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EE Change Address : Ways to Change Address

EE Change address is often frustrating for many customers. Many find it difficult how to do it. If you are facing this issue and want to make immediate amendment or update your residential address on Company’s database, this guide is for you.

EE change address is compulsory when you move home or for any other reasons. The best available methods to make this amendment are as follows:

  • By Company website
  • Customer Support
  • Via EE app

Needless to say, it can also be used for mailing purposes. Even when you switch to digital platforms to manage your billings, some relevant documents are still needed to be sent physically.

Let us learn how we can do make the amendment of our residence details using these above methods.


EE is considered the UK’s largest and most advanced digital communications company since it accommodates about 99% of the population.

With a large user base, it’s only logical to prioritize user identity verification. The Company will require your residence address when you avail of their products or services to enable identity confirmation.

It is quite essential to initiate EE change address, especially when you plan to relocate to ensure you don’t miss anything out.

Reasons for EE Address Change

reasons for change

The change of address is quite essential to avoid any confusion both on your side and the EE company. It is specifically crucial once you move or relocate. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • You wouldn’t like it when your mail gets delivered to your old home or another residence.
  • How can you pay your bills if it does not appear in your doorstep or even notify you?
  • Banks need to verify your identity using your residence before you can do transactions.
  • Payments for EE services will not follow through if you use the wrong residence details.

Type of Change

Before anything else, you have to decide what kind of address modification you wish to do. It can either be your billing or move.

Billing Address

Billing address change is where you amend the house details connected to your chosen payment gateway. It is usually inputted in a debit or credit card. Once you use another residence, that is where you will receive your bank statements.

Move Address

On the other hand, move residence details change is when you relocate to another place. You will have to revise the residence where you receive relevant documents with the address you are currently using.

Step by Step Guide on EE Change Address

how to change

If you’re off-track on how to change your EE address and you don’t know what to do next, worry no more. We carefully outlined the simple and easy steps you need to accomplish to make the modification successful.

You just need to invest a few minutes, and then you’re good to go. Here’s how.

1.Log in to My EE

If you already have an existing EE account, just log in. Otherwise, register by providing all the necessary details required.

When you log in, make sure to remember both your email and case sensitive password. In case you forget either one, don’t fret because alternative options like password resets are made available for your convenience.

2.Select Account Settings

Your EE change of residence location is part of updating your personal details. Click the account settings once you have successfully logged in.

3. Select Your Address

Look for your address tab under the account settings. It will allow you to see information about your current billing and postal residence.

4.Change the Details

For the final step, all you need to do is select the change button right next to your current billing or postal residence. After you input and save your new place of residence, that’s it. As simple as that. You’re done in no time.

You can either log-out after or browse the site to keep you updated on your data usage and billing information.

Change Address EE via Phone

change address ee by phone

Indeed, the steps mentioned above are simple to follow. But what if you just don’t have a knack of using a website?

If you are among those people who might feel uncomfortable or intimidated by the use of websites or applications, you may choose to use the alternatives.

Contact Support Staff

Get in touch with EE customer service anytime within 8 am-9 pm on weekdays and 8 am-8 pm on weekends. You may opt to ask them for help with your EE modification.

Ask for Assistance

Dial 150 using your EE phone to reach out to the Customer Service Advisor, whose responsibility is to assist you with your needs.

Send Text Message

You may also choose to send a text message to the same number with the code HELP for a list of EE services. In cases where you want to use other phones or landlines, contact 0800 956 6000.

EE Change of Address on App 

ee app

Aside from the two methods mentioned, it is also possible to modify your address using the EE app. You just need to follow these series of steps for making this happen:

  • Open the EE app and click the My Address tab.
  • Change either your email or postal details. You may choose to input up to three email addresses. All can be revised when you click the edit button next to your preferred email.
  • Check the box labelled with I’m happy for My EE to contact me using this email to save the changes.

EE Change Address Broadband

If you also need to change broadband details, here’s how:

  • Log in to your My EE.
  • Find account settings in the menu and select the details you want to modify.
  • Call support staff if it does not work. Call 150 from an EE phone; otherwise, contact 0800 956 6000.


If you are struggling with the change, don’t hesitate to ask for help. There are many platforms where you can ask for assistance.

Participate in the EE community. Most often, problems are resolved on the site. You can also send a letter to raise your queries. Make sure to include all your necessary details so they can quickly sort the problem.

If all else fails, you can always try to visit their physical store. EE takes pride in its 550 stores in different locations with designated experts to help you resolve your problems.


To change address on EE is not so hard if you know the exact steps. Just follow any of the above mentioned steps.

 At this point, you might be asking, “among the various options provided, which is the best one to use?”

The answer depends on which method you are most comfortable with.

Choosing the right process can significantly affect your user experience. Besides, whatever your choice is, EE vows to provide a reliable customer service advisor. So, explore the different options listed above and see what fits you best.

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