why at&t internet is so slow

Why AT&T Internet is So Slow & How to Make it Fast

Why AT&T internet is so slow and how to make it blazing fast? If you need this answers, read this article to learn why and how you can improve AT&T Internet speed.

AT&T is one of the top global telecom aggregates in the United States with base camp in Dallas, Texas.

It’s one of seven Regional Bell Operating Companies to leave 1983’s American Telephone and Telegraph Company’s separation in the wake of the earlier year’s antitrust claim expedited by the US.

AT&T  gives high speed connectivity access to PCs associated on-premises using Ethernet cabling or  Wi-Fi from the included private passage or DSL modem.

Let us discuss why att internet is so slow and how we can fix it.

Is AT&T Any Good?

Among AT&T’s well-known administrations are its arrangements intended to make it feasible for buyers to pick and “pack” the administrations they need.

  • Flaunting Internet with 99% unwavering quality and DirecTV bundles some is stating make AT&T a good choice.
  • AT&T has a couple of packs worth considering.
  • AT&T flaunts the biggest DSL inclusion region in the U.S., with most elevated numbers in California, Texas, and Illinois.

Regardless of whether you pick AT&T Internet, a DSL association, or AT&T Fiber, you can peruse, stream and game with certainty on AT&T’s 99% dependable system.

AT&T web plans offer paces from 5 to 1,000 Mbps where accessible.

What Should My AT&T Connection Speed Be?

AT&T offers plans with  from 5 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. However, AT&T speed changes dependent on neighborhood and with area.

As of December Jul 2020, AT&T’s normal download rate is 64.05 Mbps.

This result is based on Independent test done. However, you may get speed above this limit or below this limit. Also you may get a very low speed.

Reasons Why AT&T Internet is So Slow

Being the trendsetter, AT&T provides the best in class Internet and wireless service in the United States.

However, many users complain about their service and enquire why att internet is so slow and may plan to cancel the service.

  • Many say they are experiencing slowness while accessing the service.
  • Users complain about getting too low download and upload rate as compared to their promised speed.
  • Many customers have been facing connectivity issues with AT&T as certain activities might have been affecting their connectivity that they are not quite aware of.
reasons for at&t slow internet

If this happens, your work or entertainment schedule will be totally hampered. You may lose your valuable time and money.

There can be more than one reason why at&t internet is so slow for you.

It is very important to learn the factors that might be affecting your AT&T speed.

The connection, thus needs to be optimized so that the maximum  limit can be retrieved from the AT&T Internet service.

Given below are some of those reasons for AT&T sluggish network that happens sometimes

Top Reasons for AT&T Slow Internet

1. Bandwith Restriction by AT&T

The main reason for your Internet slowness is because Internet Service Providers throttles the bandwidth speed to users and AT&T is no different.

They restrict the full speed, to cater to gamers and streaming services during peak hours.

vpn iphone

2. Too May device Connected

If all your devices at your home are connected to the same WI-Fi device, the connection tends to get slow.

3. Multitasking

Speed might get slow when you do multiple tasks that require heavy data.

Once you start downloading movies, surf multiple pages, video chatting or even playing games, it can lower you network capability.

4. Router Fault

Your router may have some fault. If your Wi-Fi connection is connected to a wire, it will gives faster speed.

5. Surroundings Disturbances 

Other Wi-Fi networks in your surroundings might also be a reason for interference to your home Wi-Fi connection.

6. Internet Outage

 Chances are there may be some sort of outage in your area. This can also lead to sluggish network of AT&T.

How to Accelerate AT&T? 

There are some of the steps that AT&T has taken to ensure a high-speed limit and assure all the customers to provide better connectivity.

You can extract the the best from AT&T,  if they follow all of these steps carefully.

Step 1. First, you need to restart the modem frequently.

Step 2.  Keep away your modem as well as other devices from certain obstructions and also from interference.

Step 3. Your modem should be placed near your Wi-Fi device. You will get very poor connectivity if the gateway is far away.

Step 4. The modem should be placed at the very center of your house or workplace. It shouldn’t be kept right on the floor.

Step 5. Use your Wi-Fi connectivity with the wireless connections of your home. Only that can improve the connectivity of your Wi-Fi.

Step 6. The internet coverage and signal can be better if you add an extender to your Wi-Fi and increase the strength of its signal.

Step 7. Remove any VPN service if you have.

AT&T Internet Outage 

The reasons for AT&T slow connectivity issues are many. But we consider outage or downtime as the main reason. It is the primary reason that accounts for the sluggish network that users sometimes face.

What causes Outage?

Most of the downtime happens suddenly, and no provider has control over it. There is much reason behind downtime.

Some of the primary reason for this is given below:

  • Cyberattacks
  • Breakdown of Communication cable
  • Natural Disasters
  • System Failure
  • Crash of Infrastructure.
at&t internet outage reasons

As you can see, all these reasons are beyond the Company’s control. So, expect them to take a little time to restore their system.

How to Check AT&T Outage

To determine AT&T downtime is not so tough. If you are not sure how to do this, there are a few methods you can try to find if your area is affected by the Outage.

These are as follows:

1. Check with your Neighbour

When you are not sure about the Outage, you can check with your neighbors who are using the same network. Ask them if they are also experiencing difficulty.

2. AT&T Website

Another way to detect downtime in your area is to log into your AT&T account.

There it will automatically detect your location and will inform whether your location falls in the affected area or not.

If affected, you will find the exact details of downtime. To make sure this feature works perfectly, always turn on your location sharing option in your browser.

3. Third-party Website

You can use and check a third-party website to check the downtime in your area. Check a website like downdetector.

And find the exact location of Outage. These websites collect live data from all regions and hence can save your precious time and give you accurate information.

4. Customer Support

If all these methods fail, you can contact customer support to ask if your area is hit by the downtime.

You can also ask them when you can expect them to clear the problem. This way you can be sure when your problem will be fixed.

How to Report AT&T Outage

To report downtime in your area, you can log in to the company’s website and submit a request ticket.

Also, if you cannot do this, you can contact their customer support and report the issue.

You can also ask them when the problem will be rectified at their end.

How to Fix AT&T Slow Internet 

AT&T Slow Internet is not the one you want. At this age of high-end games and devices, we need a better network that can cater to our uploading and downloading needs.

So, let us discuss some steps that you can take to fix your AT&T connection.

Steps to Fix Slow AT&T Internet

1. Restart your Router

This method works for many connectivity errors and works for AT&T slow internet as well.

Just switch off your router for one minute and then restart it again. After that see if your problem is over or not.

2. Disable Other Connected Devices

If you are using the Wi-Fi in many devices in your house, disconnect the other devices. 

Using too many devices on the same network can cause the sluggish nature of your connection.

This is because the bandwidth that the company is providing you will be shared between your all connected devices.

3. Stop Background Data Usage

Check your computer or laptop for any software using data in the background to download or upload.

Chances are that these software or even your OS may be using data in the background.

To find this you can use Widows background tool. And when you found one, disable it at once.

4. Scan your PC for Malware

We recommend scanning your PC for any malware or spyware. These programs are made to use data in the background. Remove them with your antivirus if not format your PC.

5. Change your Router Location

Changing the router location can also improve your speed. Sometimes some elements can cause hindrance to the router, so changing position helps. For example, if there is a thick wall near the router, you may not receive the best speed.

6. Update your System

It is always advisable to update your network drivers and system software. Old drivers tend to perform less.

7. Reset Your Router

If all the above-mentioned steps do not work for you, reset the router. Press the reset button of the AT&T router and reboot your device.

8. Use WiFi Extender

If you are getting low connectivity errors, a Wi-Fi extender can also help you. These Wi-Fi Extenders can help you remove “no internet” zone in your house. Moreover, you can also opt for Wi-Fi Mesh System, if you want a worry free Internet Experience!

9. Contact AT&T

If you have applied all these methods and still you are facing ATT slow internet issues, you can contact AT&T support. 

Tell them your problem and we are sure they will help you out with a solution.

10. Disable any VPN Service

Contrary to popular belief, VPN services  slows down your Internet speed.

Hence, if you have any VPN service installed, it is better to remove it as soon as possible.

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We believe now you have enough knowledge why at&t internet is so slow. Use our tips, you can certainly improve your AT&T slow internet.

In worst case, if you cannot fix AT&T slow internet, we recommend you to contact customer support.

You can reach out customer support at 1-800-288-2020. They will surely help you with at&t slow internet issue.

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