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Troubleshooting Problems with BBC iPlayer

Problems with BBC iPlayer can give you a massive headache, especially if you are in the middle of watching your favorite show.

But let me tell you a secret. You can say goodbye to these playback issues with several quick and easy troubleshooting techniques.

Now, you do not need to worry about missing any of your most awaited programs online.

If you want to learn more about these methods, then you are up for a treat!

Today, we will walk through all the essential information you need to know to resolve and minimize your BBC iPlayer problems streaming in the future.

BBC iPlayer Streaming Problems

bbc iplayer streaming problems

BBC iPlayer is the UK’s leading internet streaming platform that lets you catch up with your missed shows and films.

But this entertainment service is not 100% perfect.

Like with any other TV service, there may be instances where you experience BBC iPlayer streaming problems.

But before we get into these fixing methods, let us first understand why this internet streaming platform is not working correctly.

Below are the usual problems with BBC iPlayer that users have reported in the past:

1. Buffering

iplayer buffering

Buffering is the most reported issue with this player. This problem occurs if you have an unstable internet connection between your device and your router.

But in several cases, buffering shows might also be due to slow internet speed or insufficient bandwidth.

2. Poor Picture Quality

iplayer picture quality

On the other hand, you may also experience poor picture and video quality when streaming your favorite programs.

By default, BBC iPlayer utilizes Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR), which allows them to automatically adjust your show’s video quality depending on your internet connection.

But unlike buffering, this issue still enables you to watch your awaited programs but at a much lower quality.

3. Wrong Streaming Location

streaming location error

This internet streaming platform does not allow you to watch your favorite programs outside the UK.

But there may be instances where you get this error message even though you are currently staying in the country.

When this occurs, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • You have an unregistered IP address
  • You are using a Proxy or a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

4. Failed Downloads

failed download issue

Lastly, you may also have difficulty playing your downloaded programs on the BBC iPlayer application.

This issue might be due to problems with your downloaded file or perhaps possible glitches in your browser or device.

Troubleshoot Problems with BBC iPlayer

fix problems with bbc iplayer

The nice thing about this internet TV service platform is that there are several ways to troubleshoot your streaming issues.

With these techniques, you would not have to worry about missing your favorite programs again.

So, if you are good to go, then you can try out the methods below:

# Improve Playback Quality

playback quality

You can fix most problems with BBC iPlayer playback by improving your internet connection.

Below are some of the easiest methods you can try out to troubleshoot your playback issues:

Method 1 – Switch to Standard Definition

Watching your shows in High Definition takes up more bandwidth than its Standard Definition counterpart.

In reality, this service requires at least 5 Mbps for you to get the best streaming experience.

But if your internet connection cannot handle this requirement, you can switch to Standard Definition instead, which only needs 1.5 Mbps to work correctly.

You can check out several internet speed tests online to identify whether your home network is fast enough to run this entertainment platform.

Method 2 – Disconnect Unused Devices

Devices connected to your home network can use up your internet bandwidth.

Thus, we suggest you disconnect any unused gadgets to improve your playback quality.

Method 3 – Use A Different Browser

If you use the BBC iPlayer on your computer or smartphone, you can try launching the application on a different browser to see whether your issue goes away.

You can also close other opened tabs that may be affecting your device’s performance.

Method 4 – Use A Wired Connection

Using a wired connection instead of the wireless one can sometimes resolve your internet connectivity issues.

But if you do not have an Ethernet cable at home, you can try moving your router closer to your device.

# Fix Streaming Location Problem

streaming location

If the player does not recognize your streaming location, you may have a challenging time accessing your favorite programs.

Luckily, you can try out these quick and easy methods to resolve your location issues:

Method 1 – Disable VPN

Suppose you are using a VPN to access some websites.

In such cases, we highly recommend disabling it first because the BBC automatically restricts your access to their player when they suspect that you are using a VPN or are outside the UK.

Method 2 – Register Your IP Address

Before contacting your internet service provider (ISP), try checking whether your IP address has been registered using an IP checking website.

If you suspect that there are misleading or unfactual details in it, contact your ISP as soon as possible.

# Troubleshoot Failed Downloads

iplayer failed download

Lastly, if you are unable to stream your downloaded programs using this entertainment platform’s application, you can try out the techniques below:

1. Restart Device

Before moving on to the next techniques, try restarting your device to see whether that fixes your issue.

Just turn off your gadget and wait for a couple of minutes before switching it back on.

2. Update Your Firmware

In some cases, glitches in your application and downloads may be due to outdated firmware.

Thus, we suggest you check whether your device’s operating system is up to date.

3. Reinstall the BBC iPlayer Application

If none of the methods above resolve your issue, you can try reinstalling the BBC iPlayer application.

Just uninstall the app then download it again from the app store.

Experience Hassle-Free Streaming

BBC iPlayer allows you to catch up on your missed and most awaited programs.

But this streaming platform is not flawless because you may experience several playback issues when using it. 

Fortunately, you can try out several troubleshooting techniques on your own.

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