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BT Wifi Disc Setup : Step by Step Guide

Looking for BT WiFi disc setup? Got a disc but unable to set it up? Well, you have landed at the right place!

A desire for faster ways of living demands for a reliable internet connection. This is what a subscriber expects from the Internet provider.

However, many of us struggle to get the perfect speed at all rooms despite the connection being perfect.

To solve this issue, BT has come up with a unique Disc to solve all the Wifi woes that users face.

After setting it up, you can expect better connectivity all your corners of your house and that too at a constant speed.

In this step by step guide, you will learn how to setup BT Wifi Disc at your home and enjoy seamless internet.

So, without any delay, let us get started!

What is BT Wifi Disc?

what is a bt wifi disc

It is a smart disc that helps to boost your Internet connection. If you are a customer of this UK company and getting speed issues at any corners of your home, then this booster is a must-have for you.

When properly setup, you can expect better connectivity of your wireless internet.

This disc acts as an extender and extenders the reach of your wifi signal. Hence you can expect to solve the BT problems.

Steps to Complete BT Wifi Disc Setup

bt wifi disc setup steps

Let us learn how you can set up the extender in easy steps. Follow these steps and you can complete the setup without any issues.

Step 1. Apply for a BT ID

To get started on your bt complete wifi disc setup, you have to get a BT ID first. It will serve as your access to manage your online services of the company.

Here, you can check your products, bill and internet usage, and extras of the UK company.

Existing customers already have this access. But if you are a new user, the Company will create your BT ID. An email will be sent, and it is ready for activation.

Step 2. Download My BT Application

The disc setup without the app can never get you to enjoy the most reliable signal you can get.

step 2


With its MY BT application, you can easily manage your BT account anytime.

You can get it by:

  • Downloading it to the App Store (for iPhone users) or Google Play Store (for Android users).
  • Texting MyBT to 81192 and get a link.

Get more about this by clicking your home screen or check Your wifi Network in the More option.

Step 3. Set up the Smart Hub 2

Smart Hub 2 is BT’s most advanced router, which contains unique features that deliver faster speed. It comes with 2 DECT antennas and assimilated support suitable for Ultrafast broadband.

step 3 bt setup


To setup the Smart Hub 2, do the following:

  • Before the activation, make sure the Openreach modem is linked to the main, and the lights are all on.
  • If you are a Full Fibre customer but do not have an Openreach modem, you have to book an engineer to install it using My BT app.
  • Plug the Ethernet cable into the LAN1 socket of the modem. Connect it to the WAN port located on the back of the BT Hub.
  • Once the Full Fibre is switched on, wait for the email or text for confirmation.
  • Once activated, remember to always switch on the modem to avoid interruption in doing or receiving calls and messages.

Step 4. Connect the Smart Hub 2 and Disc

The next step in the disc setup is connecting your Hub and wifi. The best way to do it is to check the instructions on your My BT app.

Click More, your wifi Network, then Set Up New Disc. It will assist you in the proper setup and finding the best location for the disc.

step 4 bt setup

If you will connect using the Ethernet cable found in your Hub box, follow these steps:

  • Plug one edge of the Ethernet cable to the yellow port found on the back of the Hub, and the other one to the disc’s yellow dock.
  • The wifi disc will start blinking blue until it turns solid blue after some time.
  • Unplug the cable. At first, it will blink red. Then it will go back to the blue color after a few seconds.

 Disconnect the disc from the mains and plug it on your chosen location.

Step 5. Finding the Perfect Location 

As mentioned, My BT app has a disc location that can help you the best place for the wifi disc.

bt setup step 5


If you don’t have access, place the disc between the Hub and an area in your home with poor wifi connection. When the connection speed is low, adjust it after the setup.

The range of the disc depends on the location and its operating surroundings.

Some of the possible hindrances in the connection can be walls, trees and other interferences from the device.

Other Important Facts

important facts bt setup

1. Number of Discs 

If you are using Whole Home Wifi or Mini Whole Home Wifi, you can connect more than one disc to the router with Ethernet cables.

You can even place the disc farther from the hub while maintaining the Ethernet connection back to the router. To do this, plug up the cable in the disc’s RJ45 socket.

However, if you are using Premium Home Wifi, it is not possible. You have to connect them to the Ethernet cable port using another disc.

It is because the first disc can only be connected to the router using that cable.

2. Care and Safety

In doing the BT wifi setup, remember to do the following:

  1. Wifi discs are intended for indoor use only.
  2. Place all the parts away from exposure to heat and sun.
  3. Keep the area ventilated. Avoid hindering it with blocks and carpets.
  4. Make sure to keep the cables out of children’s reach.
  5. Never use other power adapters. If you need replacement, contact the helpdesk.
  6. Do not place the discs and other equipment near water sources.
  7. Do not place the equipment on fragile surfaces. These may cause scratches or markings.
  8. Make sure to maintain the room temperature between 0and 40°C.


Now that you completed the BT Wifi Disc setup, you can now experience the guaranteed wifi connection with internet speed up to 10Mbps in every corner of your home.

You will love a hassle-free, single, and seamless network that reaches from your basement to the attic.

If you are struggling to have internet access in a particular area of your home, switch on to the BT wifi.

With its powered Smart Hub and disc, you can surely get the strongest connections anytime, anywhere!

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