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Does DIRECTV Offer Senior Discounts? – Hidden Facts!

Does DIRECTV offer senior discounts? If you are a senior citizen, or you have parents that are already seniors, you might be asking the question. Right?

After all, it is not a hidden fact that seniors do not have the best income, and some do not even have the best amount of savings and despite that, essential expenses such as TV subscriptions are there.

Which makes sense if someone would look for a discount.

Unfortunately, there is no discount for DIRECTV that is specifically for seniors only. However, there are still many ways on how you, as a senior, or someone who has a senior in their family, can manage to lower your DIRECTV bill and score some discounts and savings.

In this guide, you will learn several helpful tips and “secrets” that you can sue for yourself in order to save money on your DIRECTV bill.

After all, there is no harm and all good in saving a few bucks on some bills.

Does DIRECTV offer Senior Discounts?

You might have wondered this because you heard of other subscription services that offer senior discounts.

Unfortunately, DIRECTV is not one of them. Some may have a special discounted plan for seniors or for low-income people, but DIRECTV plan prices are standard for everyone.

So, does DIRECTV offer a senior discount? No. But is there a way for a senior to still save on their bills for their TV?

Yes, there definitely is. Here are some of the ways you can save on bills even without the need for a senior discount.

Find Ways To Lower Your Bill

Did you know that there are ways you can lower your bill?

From researching other possible providers that are cheaper to simply modifying your current plan, there are ways you can reduce the price of your monthly bill.

Negotiate with DIRECTV for a Lower Bill

Did you know that you can simply make a call to the DIRECTV customer service hotline and ask for a lower bill?

It actually doesn’t sound as simple as it does, but it is possible, and a lot of people have had success in trying this little “trick.”

You might be asking now: how do I do all these things?

Here are some tips and advice on how you can do all these to save on your TV bills even without senior discounts DIRECTV.

Ditch cable TV Entirely

Is a subscription really that hard of a monthly burden to you? You could just set up your own dish, antenna, or TV box and save on fees.

This way may not be the most practical to go to especially if seniors live alone.

Make sure that you have enough funds to use in buying the needed equipment. No need to worry as this is technically a one-time expense only.

Then, make sure to get help from knowledgeable and qualified personnel to help you set everything up.

How Can You Have A Lower Bill?

senior discounts directv

Here are some steps you can take to lower your bill, without the need to ask for discounts and risk getting turned down for it.

Option 1 – Look for a cheaper provider

This is probably the easiest and most efficient way to go if you want to save on your monthly bills.

Look around and ask around for a provider that can offer a cheaper plan or even better, discounted plans for you.

Option 2 – Change your plan

Take a second look at the details of your DIRECTV plan. Are there channels that you don’t really watch?

Perhaps removing them may lower your bill. For these things, it is better to call up their hotline and find a customer service representative.

Ask them to help you change your plan or offer any possible adjustments that can result in a lower bill, even a little.

How Do You Negotiate For A Lower Bill?

For this part, you would need both the right set of information you can use to turn the situation in your favor.

Also the luck on finding the righty phone representative that would be kind and generous enough to grant you all the discounts and promos within their means.

So, read on and get ready to make your call and put your best negotiation skills to action. Who knows, you might end up closing the call with a nice discount placed on your plan.

Here are some tips that you should remember when trying to negotiate for a lower bill with a DIRECTV representative

Be Nice

You may be disappointed, and even angry as to why your bill is suddenly this expensive. You may be frustrated with other things in life and this bill is adding up to it.

But one thing that you should never do is to take it out on the representative that will end up taking your call.

Say That You Plan To Move Your Business Elsewhere

The key here is that DIRECTV representatives are meant to make the subscribers stay as best as they could.

After all, they want you to stay with them, and not leave for other providers.

You can also try mentioning that you are thinking of going to streaming like Netflix, or just setting up your own over-the-air antenna.

One more thing that you can try is to tell them that you have a good offer from another provider that you are really considering getting. This could be true, or this could be a bluff.

If you are lucky, you would be given a special discount.

It may not be much–from $5 to $20 less on your current bill, but it is still a lot considering that this is a monthly discount, not a one-time courtesy.

How Do You Unlock Promotions?

Aside from negotiating your bill and making a deal with a DIRECTV representative, you can also directly ask for a discount, without the need to bargain about anything.

However, this is only possible depending on how long you have been a subscriber.

0-12 months customer

If you are with DIRECTV for only less than twelve months, the chances of you getting an upfront discount can be very slim.

Although, what you may get are special offers that can include free channels like HBO, Cinemax, Starz or Showtime.

12-24 months customer

If you are already a customer for one to two years, nothing much would have changed.

After all, you are nearing the end of your hold period of two years, and it is only after that the DIRECTV may make efforts in keeping you subscribed to their services.

You have the chance to get $10-$20

2-5 years customer

If you have been a customer for two to five years, then you are now eligible for better offers, and better discounts.

Still, you are not yet considered to be an “elite” customer. You may have a $10-$20 discount for three months to one year.

5-10 years customer

Those who have been with DIRECTV for five to ten years already are the ones that the company would exert and extra effort to keep, although they are still not considered to be on the top tier of this list.

Now, you may get all the above-mentioned offers or up to three months of free service.

10+ customer

Finally, customers who have been with the service for more than ten years are the ones who have it the best.

You can have stuff like a $30 discount for two years, an NFL Sunday ticket for two, and anything that those below your tier may request.


Although you might be disappointed in knowing the answer to the question of does DIRECTV offer senior discounts, the good news is that there are still other ways.

You can do something about your bill and prevent it from going beyond your set budget, or beyond what you can usually afford.

All it takes is just talking with a DIRECTV representative, knowing the right things, asking the right questions.

Also a little bit of luck to have your requests granted and you end up shedding off a few bucks off your monthly bill.

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