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How to Fix Sky on Demand Not Working

Sky on Demand not working can give serious frustrations. Many Sky subscribers complain about the non-working of the video on Demand service.

If this on-demand video (VoD) service is not working smoothly then this article is definitely a must-read for you. With all the tried and tested troubleshooting tips you can get the service back to working condition again.

Using the Steps mentioned below you can bring this sky on-demand video service back to running condition in just 15 minutes!

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To fix Sky on Demand not working, we recommend you follow these steps one by one:


  • First check your Subscription details
  • Restart the Sky Box
  • Make some tweaks in the video settings
  • Next find out if your network connections are correct.
  • Reset and restart your network connection.
  • Reboot your Router

Now, let us learn how you can fix Sky Q on demand not working by proven troubleshooting steps. However, we request you to go step by step rather than skipping one.

Sky on Demand Error Message

Sky on Demand Error Message

This is a heavyweight product from the renowned Sky group. Using this service, users can get the best of on-demand movies and shows and even record them.

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Although it is free for all users, few shows require an extra subscription. This High definition video service is a real competitor to the likes of Amazon Prime, Netflix etc.

However, every technology has some downside also. While most users are satisfied with the service, some complaint about Sky on demand to be not working properly for them.

Also, these days “error messages” popping up on the screen is quite common.

Common Problems with Sky on Demand 

problems with sky on demand

Though the service has gained immense popularity among users, however, users face problems while using it. Some of the major problems and errors that the subscribers of this company face are as follows:

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Sky Q won’t Download on Demand

Some users say that some shows and movies won’t download. This normally happens when you try to see any shows which are not a part of your subscription. Also, a bad Internet connection can also be a reason.

Not Connecting to Broadband

This is generally seen when your Internet connection is not properly setup. This is not a big issue and can be fixed easily. Check out the network troubleshooting below.

Upgrade Subscription Message

This is quite a common error and is shown even if you have a subscription in place. If you are sure that you have the required Sky subscription, try the “restart method” explained below.

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VoD Stuck in Downloading

If you face this problem and your download is stuck in between, try the following steps to pause and resume the service:

  • Locate your recordings by using the remote.
  • Now press “manage” followed by “downloading”
  • Press “queue”.
  • Finally, press “resume” to start it again.

How do I Fix Sky on Demand 

how do i fix sky on demand

However, if you are unsure of the problem, or the error is not among the mentioned above, we recommend you to go for the undermentioned troubleshooting method. Follow the steps one by one and you should fix your Sky on Demand very soon.  

So, let us start.

Fix steps

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1. Check your Subscription


First and foremost, have a look at your Sky Subscription details to find out if you have actually subscribed to “Video on demand” or not. Check out if you have Ultimate on Demand or the BoxSets subscription.

Yes, it may sound normal, but many users overlook this and think they have all the required package. If you are unsure you can check out with the support staff to find out your opted services.

2. Restart your Sky Box

restart box

A simple restart can fix many issues with Skybox and services. However, the restart process is not just switched off and on. The process is as follows:

  • Make sure your Broadband is working.
  • Turn off your Sky box with remote
  • Unplug the skybox from mains
  • If you use Ethernet cable, unplug and plug again on both ends.
  • Wait for 5 minutes and connect the box again to mains.
  • Now your Box lights should flash up.
  • Press Sky and see if you can download now.
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3. Tweak the Video Download Settings

After the restart check, if you can not use the VoD service, we recommend you to tweak the settings of downloading option.

Sometimes changing the HD settings can help you fix the problem of non-downloading. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Press “services” on your Q remote.
  • Find the “Options”, and then “Customise”.
  • Press “CH + / -“ to skip to next page.
  • Highlight the option “On-Demand Download Format” and do change it to “SD ONLY”.
  • Press the “green” button to “save” the setting.
  • Try to use the service again.

4. Check Network Connections


The main culprit for your video demand service non-functioning is your home network. Chances are that your Wi-Fi is not set up properly with the SkyBox. So, follow these steps to find out if your broadband is set up properly or not.

  • Press “Home” using Q remote and scroll to “Settings”.
  • Press “Status” then go to “Network connection” followed by “Network setup”.
  • Check both “Connections to the internet” and “Connection to the broadband router” are ticked.
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5. Reset your Network Connection

If you find that the network connections are not set up properly, you need to fix this issue. For this “reset” the existing network connection and pair again. Follow these steps to reconnect to WiFi.

  • Select “Settings” and locate network
  • Now press the “red button” to reset the network
  • Press “continue”, and your connection should reset
  • Now press “WPS button” to connect your WiFi again

Now, check out if the VoD is functioning properly or not. If you find still the problem exists, you need to “reboot your router”.

6. Reboot Your Router

reboot router

Rebooting your router can fix many errors related to the network. To reboot your router in the proper way, follow the undermentioned steps.

  • Remove the router plug from mains
  • Wait for 2-3 minutes and let the router cool down
  • Now, reconnect the router to mains
  • Wait for the device to fully reboot.
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7. Contact Support Staff

Still, if you cannot fix the video download error, we believe there is some issue with your subscription of Skybox. 

You can contact the support staff to ask for a resolution. Contact them by phone or online chat and explain the problem you are facing.


Sky on Demand not working can be due to many reasons as mentioned above. Follow the steps and we hope you will restore the service and enjoy your much-awaited shows and movies!

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