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How to Fix Freesat No Signal Issue in Easy Steps

Freesat no Signal is not what you want when you want to watch your favourite show. Whether the issue is from Freesat or user end, you do not want a blank screen on your TV.

The reasons for this issue can be many. It may be that the product is not properly connected to the TV, weather conditions, loose connections etc.

If you are facing no signal or weak signal issues, then this guide is for you. Go through the steps one by one and you can fix the problem within 10-15 minutes!

So, without any delay let’s get started.

Freesat No Signal Being Received

freesat no signal being received

Freesat No Signal being received? Yes. We know the frustrations that you are going through. But before we go to the troubleshooting steps, let us know a basic thing first.

First, you should consider the weather in which we have no control. In case of heavy rain, wind, snow, fog or thunderstorms your Freesat box is bound not to receive signal.

This is because extreme weather conditions cause disturbances to the wavelength of signals and hence you face the issue.

If this is the case, you will have to wait till thing gets cleared as the Company has no control over this.

However, if you feel the sky is clearer and all things got cleared and even you face the no signal issue, let’s dive into the troubleshooting steps.

Follow these steps one by one and get your TV fixed quickly!

How to Fix Freesat No Signal

how to fix freesat no signal

Before you think of contacting your support staff or pay a technician, you can do a couple of troubleshooting techniques to get your TV screen back to track.

This way you can save your time, money and after all, get a feel of techy side inside you too!

The troubleshooting methods are as follows:

Step 1. Check the Box

check box

Yes, you heard it correct. We often forget basic things. It may happen that your box is not on or not connected to the power cord properly.  

First, check if your Freesat box is on or not. It may be on “Standby mode” also. Check and make it correct.

Step 2. Validate the Connections

connections check

Check if all the connections are done correctly or not. Sometimes some wires or cables may get damaged. Check for the damaged ones and got it replaced.

Also, check if the cable connector or HDMI cables connecting to TV and box are inserted properly.

# If you have an HD TV, check whether the HDMI cable from the box is connected to your TV properly or not.

freesat hdmi


# If you don’t have an HD TV, you need to verify the RCA cables connection. Make sure the cables are inserted in the right coloured boxes both in TV and box.

freesat rca


# If you have an IPTV, you must verify if the condition of the microfilter used to connect TV from the box. Also, make sure the connection is not loose.

Step 3. Check the Dish Alignment

freesat dish alignment

Due to heavy rain, winds or snow the alignment of the dish may change to some extent. Then you will face the poor or no signal issue.

You can manually align the dish to the correct position by moving it slightly left and right and check-in between if TV is back.

Remember this is no rocket science, and anyone can do it. Just make sure you do it precisely and someone near the TV to give you the right time to stop.

Step 4. Keep the Box Away from Wireless Equipment

wireless equipment

Wireless equipment like baby monitor or cordless phones can sometimes disturb the signal strength. Hence, if your box is near to any wireless devices, it is better to move away from them.

It is a good idea, to keep the box open not in a closed box and in a place where no other equipment except TV is there.

Step 5. Check TV Inputs

tv inputs

Check on your TV either you have pressed the correct TV input or not. Generally, Freeview can be seen in Video or AV mode.

Moreover, most of the TV remotes use a button labelled as “AV”, “SOURCE”, “INPUT”. Press this button and select AV /HDMI or Video mode as per your box.

Step 6. Remove Obstructions

remove obstructions

Obstructions can sometimes block your dish getting the correct signals. The obstructions include tall trees, constructions near your home, etc. You need to remove these obstructions to give your box the accurate signal.

If required, you may change the position of your dish to a different place. However, this may need a technician visit.

Step 7. Interference in The LNB

freeesat lnb

Due to prolonged use or if your dish gets covered with snow or any other weather conditions, the LNB may get damaged.

If this happens, you will get poor or no signal at all. Also, this can lead to missing channels in some cases too.

The best way to fix this issue is to get the LNB changed. If you feel your LNB is too old since the last charge, you can get is replaced immediately.

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Manhattan Freesat Box No Signal

manhattan freesat box no signal

Manhattan Freesat box no signal can be fixed by the above-mentioned methods. In addition to this, you can do the following:

  • Check manually the cable connections between dish and SX.
  • Do a Signal check
  • Configure the SCR settings if prompted
  • For any issues, consult your installer.

Humax Freesat No Signal Help

humax freesat no signal help

If your Humax Freesat box is getting no signal issue, the Company has these guidelines for you to follow:

  • First, make sure the cables are connected correctly
  • If required change the cables
  • Next, check the cables from the aerial or dish and its connection.
  • Set the alignment of antenna or dish correctly
  • Change the LNB
  • Increase the LNB voltage or use a signal amplifier
  • If not, go for a larger dish.

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Freesat is a modern way of watching all your favourite shows and channels at a much-reduced price.

However, as compared to all other providers, it also faces some issues, but these can be fixed by the user also.

We hope after reading this guide, you can fix Freesat no signal issue at your home anytime.

However, if the issue is not fixed, you can contact Freesat on 345 313 0051 and book a Freesat approved engineer for help.

If you need you can bookmark this page for future reference. If you like this troubleshooting guide, please like and share.

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