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BT Moving Home : The Ultimate Guide to Move Home with BT

BT moving home services allow you to create your new dream house without any hassle. Packing up your things and ensuring that your phone line and broadband services are up and running can be quite tedious and stressful.

Fortunately, BT provides you with their one-of-a-kind service to assist you during your moving day.

“You just need to follow the rules and guidelines while doing the move request”.

If you need to move your BT to your new address, you can refer to this guide. Here, we will look in detail at the pre-set guidelines and the things you should consider when moving home with BT.

Experience the Ease Of BT Moving House Service!

What is BT Move House Service?

what is bt move house service

Most telecommunications companies offer a home move service if you are planning on moving to a new house.

With the likes of Virgin Media and Sky, the BT Move Home deal allows you to move into your new place without any hassle.

Their home move team will minimize your stress by assisting you with your things during your moving day.

They will also ensure that your BT services are up and running. With their help, you can request a BT TV and BT Broadband moving home assistance to create your dream house.

Should You Request For A BT Move Home Service?

should you request for move request

One of the best advantages for a BT moving home for existing user is that you can enjoy their services without having to end your previous contract with them.

Thus, you get to keep all your previous plans and products at your new place.

Quick Fact

However, if you are in your last three months with them, you would need to renew it.

You also would not need to pay additional fees for your line transfer and reconnection as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • New home has a telephone service with BT
  • Undamaged wiring and socket
  • Dial tone is present

Because of this, you get to keep your previous phone line number at your new house.

However, if you do not meet these requirements, you would need to pay their standard connection fee of £140.

The Ultimate BT Moving Home Checklist

bt move home checklist

Below are a few essential things you should consider if you are thinking of moving into a new place.

Following these tips will minimize the stress and possible delays you might experience during the big day.

The things to keep in mind are:

  • Things to Do Before BT Moving House
  • What to do During move
  • After Move Formalities

Before BT Moving House

bt before move home

Moving into a new house means that you have to prioritize your phone line and internet connection along with your other essential household utilities.

Below are the steps to guide you before your moving date.

1. Check for Broadband Coverage

Broadband coverage vary depending on where you live. So, we recommend you check the available deals in your new address before contacting BT.

You might see faster and more affordable network options, or perhaps your current broadband plan is not available in your new place. 

Fortunately, most of BT’s broadband packages are widely available. For instance, you can get their Superfast Fibre installed in your new place.

You can use their broadband checker to determine the best deals and possible internet speed in your area.

2. Choose a Home Move Service

For a smooth moving day, you would need to choose a well-respected removal company. You can speak to your current network provider to check whether they offer a home move service.

If they do, make sure to inform them about your moving date to prevent any delays on the actual day.

3. Ready your Things

When packing your things, you might notice several items that you would no longer need. If so, we recommend you sell them on eBay or donate them to a charity shop.

But if you are unsure about some of your items, you can also book temporary storage for them.

For the things that you would be bringing to your new home, make sure to get insurance for them, especially during transit.

You can place your non-essentials in cardboard boxes for a more comfortable pick up during your moving day.

4. Inform your Friends

Moving to a new place would mean leaving behind familiar faces. Make sure to inform your dentist, doctor, and household suppliers that you are leaving your area.

Try to contact your bank, employers, school, as well. Doing so would prevent miscommunication regarding your orders and appointments.

Am I ready For The Move Home BT Service?

If you are ready to move your things to your new place, call BT’s home move team hotline at 0800 783 0235. 

They are available to help you seven days a week. But make sure to give them at least two to six weeks’ notice to make things more efficient during your moving day.

You can also request for a home move on their website using the following details:

  • Account number
  • Current phone number
  • New address
  • Moving date

Once they process your request, their support staff will send you a confirmation email or letter containing all the necessary details about your moving day.

During BT Moving Home

bt during move

It’s advisable for you to be present with our home move team to ensure everything is packed on your moving day.

Make sure that you are there as well on the time that our technical engineer reconnects both your broadband and phone line to your new address.

Don’t be too stressed with the idea of missing your appointments. You can choose between the morning and afternoon slots to do the installation.

 Also, when doing the shifting, do not forget to carry the BT Hub with you. However, if you are using the Openreach modem, you can drop that at your old home

After BT Moving House

bt after move home

After moving into your new home, you might notice some changes in your newly connected BT broadband service.

Below are some tips to help you make the most out of your broadband connection.

1. Check BT Socket

Check whether you have the main BT socket installed at your new home. Telecommunications companies would usually have socket boxes with their sticker logo attached to it.

To get the best out of your connection, make sure to plug your router to the main BT socket.

2. Avoid thick walls in your new house

Sometimes, thick walls or particular construction materials may interfere with your broadband connection.

If you are experiencing signal issues, getting wireless boosters can extend your signal range. You can also purchase a power line network adapter to have faster network access.

3. Update your Address

After the moving process is complete it is recommended to update your new address online in your BT account.

This will ensure correct delivery of correspondences from the Company to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked question

1. Where is the Coverage of Move Home?

As per the Company’s terms and conditions, in order to do a move to a new house request, you should fulfil the following:

  • The house should be located inside the UK and North Ireland.
  • Must be the owner of the house or have taken prior permission from the landlord for doing the re-connection.
  • Any of your family members must be present in your house on the day of the move. You can also authorize anyone except your family members also.

2. Can I Keep My Existing Number?

If you are moving out to any area within the same exchange, you can keep your existing number. This will be completely free of charge.

However, beyond that, you must confirm from the support staff if they can help you to keep your existing number.

So, if you plan to shift your house but want to keep the number, you must contact support staff and confirm the same before initiating the move request.

3. Can I continue my existing Broadband Plans?

It depends on the place that you are shifting. If the new place has Fibre Internet, you will get BT Infinity.

You can use the BT availability checker to find the availability and speed in your new place of move. It will also tell you the available products at your new place.


Moving to a new place may be a struggle for some people. Also, the shifting process is what everyone wants to avoid. The same applies to your Internet connection also.

If you have a BT connection, we believe, you can now initiate and complete a BT moving home request.

But by following the tips we mentioned, we assure you that moving home with BT will be smooth and efficient.

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