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Should I Upgrade to Sky Q Box? Is it Any Good?

Upgrade to Sky Q can help you get the most out of the features that this TV service platform has to offer for existing as well as new customers.

After a tiring and long day at work, the best way to enjoy quality time with your family is by watching exciting shows on your television screen.

“Some Services and Programs may only be available when you Choose to Upgrade your TV Box or TV Package”.

Most of the time, these add-ons would cost hundreds of pounds.

Here, let us dive deep and check if the country’s leading TV service platform’s upgrade of the box is any good and how to get it at the best possible price point.

Should I Upgrade To Sky Q Box?

should i upgrade to sky q

Customers of the company can have access to their favorite channels and programs on their television screens with a variety of Sky set-top boxes. However, if you want more flexibility and convenience, it may be wise to upgrade to their Sky Q box.

Below is a comparison of the two set-top boxes.


Sky + HD

Sky Q
Remote Control Physical Buttons Bluetooth Enabled
Touchpad remote
User Interface Scattered menu Personalized menu
Shortcuts to most recent recordings and views

Multiroom Experience Access to only one show at a time Comes with wireless mini boxes
Access to different from the main TV box
Set recordings
Ultra HD Streaming? No Yes
Storage Up to 2TB with 1.5TB available space Up to 2TB with 1.7TB available space
Netflix No Yes

HD Resolution

Compared to its older set-top boxes, the Sky Q box’s most significant advantage is that it allows Ultra HD or 4K resolution on your television screen for an affordable price.

It also has better WiFi connectivity support and a built-in HDMI in port for DVDs, unlike its previous set-top boxes.

User Interface

You can also access more captivating content on their enhanced and less text-heavy user interface. Its newly designed remote also allows you to browse through your favorite programs seamlessly.

Now, you would not have to spend a considerable amount of time looking through their channels and programs. Lastly, you can also enjoy Netflix on your television screen, unlike their older set-top boxes.

Types of Upgrade

types of sky upgrade

Another significant benefit that this set-top box offers is its more extensive and enhanced storage capacity. You can choose between its 1TB or 2TB plans.

1. Sky Q 1TB Box

When you subscribe to their service, you automatically receive the standard Sky Q 1TB box. With this, you can record up to three different programs simultaneously in your 700GB personal storage.

You also get the ability to stream your shows on one tablet. This set-top box also acts as a WiFi hotspot for a more fluid viewing experience.

2. Sky Q Upgrade To 2TB Box

If you want to enjoy more storage capacity, you can choose the Sky Q upgrade to 2TB box option instead. You get up 1.7TB personal storage for more in-demand and live TV recordings.

You can also view your favorite shows on two tablets. But just like its standard set-top box, it also acts as a WiFi hotspot.

How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade To Sky Q?

cost of upgrade

Since you can choose from their two set-top boxes, their prices would vary. The entry-level for its standard 1TB set-top box is £22 per month, with a £20 fee for its installation.

Quick Fact

You can also enjoy multiroom content with its Sky Q experience for £35 per month with a set-up fee of £20 instead.

Meanwhile, if you are planning on upgrading to its 2TB set-top box, you may do so for a one-time payment of £199.

But if you want a more considerable discount from this, you can opt for the Sky Q experience that comes along with a 2TB set-top box for only £75.

When you subscribe to any of their TV bundles or plans, you agree to their 18-month rolling contract. This agreement means that all users have a Minimum Term of 18 months to avoid paying early termination charges.

However, you will have to return your set-top and mini boxes if you decide to cancel your contract.

Free Sky Box Upgrade for Existing Customers

free upgrade for existing customers

Because of its greater flexibility, new customers of this leading TV service platform automatically get the Sky Q set-top box when they avail of any TV deal. Thus, you get 1TB storage capacity for your on-demand and live TV recordings.

You will have to purchase additional mini boxes if you choose to subscribe to their Multi-screen experience. However, some existing users may still be using their older Sky+ or Sky+ HD set-top boxes.

There are many instances when the Company provides free Sky Q box to their existing customers.

If you want to access more shows on your television screen, you can upgrade to their Sky Q services instead.

To know if you are eligible, you can contact their support staff.

The “hack to get the box for free” will be to show no interest to extend the existing Sky Contract or ask them to cancel the Sky Connection. Then there is a chance to get the upgrade absolutely free.

When you do so, you can keep your existing deals with them, such as their Line Rental and TV packages, and enjoy the upgraded box and its services.

Other Free Upgrades

other free upgrades

Although not all existing customers can get free upgrades to their Sky Q Box, the Company has made up for this by providing you with exclusive freebies from their loyalty program Sky VIP.

To do so, all you would need to do is to register your account number on their My Sky app.

This VIP program allows them to give back to their loyal customers by providing them with exciting free deals. Once you sign up, you can either be a Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Black member, depending on your length of stay.

Below is a summary of the exclusive freebies and upgrades you can enjoy.

sky upgrade

1. Silver (Length of Membership 0-3 Years)

  • Free Store Buy & Keep movie
  • Prize draws
  • Sporting Events & Film Screenings VIP Tickets

2. Gold (Length of Membership 3-8 Years)

  • Silver Free, Go Extra, and Atlantic Benefits
  •  Early access to Sky Original, HBO, and Showtime Series

3. Platinum (Length of Membership 8-15 Years)

  • Silver & Gold Benefits
  • Free Fibre Set-up
  • Mobile Piggy Bank Boost

4. Black or Diamond (15+ Years)

  • Silver, Gold, Platinum Benefits
  • Free Q Set-up
  • Priority Customer Service
  • Dedicated Phone number a Sky VIP advisor

If you have been a customer for three to eight years, you can avail of their Sky Go extra for free to access your favorite shows anywhere at any time.

On top of that, members who have stayed with them for eight to fifteen years can request a free Fibre broadband installation.

Final Thoughts

The United Kingdom’s leading TV service platform offers you a lot of opportunities to access the biggest blockbusters and programs on your television screen.

With its newly launched Sky Q boxes, you can enjoy up to 2TB storage capacity for your favorite live TV recordings. You also have enhanced user accessibility compared to their older set-top boxes.

Upgrade to Sky Q can be a great addition to your Entertainment needs be it at home or office. We at Xtrium recommend our users to upgrade the service to utilize the maximum features that the Company has to offer.

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