can i transfer my mobile number to same network

Can I Transfer My Mobile Number to The Same Network?

“Can I transfer my mobile number to same network?” If you are search of reply for this question, this article is must read for you!

Network providers update their deal offerings all the time. As mobile network users, we constantly keep an eye on these new deals.

However, these offers are mostly reserved for new customers or those currently not tied to a plan contract.

If you need to switch to a new plan within the same network, you’re back to the first question, “Can I transfer my mobile number to the same network?”

Losing your mobile number can be a massive inconvenience with all your accounts linked to it and the networks of people who have it to contact you.

How to Transfer Mobile Number Within the Same Network

The process of transferring your mobile number may vary depending on the terms of your operator.

Most of the time, you can request it by directly calling the customer service of your current network.

To further answer your query, here is a detailed guide on how you can keep your mobile number while transferring to a new plan within the same network (EE, O2, Vodafone, Three, Tesco).

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1. EE ( Transfer within Same Network)

You won’t lose your credit if you switch your plan to Pay Monthly from Pay As You Go.

To transfer to EE Pay Monthly plan:

  • On the Checkout page, enter the existing EE or T-Mobile Pay as you GO number into the contact details field
  • Then, EE will transfer up to £100 of remaining credit to your new Pay Monthly account (in bill credit form).

To transfer to EE Pay As You Go plan:

For this you need to visit your nearest EE local store. Or, request a migration to PAYG through customer support to process your move.

You can keep your existing mobile number, phone, and up to £100 of the remaining credit.

You can change your PAYG pack when you:

  • Log in to My EE
  • Text ALL PACKS  to 150


You can only change your plan or pack once every 30 days, and it must be within EE’s current plan range.

The data allowance of the plan you’re transferring to must be the same or higher than your current plan


2. O2 (Transfer Within Same Network)

To transfer any number within different O2 network deals and offers, just fill out the website’s form for keep my number. Follow the step-by-step instructions below on how you can move your mobile number from Pay As You Go to any Pay Monthly plan or reverse.

To transfer to O2 Pay Monthly plan:

  • First complete the “keep my number” form. Wait at least one day for the process to complete.
  • Keep the Pay monthly number near you. You can get this number on the Company email or on the sim pack.
  • The day when you switch, your SIM will loose signal. Then insert your new received SIM in your device.
  • If your phone is unable to get signal, switch off and on your device. You should get signal after sometime.

To transfer to O2 Pay As You Go plan:

Get in touch by calling 202 (free from your O2 phone), or 0344 809 0202 if you’re calling from any other phone.

O2 will soon start the transfer process of your number. They will also arrange your new Pay As You Go sim.

Quick Fact

O2 Refresh

You can only move to PAYG once your Device Plan payment is settled.

Not on O2 Refresh

If you’re in a minimum contract term, you might need to pay a termination charge. Get in touch with O2’s Customer Services.

O2 SIM Swap

Before the SIM swap first do not take out your old SIM. As O2 may issue security code in the old number.Take note of the 13-digit SSN or Sim Serial Number that starts at 00. You can easily find it on the back of your sim card.

To be able to transfer your cell phone number to your new SIM:

  • From your O2 device, text SWAP and send the message to 20220.
  • Wait for the reply and then follow the instructions that they will send to your number. Remember, the process may take at least 24 hours to complete.
  • Turn off your phone instantly once your current sim loses the signal.
  • Switch it back on, or re-insert your plastic sim (if you’re not using an eSIM).
  • The network now should appear on your device.

3. Vodafone ( Transfer within Same Network)

To transfer to Vodafone Pay Monthly plan:

  • Just fill up the Vodafone Vodafone Pay As You Go form.
  • For new users, you need to leave your number on Pay As You Go for 30 days before moving to a Pay Monthly contract.

Before filling up, take note of your:

  • The long number on the back of your existing Pay As You Go SIM.
  • Pay Monthly plan account number and details.
  • Your temporary Vodafone mobile number (included when you in your Pay Monthly plan)

To transfer to Vodafone Pay As You Go, or to change the ownership of your contract to someone else get in touch with Vodafone’s Customer Service.


4. Three ( Transfer within Same Network)

You can transfer your number on your own online when you move to a new contract.

  • First, choose a new plan from Three’s deal offerings.
  • They will deliver your new SIM shortly.
  • Once you receive your new SIM, you can activate it by simply inserting it in your phone.
  • When you’re ready, complete the transfer number form and they will transfer your number and credit to your new SIM within 24 hours.

5. Tesco ( Transfer within Same Network)

You can complete handset and SIM upgrades on Tesco online. Simply log in using your My Account username and password.

Visit Tesco’s upgrade shop or contact them to find out if you’re eligible to upgrade with no extra cost or how much you need to pay for an early upgrade fee.

Tesco SIM Swap

Once you’ve receive the new phone or SIM, follow the undermentioned instructions to do a SIM swap.

  • Back up all important data (contacts, photos, videos, etc.) from your phone.
  • Using your original SIM, text SWAP to 23424. Tesco will send you back an instruction.
  • As your SIM activates, you will have a temporary loss of signal in the next few hours.
  • Your number must be on your new SIM within 24 hours


For lost or damaged SIM replacement

Tesco will text you on how to transfer your number to your new SIM. Reply with the 13 or 19 digits serial number on the back of your new SIM.

For Pay As You Go users

Tesco will transfer any remaining credit or bundles onto your new SIM.

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