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Virgin Media Refer a Friend : Earn Big by Referring

Virgin Media Refer a friend is a great way to earn some quick cash! If you know some of your friends or family members need a Virgin Connection, you can use this opportunity to make some money.

Earning by referring is a trend these days. And if you do the same you are not doing anything wrong.

Most importantly you are not referring to a bad company or provider. So, make no regret and seize this opportunity to earn your free pocket money and even beyond that!

Both you and your friend will earn the reward, so it is a win-win situation for both!

This guide will definitely make you the master in virgin refer a friend and you start referring within 10 minutes! So, let’s gets started!

How Virgin Media Refer a Friend Works

How Virgin Media Refer a Friend Works?

Virgin Media Refer a friend is referral programme from Virgin to earn commission by referring. All you need is an urge to “earn money”.

Virgin Media Refer a Friend works in three steps. The steps are as follows:

  1. Sign Up with Virgin Media Referral Partner, Aklamio.
  2. Generate your Unique Code
  3. Next referring your Friend or Family Members
  4. Get Rewarded for your work

How much Can you Earn

The good part of this unique referral programme from Virgin is that there is no limit on how many people you can send the code.

Hence, if you have a large number of prospect friends and relatives you can send to multiple people at once.

I have seen many people earning up to £ 300 per month constantly.

For every referral, you can earn up to £ 50 while the person who you are referring will also earn the £ 50. So, there is a great opportunity to be seized in this referral programme.

Referral Plans to Promote

plans to refer

Before referring to any Virgin product or service, you should know if the plans or package comes under referral plans or not.

For your easy reference, we have mentioned the services that you can use for referring and which you can’t use.

  • Superfast Broadband
  • Digital TV
  • Home Phone
  • Sim only Contracts
  • Monthly pay Mobile Phones
  • Pay As You Go mobile
  • My Rates
  • Mates Rates
  • Partner Rates
  • contract less than 12 months


Make sure that the Virgin service is available in the area in which your family member or friend is residing. Otherwise, your referral will go in vain.

Steps to Use Virgin Refer a Friend

virgin refer a friend

The referral process is simple, and you can start referring within 10 minutes! So, without any delay let us learn how to start the referral process.

Sign Up

First, you need to sign up with Virgin refer a friend programme. You can also use the platform without signing up. But we recommend you to sign up since you can track all your referrals under one login.


First, go to this Official Verigin referral partner page Aklamio. Log in with your email or any other methods mentioned.

login to virgin

Copy the referral code

Remember to copy is properly as a little error in code can take away your earnings.

Referring your Friend

After signup, you will be provided with ‘unique referral code’. You need to send this referral code to the friend or family member you want to refer.

Referral Code

Now send the ‘Referral Code’ to all the prospect friend or relative. You can send the code by various means like email, WhatsApp, QR Code, Twitter or a direct link.

ways to share

Follow Up

Sending a referral code does not guarantee any click or sales. So, you need to convince your family member or friend to go with the Virgin Service.

Get Rewarded

When your friend or family member gets any Virgin connection or device you will get the reward.

However, you will have to wait 28 days to get the same. To check the status, go to your referral account dashboard and check the earnings.

refer dashboard

Benefits of Referring 

benefits of Virgin refer a friend

Virgin refer a friend comes with great benefits and rewards that you can expect. The Company wants you to promote their products and service. So, they give some lucrative rewards to attract people to the referral programme.

Moreover, the reward is given both to the person who refers to the programme and also to the new subscriber referred.

Top rewards that you can earn by using the referral programme from Virgin are as follows:



Reward (each)

Broadband, TV, Home Phone

As applicable

£ 50


>£ 499

£ 10


£ 500 – £ 799

£ 15


£ 800 – £ 1199

£ 25


£ 1200 – £ 1499

£ 35


£ 1500

£ 50

SIM Only (monthly)

> £ 10

£ 5

SIM Only (monthly)

£ 11- £ 24

£ 10

SIM Only (monthly)

Above £ 25

£ 15

Referral Special Offers

The company has come up with two special referral plans in which you can earn big and they are as follows:

  • Ultrafast TV, Broadband and Phone – Earn £ 50
  • Limitless Mobile  – Earn £ 50

How to Receive Rewards 

After every successful referral, you will have to wait at least 28 days to get the amount. This is done to cover the cancellation period. If your friend cancels the connection within this time period, you will not get any commission.

After 28 days, the commission that you owe will be credited in Aklamio Account (official referral partner).

Then you can withdraw the amount to your PayPal or bank account. To check the status of your referral commission you can log in to your referral account and track it.

However, if you feel there is any discrepancy or your referral is rejected without any reason, you can contact Aklamio Support staff at 01576-820030 or email at

Important Terms & Conditions

terms and conditions


Sometimes your referral can get rejected. Some of the common reason for rejection is as follows:

  • Cancellation of service within 28 days
  • The service was not purchased with your referral link
  • Your Friend or family member is an existing Virgin Customer

Use the Correct Code

Remember to refer your friend with your code and not using other codes from Stores or other persons. So, first, ask if they have received any code earlier.

New Customer

The person you are referring must be new to Virgin and should be an old customer in the last 6 months.

Queries & Complaints

If there is any query or complaint, you must approach Virgin partner Aklamio. But you should not expect any solution from the support staff of Virgin Media.


Do not expect to get commission by referring a Virgin service to yourself. This is against the terms of Company and your claim will be rejected.

Tips to Earn Big 

This referral programme from Virgin has great potential to help you earn big money. To help you here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Send the referral code at the right time
  • Give positive feedback of Virgin to friends you refer.
  • Let them know that they will also get the bonus
  • Use social media to send your code.
  • Use family or friends WhatsApp group
  • Follow up after referring.
  • Subscribe to Virgin Media newsletter to know the latest offers

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

How many people I can refer to?

In this programme, there is no limit on how many people you can refer to Virgin service and products. Hence you can refer as many as you wish.

How to track the referrals?

To track the referrals, you can go to your Aklamio dashboard and check the status of your referrals and earnings.

Referral credit not received?

Yes, this can happen sometimes. As per company rules you can get the credit after 28 days of taking the service.

So, after this timeline, you can only expect to get the reward credit. If you feel it is taking more time, you can contact Aklamio support staff.


I hope you have gained complete information about Virgin Media refer a friend programme. A little effort can help you reap the benefits of this programme. Use this opportunity and earn some handsome cash.

But make sure to refer only the plans and services that are allowed as per the referral programme. Otherwise, your work will not reap any benefits.

Also, do not forget to check the serviceability of service in the area the person you are referring is residing.

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