeem any gifts? Absolutely not. You do need to wait for the company to send you a procurement proof.

Instead of asking the Company for the document for redeeming any gift, you can use the following methods to show the authenticity of buying:

1. Brought from Store

If you have purchased the device from any store you can use the original bill or the email receipt to show it as evidence.

2. Purchased in Online Store or Over Phone

If you have brought online or over the phone you can check to find the email containing the bill or confirmation. This email receipt can be produced as evidence to redeem your gift.

3.  Though Authorised Partner. In this case, you can produce the email confirmation or receipt that you may have received from the partner while making the procurement.

Quick Fact

Whatever document you provide to redeem your gift, make sure that the device name and the date of buying are clearly visible.

Else, you won’t be able to redeem your gift.

Vodafone Proof of Purchase Not Received?

proof of purchase not received

This being an after-sales service, you can expect delays to receive the document in your email.

But things can become complicated if you do not receive the document in time. Your insurance claim process may be in jeopardize.

If you have not received the proof of purchase document, you can do the following:

1. Check Email Spam Folder

First, you must check your Inbox(E-mail) properly. Chances are that the document may lie in your spam or junk folder.

Check out all the folders of your email one by one before you proceed to the next steps.

2. Ask extension to Submit the Document

You can ask the insurance provider to give you an extension to submit the required document.

In most cases, we have seen Insurance providers doing this for users.

2. Contact Support Staff

If you did not receive your buying authentication document in your email it’s time to contact the support staff of the company. 

3. Use Social Media

If none of the methods worked for you, but you need the document immediately, you can use the power of social media.

Message, tweet, DM on the official social media of Vodafone UK and ask them for help.

Quick Fact

If you need to get the document in time, you need to follow it up with the provider. Or else you may lose your claim in the process.


Vodafone proof of purchase receipt can help prove the buyer authenticity.

These days due to all frauds all around, the insurance claim process has become tough. Hence, giving a procurement proof to Insurer is a must.

The same is in the case of redeeming gifts. You need to prove evidence.

We hope this guide helped you to know in-depth the reasons and how to fill up a proof of purchase form with Vodafone.

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