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Sky Wifi Guarantee Review : Is It Any Good?

Sky Wifi Guarantee can help users be worry-free and enjoy the great speed at every corner of the house.

These days though Internet providers promise great speed, but this remains limited to a certain area of the home. The speed remains great near to router or hub. But as you go further to your next room the speed gradually reduces.

To overcome this issue, Sky has come up with an innovative and powerful feature called “Sky Wifi Guarantee”.

“With this add on feature, you can enjoy a promised Minimum Speed at all corners of your home.

So, if you need to add this feature, or want to know more about this add on, then this article can surely clear all your doubts. And you can finally decide whether to go for this add on not.

So, let us start the Sky Wifi Guarantee Review.

What is the Sky Broadband WiFi Guarantee 

sky broadband wifi guarantee

Sky Broadband Wifi Guarantee is a part of “Broadband Boost” subscription. This add on promises every one at least 3 MBPS in every room of the house.

If this can not be attained, the Company will refund the subscription amount. Hence, to activate the wifi assurance, you need to first get the “Broadband Boost” subscription.

This feature is very useful to people who are not getting the speed on every room equally.

Some of the Benefits of using Sky Wifi Guarantee are:

  • Assured Wifi in every room of your house
  • You can get free Sky wifi booster
  • Assured speed of minimum 3 Mbps
  • Free Engineer visit in case speed goes down.
  • Daily check of your line

How it Works

how sky wifi guarantee works

This add on feature is a great initiative by Sky and is well appreciated by all. Let us learn how it works or how you can set it up for the first time.

1. Activate Broadband Boost

First, you need to sign up and activate the Broadband boost subscription. You must take this additional subscription to use this guaranteed speed feature.

2. Get New Hub

Next, the company will send you a new Broadband Hub, in case you have the older version. This will be free of cost. 

3. Check the Speed

Now you can check if you are getting a minimum 3 Mbps speed in every room of your house. If you are getting, enjoy the service!

4. Engineer Visit 

However, if you are not getting the guaranteed wifi in every room, you can raise a complaint with the support staff. The company will immediately send a service engineer to fix the issue. Any charges for Engineer visit will be waived off.

5. Get Free Booster

If the Engineer feels, they can give a free Wifi booster to enhance the speed and reach of your Broadband. However, the authority to give free lies with the Engineer inspection only and you cannot demand one.

6. Refund

If applying all the steps and adding booster even can’t fix the Broadband issue, you can ask the company for refund.

As the name suggests, you will get the Broadband boost subscription amount back immediately. However, you can keep the hub with you without paying any extra price.

Sky Wifi in Every Room Guarantee 

sky wifi in every room guarantee

The guaranteed Wifi from Sky in every room applies to all houses and there are no exceptions. But some rooms are excluded in the plan terms.

Your Wifi Guarantee applies to the following rooms:

  • Every room in your house like bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms.
  • Your garage if it is accessible from your home without going out.
  • Fully Boarded, furnished converted loft room with fixed staircase.
  • Conservatory.

But as per Company terms, these type of rooms are not covered in the guarantee:

  • Exterior Rooms like garage, Sheds etc
  • Unconverted Loft
  • Non-furnished Loft

Sky Fibre Speed Guarantee

If you are using Fibre connection, and you are not getting the assured reach and speed in your rooms, you can ask the Company for a refund.

But make sure you check these points first before applying for a refund:

  1. First, check the guaranteed speed by signing into your online account.
  2. Or check the welcome letter, to find the assured speed.
  3. The Speed guarantee only gets activated 14 days after the activation of your Fibre connection
  4. There is continuously drop in speed for three days in a row in 30 days

How to Get Wifi Guarantee

how to get sky wifi guarantee

Excited to add this feature in your house to enjoy good connectivity in all parts of the home? Let us learn how you can add this add on to your existing broadband connection.

1. Check Your Broadband

To add this feature, you must have any of these Sky Broadband types:

  • Essential
  • Superfast
  • Ultrafast

If you have any of these, then you can proceed to buy the subscription package. If not, you must upgrade your existing broadband.

2. Add Broadband Boost

The Wifi Guarantee is a part of Broadband Boost subscription. Hence, for adding the feature, first, you need to subscribe to Sky Broadband Boost.

Important Rules

important terms sky wifi

This article will be incomplete if we do not let you know some hidden terms and conditions of the Wifi guarantee. So, here are the important terms that you should know:

  • You can claim only once per address.
  • Moneyback will not be issued if you use wifi booster and routers other than company provided.
  • If you move to a new address, you need to subscribe to Broadband boost again.
  • The wifi assurance activates only 10 days after taking the added subscription.


Is Sky Wifi Guarantee available for Existing Customers?

Yes, anyone can take this add on the facility. Just you need to get the Broadband Boost subscription.

What is Sky Wifi Guaranteed Speed?

The minimum assured speed as mentioned in company terms is 3 Mbps. If it goes below that for a minimum 3 days in a row, you can ask for fix or refund.

Is every room covered in this Guarantee?

Yes, almost every room of your house is covered in this assured add on subscription. However, any room that is not accessible or outside of your house is not added to this guarantee.

Final Verdict

Sky Wifi Guarantee can be very helpful to users who has many rooms. This also applies to users who does not get good speed in all rooms of the house. With a little price, you can get this assurance and can enjoy your Broadband to the fullest!

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