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How to Connect DIRECTV to WiFi in Easy Steps

So, you recently signed up for DIRECTV and now, you’re stuck with how to connect DIRECTV to WiFi. Have you found a couple of guides online but you’re uncertain of their effectiveness?

Do you want to read a guide that can give you the complete walkthrough on how to hook DIRECTV to WiFi? If this is all Greek to you, then you’re just on the right page!

It’s been one of the most asked questions and we’re here to put an end to that!

Connecting your DIRECTV receiver to the internet is simple. To do it, press on the [MENU] button on the remote. Then, navigate to Settings and find Internet Setup. Once there, select the Connect Now option.

Wait for a few seconds as the system is checking connection status and press the Set Up Wireless option. Choose the WiFi network to connect to. Log in enter the password and you’re all set!

You’re not alone in asking this question. As a matter of fact, hundreds of subscribers ask this question every single day!

That’s why we’re crafting this guide up so that you can answer it all in one place!

Did you know, though, that there are certain requirements your network needs to meet for you to be able to link your DIRECTV to your network?

Requirements to Get Online with Receiver

Here are some of the things that you need to be able to connect your receiver to the network:

Receiver Model

First and foremost, the DIRECTV receiver you have should be the Genie 2 model, the HD DVR Genie H44, or the HD DVR Genie H54.

You can find out what the model is if you press + hold [INFO] on the controller. You’ll see the Info & Test screen, and the model will be right next to “Receiver.”

Router or Gateway

The next requirement would be the presence of a working router or a gateway connected to your internet.

You would need a router, not just a regular modem because there are TVs that might not be reached by the modem.

Therefore, you’ll need to utilize a router so that it covers a lengthy distance.

Minimum Internet Connection Speed

The minimum internet connection speed that you have should be at least 750 Kbps. However, as per the company, in order for you to watch your favorite shows and programs without any buffering, a connection speed of higher than 2 Mbps would be the best.

These are the main requirements in order for you to be successful in connecting your DIRECTV receiver to the internet.

Now that you know them, you’re already set to learn how to connect DIRECTV to WiFi network!

How to Connect DIRECTV to WiFi

how to connect directv to wifi network

In this guide, we will be separating receivers because some receivers have a different method.

So, we will discuss each of the receivers for the benefit of all users and subscribers!

Connecting Genie HD DVR or Genie 2 Model

The Genie HD DVR (HR44 or HR54), along with the Genie 2 models have a rather easier and simpler method of how you can set it up on a WiFi network.

Compared to other versions, setting them up is easier and faster. You just have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Network Setup

The first thing you have to do is to activate your television with the DIRECTV receiver plugged in, of course. Then, press the [MENU] button on the controller.

In the menu, click on Settings & Help, and navigate to Internet Setup, then Connect Now. If you’re just trying to reconnect (power cycled), choose Reconnect Now.

Step 2: Hit on Set Up Wireless

Wait for a few seconds as the receiver would check the status of the connection.

After it initializes, click on Set Up Wireless. This will bring you to a new panel where you’ll select the network you’ll be connecting to.

Step 3: Enter Wireless Network

Then, choose and enter the wireless network established within your home. If it’s protected (and it better be), enter the password and hit on Continue.

Wait for a few seconds before the receiver distinguishes the connection and voila, it is as easy as that!

Your DIRECTV receiver is now linked up to the network, and you don’t need to do anything else!

Should you come across inconsistent connections, you can simply power cycle and have it reconnected!

NOTE: The system can take up to 48 hours to display On-Demand programming. So, don’t panic if you don’t see it right after the setup.

Connecting Genie R22, HR20 to HR 24, HR34

If you have these receivers, the process is different because you’ll need to connect the DIRECTV CINEMA Connection Kit, too.

The DIRECTV CINEMA Connection Kit is a device that enables wireless connectivity for houses that do not have coax connections.

Setting Up the DIRECTV CINEMA Connection Kit

Here are the steps on how you can set up the DIRECTV CINEMA Connection Kit:

Step 1: Locate Your Receiver Model

To locate the receiver model, press + hold the [INFO] button on your controller.

Doing so will make the Info & Test screen appear on your television! From here, what you need to do is to locate the model of the receiver.

Step 2: Press [-] or the Dash Symbol on Your Remote

Once you find the receiver model, press on the dash [-] button on the remote control. By this time, you should already see the prompt SWiM Connected.

How to Setup HR34, R22, HR20 to HR24 While SWiM Connected

Step 1: Power the Device Up

Power both the television and the receiver up by plugging the power cord to the back of the receiver.  

Step 2: Disconnect Coax Cable

If you have a DECA adapter linked to your receiver, leave all cables and disconnect only the coax cable.

You’ll be able to see it on the other side of the adapter.

If you don’t have the DECA adapter, remove the coax cable from the back of your receiver.

Step 3: Connect to LNB

Then, what you need to do is to connect the coax cable you removed either from the DECA adapter or the HD DVR and connect it to the Towards LNB port at the back of the DIRECTV CINEMA Connection Kit.

Make sure that the coax cable is properly connected.

Step 4: Connect to SAT IN 1

After you successfully connect the coax cable, what you have to do is to unscrew the cap of the SAT Rcvr label, which can also be seen on the back of the DIRECTV CINEMA Connection Kit.

Using the coax cable part of the kit, connect it to the SAT Rcvr port, the one we unscrewed from earlier, connect the other end of the cable to the SAT in 1 or the DECA adapter.

Step 5: Connect to WiFi

The lights on the coaxial network, POWER, and activity will blink on for a few seconds to a minute.

Wait for the lights to stop blinking, then connect! Choose the network you have at home and enter the password.

Your HD DVR or your DIRECTV receiver should now be connected to the network!

It Still Says, “Not Connected,” What Should I Do?

directv not connecting to wifi

Before you call on DIRECTV’s technical team, try out these troubleshooting steps first:

Step 1: Power Up the Receiver

Ensure that the TV and the receiver are turned on and activated. Make sure that it’s plugged into a source that’s not interrupted.

Step 2: Connect Ethernet Cable

Next, take the Ethernet cable from the back of the DIRECTV CINEMA Connection Kit and connect it to the back of the receiver.

NOTE: If your receiver has more than one (1) port, use the top one or the one that’s labeled as Ethernet 1.

Step 3: Wait for the Lights to Stop Blinking

After you connect it, the lights on the DIRECTV CINEMA Connection Kit will blink, wait for them to stop and reconnect.

If it still doesn’t work, then that’s the time to contact DIRECTV’s technical support team.

Tell them that you carefully followed the guide but there are problems in terms of setting them up.

Do You Need to be an Expert?

But hey, that’s the best and the easiest ways on how to connect DIRECTV to WiFi.

As you see, you really don’t necessarily have to be an expert; you can do it even if it’s your first time troubleshooting your DIRECTV receivers!

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