how to setup xfinity wifi router

How to Setup Xfinity Wifi Router in Easy Steps

How to Setup Xfinity Wifi Router without any technician? The setup process needs some mandatory steps to be completed before your turn on the device.

Xfinity has been known to provide one of the fastest and most reliable connections in the US.

Recently the Company started to give out more affordable packages and internet plans at a low price yet still delivers reliable performance.

If you have bought an internet package with Xfinity, this is the article that will help you.

Here you will learn how to set up Xfinity Wi-Fi router in easy and simple steps that even your grandma can do.

But first, unbox the Xfinity Wireless Gateway contents and make sure that the cables needed are complete, all there?

This is how to setup the Xfinity Wifi router.

Xfinity Router Setup

xfinity router setup

All wireless device in your house needs to connect to a router. Without a wireless router, life is not easy at home as all modern device depends on the wireless internet.

If you have just received an Xfinity device, you can make your wireless connection up and running.

The setup process is easy and here we will discuss all the steps involved to make the connection up and running within 10-15 minutes.

So, How to Setup Xfinity Wifi Router?

The process is simple and you need to follow these steps one by one.

  • Finding a Proper spot for the device
  • Settings up the Cables & Accessories
  • Temporary activation
  • Activation
  • Temporary checking of Internet
  • Customizing the Settings

Now, let us discuss all the steps one by one for easy installation.

Step 1. Find A Proper Spot for Your Router

finding the proper spot

Wi-Fi signals are also sensitive at times and putting your router can lead to weak signals or slow data transmission.

To make sure that you have the ideal spot, check if your spot has all this checked:

1. Prevent close distance to Televisions, Radios, Microwaves, Baby Monitor, Garage Door opener and your Fridge, as all these appliances emit signals that prevent efficient wireless transmission.

2. Prevent putting on the floor and high-shelves to prevent inefficiency.

3. Put on a slightly elevated and unobstructed spaces to ensure maximum efficiency.

4. Put at the center of your home to ensure maximum coverage.

5. Make sure to keep a close distance to a coaxial wall plug for easy setup and to prevent wire clutter.

6. Do not keep it near other wireless networks to prevent both routers from interfering each other.

7. Prevent putting near a thick concrete/wood/insulated wall to prevent signal loss.

As a suggestion, places like a table in your living room or an office table would be the ideal spots.

Step 2. Set-Up Cables and Peripherals

cables and peripeherals

After you have found the best place for your router, it’s now time to setup the cables and the accessories.

Now set your Wi-Fi router down and grab your cables.

Step 1. Connect the power plug that came from the box to an outlet to your router

Step 2. If you have a cable TV running through the same coaxial cable for internet, then use a quality splitter to prevent signal surges

Step 3. Connect the Coaxial cable from the wall plug to the port on your router that says Cable In, make sure to screw in until finger tight

Step 4. If you have an Xfinity telephone, plug your telephone in on one of the Tel port

Step 5. Prepare the LAN port for PC (Optional)

Step 6. Power on Xfinity Wireless Gateway

Some router will have a power button, but most of the time these are automatically powered without any switches needed to turn on.

Now your router has been turned on, you should see the Power, US/DS, 2.4GHZ and 5Ghz lights turn on with a solid light, while the Online light will start blinking for a while.

This Xfinity router setup may take up to 20 minutes.

Once the Online light has become solid you may now proceed to the next set of steps.

Step 3. Temporarily Connect for Activation

temporary connection

For this step, you will either need a Computer/Laptop with a LAN port or even your Wi-Fi enabled devices like your phone or tablet will do.

Follow these steps to help you connect to the internet.


  • Make sure that the network drivers on your computer does support the LAN connection you are going to put in
  • Simply take your prepared LAN port and plug it into your computer

xfinity wifi router buttons


For Wi-Fi Devices

  • Make sure that Wi-Fi cards and adaptors are supported, which is rare to have an unsupported one, but better make sure.
  • Open the Wi-Fi settings of the router on browser.
  • Check under the router, you should find the default SSID and Password of your wireless network
  • Find the correct Wi-Fi SSID on your device and type in the password.
  • Make sure it is connected

Step 4. Activating Your Internet Service

xfinity router activation

Now since you have connected to the network, all that’s left with your Xfinity router setup is to connect it to the Xfinity internet service.

Follow this next set of steps to activate your service.

  1. Open the browser available on your device
  2. Type this  activation link on your browser and press enter
  3. Follow the instructions on screen, which is likely to prompt you to download the Xfinity xFi app on your mobile device
  4. Once the Xfinity xFi app was successfully installed, open it and run through the set-up process

Once the activation is finished, your Wi-Fi network might reboot by itself, and it may also take up to 10 minutes to finalize the Xfinity router setup.

Step 5. Customizing Your Network Settings

xfinity customization

Let us say you want to change the wireless Name and Password of your network. This is a bonus from us.

Keep in mind that changing certain settings may cause your router to stop working, so we’re only going to teach how to change the SSID and Password with these easy steps.

  1. For ease, log in to your Xfinity Myaccount app
  2. Tap the Wireless Gateway on the Internet tab
  3. Press change Wi-Fi settings
  4. Type in your new Name and Password
  5. Tap save and wait for a few minutes for the network to update

When all is done, make sure to remember your new Wi-Fi name and password by writing it down to prevent authentication problems in the future.

Enjoy your Internet

Congratulations! You have completed our guide on how to setup Xfinity Wifi router.

Let your router settle for a day, and after that, you may now enjoy your internet at its full functionality.

If you have further inquiries or problems, you can check out the support articles at Xfinity Support.

When installing additional routers, make sure to follow the instructions on the manuals that came with it, and remember what you did here, as all network setup tends to be similar in some kind of way.

Also remember to keep in touch with your service provider to get the latest updates and notice on your internet connections, this way you can avoid confusion.


Now that you have finished setting up your Xfinity Wi-Fi router, you should look out for errors or problems in the future.

Make sure to come back to this website for other how-to articles to help solve your problems by yourself.

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