how to connect youview box wirelessly

How To Connect Youview Box Wirelessly

How to connect Youview box wirelessly or How to Connect TalkTalk Youview box wireless is the talk of the town. With the age of Wifi, it is bound to raise such questions.

Wifi use can reduce the headache of broadband wires and gives us easy access to the Internet at any place within its reach. For that, having a Wifi enable device helps a lot.

Unfortunately, this TV box does are not WiFi enabled. That means you need to connect them using a wired connection.

But do not worry, we have a few solutions for you. In this article, we will discuss alternative ways to connect your box wirelessly to the Internet.

So, without any delay let us start the guide.

Does Youview Support Wifi?

does youview support wifi

As per the latest boxes released for sale, Youview does not support Wifi. We know it is a drawback.

But to reduce the costs, the measure taken can be well understood. Maybe in the future, we can get a better version with a built-in Wifi feature.

Moreover, in this world of high-end gadgets and devices, you do not need to worry.

Nowadays, this non-availability issue can be fixed with some alternatives available. We will discuss them in the later part of the article.

Connecting Youview Box to the Internet

youview connect to internet

Youview is a great addition to the world of TV viewing in the UK. The service is top-notch and you can enjoy all your favourite shows at a much cheaper price.

Their on-demand service lets you pick the choice of your movies and shows anytime at the comfort of your home.

This on-demand service requires an Internet connection of course.

But having said that, these boxes are not equipped with Wifi. This means that if you watch on-demand programs you need to connect to your home broadband.

The connection can be done in two ways as mentioned below:

Wired Connection

youview wired

The best way to connect your box to your home Internet is through a wired connection. It is reliable and not prone to frequent data drops.

If your home router is close to your TV Box, then you can use an Ethernet cable to connect the two.

However, if your box is far from the router, you can ask your broadband provider to install extra network points in your home.

This is by far the cheapest and easiest option to connect your box to your router at any place of your choice.

youview step 1


Wireless Connection

youview wireless

If you do not break the design of your home or install new wires, the best way is to go for wireless.

Though this directly does not support wireless Internet, we will show you some alternative ways to get it done.

How to Connect Wirelessly

how to connect youview box wireless

Suppose you want to view TV in your balcony of your house or any room. But your home broadband router is located far. So, how can you use your TV box?

Well, here comes the benefits of connecting wirelessly. Let us know in detail the best available ways to connect your box to the Internet wirelessly.

1. Using Powerline Adapters

youview powerline

The first option is to use powerline adapters. Powerline adapters is a device that uses your electric wiring to transmit broadband signals to any corner of your house.

When connected at one to your home router, the other adapter can be plugged into an electric board. From there you can connect to your TV.

How to Set Up Powerline Adapter?

For the setup, you will need two powerline adapters and two ethernet cables. The process to setup up is easy and you can do it in minutes.

Step 1. Connecting your Router to Powerline Adapter. 

The first step will be to connect your broadband router to the adapter. For this follow these steps

  • Plug one powerline adapter to a power socket
  • Take one ethernet cable and connect on the back of Youview box
  • Put the other end to the powerline adapter
  • Now turn on the adapter and check if the green light is on.
youview step 2


Step 2. Connecting Youview Router to Powerline Adapter. 

After you have set up the first part, you can now proceed connecting your router to the adapter. Follow these steps now;

  • Plug the other adapter to the power source
  • Make sure it is near your Youview
  • Now, take the other Ethernet cable
  • Using it connect the Adapter and box
  • Turn on the Adapter and it should turn green
youview step 3


Now, you can easily access the Internet in your Youview using the Powerline Adapter.

2. Use Wifi Adapters or Repeaters  

youview adapters

The next step is to get a Wifi Adapter. Wifi adapters are the devices that transmit your broadband signals all over your home.

Also, it has an Ethernet socket for you to use. You can thus use this ethernet socket to connect your Youview.

But make sure you have strong broadband at your home to do this.

The steps for connecting the Youview to Wifi Adapters is as follows:

booster youview connect
  • Plugin the Wifi Adapter in electric socket near to Youview.
  • Configure the wifi adapter to connect to your Wifi
  • Take an Ethernet cable
  • Using it connect the Wifi Adapter to the Box
  • That’s it and enjoy it.
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Youview provides a great option for home entertainment. If you feel you are missing the wireless connectivity, we hope you got your answer.

With any of the two methods, you can easily connect the Youview box wirelessly at ease. If you get any issues with your TalkTalk Youview you can reset it first and use these steps.

Get yourself a powerline adapter or Wifi repeater and get the most out of your Youview and enjoy uninterrupted on-demand programs!

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