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How to Fix TalkTalk No Internet Issue?

TalkTalk no internet issue or can be quite frustrating as we are very much dependent on Internet in this age.

Many people rely on the internet to get their lives going and like with all ISPs.

But your home connection is always susceptible to errors, more often than not, TalkTalk clients are experiencing the TalkTalk no internet connection.

As a paying customer, losing your internet at times are not the most pleasant experiences.

Most of the time, it is up to you to fix it to prevent fees from conducting a visit from your service provider.

Here we will list down the things you can if you encountered a TalkTalk internet not working issue.

TalkTalk Internet Not Working

talktalk internet not working

Sometimes you may get face no connectivity issue with TalkTalk. The reason for this can be many.

Let us discuss how you can fix this connectivity issue with some small fix methods.

To start off fixing your TalkTalk no internet problem, if you don’t know much about troubleshooting your connection, then don’t worry.

For the meantime, we need you to visually check on some things that don’t require a high level of expertise.

Fix TalkTalk No Internet

Let us learn the steps to fix the connectivity issues in easy to follow steps.

Step 1. Confirm the Problem

check the problem

Before doing anything, please confirm first that the problem is not your devices, to do so, follow this simple list for things to do.

Confirm that other devices cannot connect to the internet.

Check if the TalkTalk internet red light is present, having this light can mean that there’s a problem with the system connection you have with TalkTalk.

Try rebooting the router, this may solve the red light and other problems, but if the problem does persist, move on to the next set of steps.

Step 2. Check Your Cables and Routers

check cables

As simple as it may be, some people easily neglect this and haven’t thought about their cables while hoping for the best.

For starters, you can check the cables of the power supply of the router to make sure that there are no damages and splicing, and there’s indeed sufficient power coming in through the router.

Believe me there are some cases where the power indicator on the router is on, but the cables are broken yet, functional enough to bring the power indicator on.

1. Check Ethernet Cables.

You can also check your ethernet cables if there are any damages. 

Pay extra attention to the wall ports on your house, and check them using an RJ45 cable tester to make sure

2. Check Broadband Connection.

Make sure that you check your main broadband line. Check if it is broken or worn out.

3. Check your Cable Splitters.

Next check your cable splitters if you have them since they are a huge risk of causing a slow connection or maybe getting a fluctuating internet speed.

4. Check Surroundings.

If you are connected to your router via Wi-Fi, also check if the router is being covered or surrounded by objects or gadgets.

These can disrupt your Wi-Fi signal, these objects include baby monitors, microwaves, Bluetooth devices, TV, and even large aquariums.

Take action if you found your problem here.

Step 3. Check Router Settings

router setting

Getting a TalkTalk internet red light indicator can mean many things.

If everything is fine with your cables or if fixing your cables didn’t fix the red light or connection. You may want to go and start tweaking with some technical software settings.

Just follow these simple steps, and we are going to assume that you can connect your devices to your router.

Log-in to your Router

  • Connect to the router using Wi-Fi or LAN, make sure that you are getting a signal or any confirmation that you are connected to your router.
  • Open your browser of choice and type in for you to be redirected to your router admin page.
  • Log in with your router username and password, if you haven’t seen this before then you should be able to login with the TalkTalk router default username and password which is both “admin”
  • Once you logged in, you’ll be able to see this screen:
login screen


  • Check the IPv4 status if it is connected
  • if it is disconnected then try to reset your router. If problem persists, try calling TalkTalk at this point
  • If it says it’s Connected, but the TalkTalk internet not working problem persists, proceed to the next set of steps.

Quick Note 

For a detailed guide on the login & setup steps you can refer our Talktalk router login guide.

Step 4. Checking Your Devices for Errors

device errors

If you made it this far and still have not solved the problem the only thing to do is either call TalkTalk for live help or try to tweak your devices.

If the problem does not seem to be the router. Follow these steps to make sure that you are set with your devices.

For PC

To make sure that your computer is functional, you need to go online and browse to your device manufacturer.

From there you should be able to see a page that’ll ask you to type in your device information.

Find the latest version of network drivers then install that if your device is truly outdated.

  • Open the command prompt, then type in ipconfig /release then press enter
  • When the process is done type in ipconfig /renew then press enter, what you did is renew your IP configuration to help properly allocate an IP address
  • You can also disable IPv6 since that can interfere with your computer’s attempt at connecting via IPv4
  • Update the Network drivers via Device Manager
  • Restart your PC

For Phones

Whether you are on Android or iOS updating your system to the latest firmware should solve any driver-related problems.

Still Not Fixed? 

if not fixed

If problems with TalkTalk internet not working persists, you should get help from TalkTalk. Ask them what exactly is going on with your router.

This is because they are capable of instantly seeing the problem codes through their server.

Trying to adjust your router settings and your computer network settings shall be done at your own risk.

Please know that doing something wrong while updating drivers and resetting network settings can lead to further problems with your computer.


The thing is these disconnection errors are common with any service provider and fixing that is not in our reach.

Sometimes the solution people had with these problems is a replacement router from TalkTalk.

In conclusion, the TalkTalk no internet issue can be solved immediately if there is some error with your cable connections and device software, but it is not, better call TalkTalk support to get your connection fixed up.

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