how to get on demand with directv

How to Get on Demand with DIRECTV – All You Need to Know!

Have you been a long-time subscriber but you’re still not sure how to get On Demand with DIRECTV? Can’t you just find the guide or the source that you’ll be able to use to get and watch On Demand?

Don’t fret, in this guide, we’ll be walking you through the complete steps!

In addition to that, we’ll even teach you about getting it on DIRECTV Now, as well as Showtime!

To get on demand with DIRECTV, you need to have at least one (1) HD DVR in your home, a wireless router, and an internet connection. Then, you would have to connect or link that DVR to your internet.

When it’s connected, what you have to do next is to search “On Demand” or tune in to channels 1000 or 1100.

Getting DIRECTV On Demand

The most common misconception that people have in accessing DIRECTV On Demand is that they think they must pay for it.  

In reality, this functionality is free – all you need is an HD DVR, a router, and an internet connection.


The DVR or the receiver must be HD-enabled; it must be a model that is at least HR20, and you need to have it connected to the internet.

When you have all those things in check, getting DIRECTV On Demand will now be easier and simpler for you!

How to Get On Demand With DIRECTV

demand with directv

Now that you have all the necessary tools to access DIRECTV On Demand, the next thing you want to consider is how you can access it.

Step 1: Ensure Hardware and Equipment

The first step is to make sure that you have all the necessary hardware and equipment to get On Demand.

If you are not yet a DIRECTV customer, you can give choose the HD DVR option when you order DIRECTV.

What this does is it will give you the option to get a DIRECTV Cinema Connection Kit to the HD DVR connected to the WiFi network you have at home.

This way, the installer or the DIRECTV technicians will help you set it up – you don’t need to bother!

You can also take this opportunity if you’re upgrading to an HD DVR receiver, too!

Otherwise, follow the next steps for you to be able to watch On Demand with DIRECTV.

Step 2: Connect Your HD DVR to the Internet

The next step you want to do is to link or connect your HD DVR receiver to the internet.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how you can link your new Genie HD DVR receiver to your internet:

  • Press the [MENU] button on your DIRECTV remote control
  • Select Settings and choose Network Setup from the given options
  • Click on the option that says Connect Now
  • This will be the time the system checks the status of the connection. If it’s valid, then it’ll show the button to hit on Set Up Wireless
  • Press the option that says Setup while pressing the WPS button on your router/gateway
  • If above step doesn’t work for you, click on Set Up Wireless then select the respective network you want to connect to.
  • Then, input the password and select Continue

You’ll know that the setting up of the HD DVR to the network is successful because you will see the screen that says your internet connection setup has been successful.

Step 3: Search For On Demand

So, you were able to link up or connect your receiver to the internet, what’s the next step you should do?

The next step is to simply press the [MENU] button on your remote control, then choose Search & Browse on the screen. Then, hit the button that says On Demand.

Alternatively, you can tune in to channel 1000 or 1100 via your remote control, doing so will give you access to the channels of DIRECTV On Demand.

That’s just about how you can watch DIRECTV On Demand shows and titles!

If you look at it closely and more thoroughly, you’ll see and notice that it’s a simple and easy procedure – you really don’t need any other type of subscription!

How to Get SHOWTIME on Demand DIRECTV

When you’re able to access DIRECTV On Demand, it wouldn’t be a problem to access Showtime.

With thousands of programs, titles, and shows available in DIRECTV On Demand, you will be able to access premium networks like Cinemax, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and many more!

All you have to do is to make sure you have all the necessary hardware, then set DIRECTV On Demand up and start watching!

How to Get on Demand on DIRECTV Now

how to get on demand on directv now

Apart from DIRECTV, you can actually also watch On Demand in AT&T TV.

After the shut down of AT&T TV now and its merger with AT&T TV, you now have the opportunity to watch on demand shows, movies, and titles with AT&T TV!

Here’s how you can do a search for On Demand titles:

Step 1: Sign In to AT&T TV

First, sign in to your AT&T TV account. This would be what your DIRECTV Now account was, transferred to AT&T TV Now, and now, just AT&T TV.

Input your User ID and your Password.

Step 2: Search for Shows and Titles

Once you’re in, go to the Discover category or option. Then, try and search for your favorite movies or shows!

You can click on one to see information about it such as its description, run time or duration, episodes, as well as other details.

You can also opt to utilize the voice option on your AT&T TV remote. Press the voice button to activate it.

On an Apple TV, on the other hand, you can use Siri to search out the program or the title for you.

Step 3: Hit on Play

When you decide on the specific content to watch, click on Play Now or Play to watch it.


You might think that all on demand shows, programs, movies, and titles are readily available.

When in actuality, it’s subject to the availability of the network. So, don’t fret if you’re not able to watch the title or the show you want to see immediately.

Record and Add to Queue

Watching DIRECTV On Demand, you’ll not only have the chance or the option of watching your favorite shows, movies, and titles live, you can also record it and add it to the queue!

When you’re able to find a title you want to watch, you can watch it. While you do, you have the option to Record it by pressing the [REC] or the [Record] button on your remote.

Press it once if you just want to record the episode or the specific title. If you want to record all of the seasons, press that button twice.


So, if you don’t have DIRECTV yet, all you have to do is to order the latest and the newest HD DVR receivers, link it up to your home network, and that’s it! You’ll have access to DIRECTV On Demand!

Should you already have a new DVR, though, you just have to link it up on your home WiFi network, then access the title you want!

In case you’re stuck wondering how to get On Demand with DIRECTV, this guide will be perfect for you! Even if you’re not experienced with it, you’ll be able to do it!

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