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5 Easy Ways To Find BT Contract End Date

BT contract end date is a feature most customers forget. Because of this, most of them wonder when their agreed term would terminate.

On the other hand, some subscribers get surprised when they see that their monthly bills are much higher than usual.

However, this issue does not only happen to the said network provider. 

“In Reality, most TV and Telecommunications Companies in the United Kingdom do not explicitly write the end dates of their deals”

They do this to prevent their customers from possibly leaving them once their term finishes. When that happens, significant profits to these companies may be lost.

Fortunately, there are several convenient and quick methods for you to access your term details.

Our team has conducted comprehensive research and compiled all the possible ways to determine when your term will end.

How Long Is My BT Contract?

how long is my bt contract

Every BT Broadband contract end date varies in length. Typically, most of their agreements would last up to 18 months.

However, in some cases, users can also subscribe to their 12-month and 24-month contracts. They also allow their subscribers to upgrade their services at any time within their agreed terms.

Knowing when your broadband subscription will finish is extra beneficial for users who plan on cancelling their subscription

If you cancel before the agreed end date, you will need to pay an early termination fee. When this happens, they will charge you for every month remaining on your contract. The final bill would then amount to quite a hefty sum.

Quick Fact. Like most telecommunications companies, BT imposes a minimum term on most of their products and services.

Cancellation After Termination

Customers must also know that coming out of their broadband contract would end several promotions and discounts associated with their subscription.

If you decide not to cancel your package after your termination date, you might end up paying more than usual.

For instance, BT Broadband customers who currently have BT Sport may need to pay an additional fee of £6 or £6.75 a month when they fail to recontract before their term expires.

How Do I Find BT Contract End Date?

how do i find bt contract end date

The Office of Communications (Ofcom) requires all TeleVision and telecommunications companies to give essential information to their customers before they sign into an agreement with them.

For instance, BT informs its customers about the features and the prices of their deals.

They also remind them about their right to cancel any of their subscriptions and the minimum term associated with it.

However, most customers often forget their contract’s end date. Because of this, they might be unknowingly paying considerable amounts every month.

To prevent this problem, you can ask BT when does my contract end in several ways.

Below are guided ways on how you can look for your subscription’s end date:

Top Ways to Find BT Contract End Date

1. Using MyBT Account Portal

my bt account portal

Using your MyBT account is the most convenient and hassle-free way to determine your subscription’s end date. 

Since this method only allows you to log in to your profile, you would not need to undergo other verification steps to confirm your identity.

Follow the steps below to access your term details using your account:

BT Broadband Customers

  • Visit the MyBT Account Portal and sign in to your account.
  • Hover over the Support menu and select the “My Orders” option.
  • Choose your current broadband subscription and click the “Show Contract Terms” option.
  • Once selected, you may now access your contract details.

If you think that your subscription is ending soon, you may choose the “Your Bills and Usage” option instead of logging into your account. If your term has ended or is about to end, then the page would inform you.

# BT Business Broadband Customers

  • Visit the BT Business Account Portal and sign in to your account.
  • Scroll down the webpage and select the “Accounts” menu.
  • Click the “Products” option and select your subscription you would want to check out.
  • If you have various accounts, you can view all your products next to each other.
  • Once selected, you may now access your contract details.

2. Through The BT Live Chat

bt live chat

Another way to access your contract end date online is by using the BT live chat. This method, however, would require extra verification steps to confirm your identity.

Follow the steps below to access your contract details online:

  • Go to their website’s Help page.
  • Click on the “Chat Now” option.
  • If you cannot see it on your screen, you may need to disable some browser extensions.
  • Inform the staff about your concern.

Users who choose this method may reach their customer service team between 7:00 AM and 10:45 PM from Mondays to Sundays.

3. Through The BT Customer Service Hotline

bt hotline

Accessing your contract details through their customer service would also require extra verification steps.

Follow these guided steps if you choose to call the BT customer service hotline instead:

  • Call them on 0800 800 150. Their available hours include:
  • Mondays to Fridays: 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Saturdays: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Sundays: 9:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Inform the staff about your concern.

By Counting Manually

You may also manually determine your end date by counting the days left on your term. Follow these guided steps if you choose to do this method

  • Open the welcome email they sent you and check your contract’s start date.
  • Add up your agreed term length to your start date.

Ofcom’s End-Of-Contract Notification System

ofcom's notification

Ofcom now requires companies to inform their customers about their term’s end date within 10 to 40 days before its expiry.

With this system, customers need not worry about paying increased fees for their subscription. Companies will notify you through text, email, or letter.

Knowing Your Contract’s Termination Date

Although most companies leave out some essential information on your agreement, you can still stay informed and knowledgeable.

You can follow any of the stress-free ways we discussed above to determine how much time you have left with your network provider.

For instance, knowing your BT contract end date can prevent you from paying early termination charges if you wish to cancel your subscription.

You can also prevent other massive TV and telecommunications companies from imposing additional or increased fees on your monthly bill.

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