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How Do I Call EE From Abroad [Must Know Facts]

Call EE from abroad and get all your cellular worries away have never been this easy before.

Traveling abroad is probably among the most exciting activities you can ever experience.

However, you may encounter issues with your data and mobile plan during your trip. 

When this occurs, the best thing you can do is contact EE’s customer service.

But what should we do and prepare to make the most out of our trip?

Luckily, we have prepared these must-know facts about when reaching out to EE’s customer service abroad.

Must Do’s to Call EE From Abroad

 call ee from abroad

Traveling to destinations outside the UK, whether it be for work or catching up with your friends and family, is an exciting feat for anyone.

However, you must take some essential steps to make the most out of your business trip or vacation.

One of which is setting up roaming for your mobile phone.

Activate EE Roaming

activate ee abroad roaming

Choosing EE’s roaming feature is probably one of the best decisions you would ever make.

If you have encountered smooth and efficient services here in the UK, you will be up for a treat because you can get the same experience even outside the country.

You can make use of its excellent 4G coverage in over 70 countries worldwide.

You also get notifications regarding your call plan, all thanks to their data cap feature.

Fortunately, EE has made it easy for us to make and receive calls and messages outside the UK.


All you need is to send ROAMING to 150 before traveling, and you will be good to go.

But if you have already landed at your destination, you can still activate roaming for your mobile phone using your MyEE online account under the Manage Devices option.

Check Roaming Costs

call ee from abroad cost

Aside from ensuring that roaming is set up on your smartphone, the next thing you should consider is EE’s roaming costs.

Don’t fret because their prices are affordable and transparent.

You can estimate your cellular bill by visiting their roaming costs calculator online.

Once you are on this page, you can see how much your phone calls and messages will cost abroad by typing in the country you plan on visiting.

But one lifehack you must remember is that you can use your cellular plan’s allowances without any additional cost if you are traveling to European member countries, such as Belgium, France, and Sweden, to name a few.

However, if you visit a country outside EE’s European zone, you would need to pay the standard roaming charges, depending on your mobile plan.

How Do I Call EE From Abroad?

how do i call ee from abroad

Besides EE’s excellent mobile plans and roaming services, contacting their customer service hotline is as easy as reaching out to them here in the UK.

You can follow the steps listed below, depending on the country you are visiting:

Within the European Zone

call ee from abroad europe

There are over 40 countries covered by EE’s so-called European zone.

If you travel to one of the destinations listed in this specific category, you will be eligible to use your mobile plan’s data allowances, texts, and minutes for free.

Thus, you would be able to make calls to EE’s customer service hotline at +44 7953 966 250 without any added charges.

You can check out this link for the full list of these countries.

Since you are essentially taking up your EE mobile plan’s minutes, texts, and data on your trips, it is possible to use up these pack allowances while in another country.

So, to continue making the most out of your business trip or vacation abroad, you can purchase another cellular pack or add-on similar to how you would in the UK.

You also do not need to think about these additional allowances’ prices because they cost the same across the UK and these European zone countries.

Greece And Cyprus

However, if you visit Greece or Cyprus, you may need to take some added precautionary measures to prevent incurring roaming charges throughout your stay.

Although these two countries are part of EE’s European zones, your phone may automatically connect to a Turkish network.

This issue happens when you get too close to another country’s border.

When this happens, you would need to pay for every call and text your make or receive.

Luckily, you can stop this from occurring by activating EE’s excellent European roaming services.


Just send EUROAM to 150, and your phone will be good to go.

Outside the European Zone

call ee from abroad outside europe

Otherwise, you would have to pay your cellular plan’s standard roaming rate for your calls if you plan on traveling to a country outside this European zone.

Again, we recommend using EE’s roaming costs calculator website to ensure that your incurred charges are right.

If not, you can always send out a complaint to EE’s customer service even if you are outside the UK through the following methods:

Method 1 – Use Live Chat

One of the most convenient steps to reach out to their customer service is using their live chat feature online.

You can chat with real-life experts from Mondays to Fridays, 8 AM to 8 PM, Saturdays from 10 AM to 6 PM, and Sundays from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Method 2 – Through Email

An alternative to using the live chat feature is by sending out an email to their team.

You can do this method by filling up this complaint form online.

Reach Out to EE While Roaming Abroad

EE offers us excellent mobile plan deals. But what makes them stand out from other telecommunications companies here in the UK is their unique roaming services.

As a matter of fact, you can call EE abroad without additional charges as long as you are in EE’s European zones.

Hopefully, these must-know facts about their services guide you as you plan your next business trip or vacation.

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