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How to Cancel Now TV Broadband Easily

How to cancel NOW TV broadband is trending these days and some are finding it difficult to execute? Well, if you are facing this problem, believe me you are not the one who is facing this issue alone.

Getting a new connection or broadband service is quite easy. All the provider will run after you to show their best offers. Even your email will be flooded with various broadband deals to buy.

But when it comes to cancellation, hardly any provider gives due importance to the user’s need. Their ultimate goal is not to lose customers. So, when you request for cancellation, expect some slow-paced response from them.

This trends are nothing new and will continue in future too. But as an alert user, you can make the cancellation at ease without burning your pocket much or running after the provider to cancel the service.

Cancel NOW TV Broadband

To Cancel Now TV Broadband you need to follow the steps one by one as mentioned below:

  1. Know the Type of Cancellation first.
  2. Contact Support Staff.
  3. Ask to Cancel the Subscription.
  4. Note down the reference number
  5. Pay any Early Termination Fee, if applicable.
  6. Return Equipment
  7. Reconfirm

Let us learn all the steps in details in this easy guide to cancel NOW TV broadband.

So, let us get started!

Reasons for NOW TV Cancellation

why to cancel

NOW TV promises good Internet Speed with unlimited downloads limits. Its plans are also reasonable. However, for some reason, you may need to terminate the connection.

The reasons for cancelling NOW TV broadband varies from user to user. Some of the major reasons that users point out while doing the cancellation are:

Increase in Plan Price

When you buy the broadband connection, the Company will provide you with the best possible rates. But it may happen that after a few days, your plan price may increase heavily. This has one of the major reasons for people leaving Now Broadband service.

Moving Home

Moving a broadband connection to a new home is not easy. It may happen that your new home or society may not have Now Broadband or very bad speed. In that case, it is better to terminate the service and take a new one at your new home.

Bad Service

The Company promise high speed with most of its broadband plans. But it may happen that the service may not be good in your home or area.

Found Better Deals

In this world of deals and promotions, it is possible to get a better deal from other broadband providers. You may find the deal and its performance better than NOW TV and hence ask for cancellation.

Cancellation Types

types of cancellation

When you made up your mind for cancellation, the Company will try to lure you with offers and discounts. So, make your decision perfect and ignore them.

Let us now learn the various types of cancellation that are related to NOW TV Broadband and how to cancel them.

1. Taking New Broadband Provider

When you decide to take any Broadband and call provider other than Virgin, you need not to inform the Company. Just cancel the existing connection and take the new one.

But in case, you have shifted your connection to Virgin Media it is required to inform the company in advance. This also applies to any connections terminated under “No Contract Plan” free cancellation. In both cases, approach the company using the call or chat service and let them know the details.

2. Only Cancelling without Changing Provider.

Sometimes you may want to cancel the Broadband and call service only without going for other providers. This happens if you intend to go on a long vacation or have multiple connections at home.

In that case, call the support staff and explain your decision. You can also mail them to get an instant response. The company will, however, verify the data before cancelling the connection.

3. Cancellation Broadband Before Activation

Changed your mind when you applied for NOW TV Broadband? You can also cancel the Broadband connection before it goes live. Just ask the Company to terminate the connection immediately without any delay.

How to Cancel NOW TV Broadband Connection

how to cancel now tv broadband

The cancellation process can be often time taking and can also lead to frustration. For quick cancellation do the following:

Step 1. Know the Type of Cancellation

As mentioned above, first determine the type of cancellation request that you need to take up with the company.

Step 2. Contact Customer Support

Now, its time for you to contact the Company by any means either through call, chat or email.

We recommend you to contact through call or chat and at the same time send a cancellation request at the same time. Make sure you use the registered email ID for raising request.

You can contact customer care at:

NOW TV Customer Service : 0330 332 3050

E -Mail:

Chat Feature:

Step 3. Confirmation Number

Just make sure you note down the cancellation confirmation request number from NOW TV support staff. 

This will help you to deal with any further complications if any arises.

Step 4. Pay Any Early Termination Fees

According to terms of contact, it may require that you may need to pay some early termination fees. Settle them at once to avoid delay.

Step 5. Return Broadband Hub

Now when support staff confirm your cancellation request, return the Broadband Hub to Company using the methods provided by the company. You will have to bear the return cost.

Remember, if you fail to return the kit you may have to pay some additional charge to the company.

Step 6. Reconfirm

After you send the hub back, it is a good idea to keep track of it until the company receives it. Next check your mail for any confirmation from the company regarding cancellation approval.

If not, call again and ask for the latest status. Do not leave it to Company to complete it.

NOW TV Cancellation Fees

fee required

The cancellation fees depend on the type of plan you have chosen. If you cancel the connection before the contract terms you may need to pay a little fee.

Usually, the early termination rate of NOW TV Broadband is as follows:



Super Fibre


Fab Fibre


Brilliant Broadband


The fee is calculated on the number of days left as per contract terms. Just add the fee per month with the number of month/day left and you will get your cancellation fee.

However, if you have entered “No Contract Plan” you can skip these charges and go for termination of the connection. Just make sure you read the terms of the contract.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Change Cancellation Request?

If you feel you raised the cancellation by mistake or need to change your decision you can do it. For this just contact the company and inform the same. You can expect to continue using your service.

What is 30 Days’ Notice Period?

As per rules of the Company, you should raise a cancellation request a minimum of 30 days in advance. So, act early and follow the rules.

How to Cancel Now Broadband & Calls Package?

If you have taken “Now Broadband and Calls” package together and want to cancel only broadband, you should contact the company. Check if this is possible under contract terms of not. If not go for both Broadband and calls termination at once.

What is NOW TV Broadband Cooling off period?

According to Company terms, you can cancel NOWTV Broadband within 14 days. This is also known as Broadband Cooling off period. If you decide to terminate the connection within 14 days you can do so, without giving any reason. It also doesn’t matter if the connection is activated or you have received the broadband hub.

But if you plan to do so, do not wait for the last 14th day. Decide a few days early and raise the cancellation request.


We hope you have got enough information on how to cancel NOW TV broadband. Follow the steps and be assured of worry-free cancellation.

For NOW TV cancel broadband to be a hassle-free, our advice will be to check email for confirmation and track the cancellation till it is completed.

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