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How to Retune Sony TV to Find Missing Channels?

Worried how to retune your Sony TV the correct way? Technology is tricky, and in some cases, you’ll never know what to expect! It’s not an uncommon thing to look for guides; in fact, millions of people search for it!

However, not all the guides you will find online are brilliant and helpful. Some have incorrect information; some have outdated data.

But, with all those dilemmas, don’t worry! This guide will entirely be dedicated to helping you in case you experience the error “Sony Bravia No Digital Channels Found.”

Reasons Why You Need to Perform a Sony Bravia Manual Tuning

Sony Bravia Manual Tuning

Your new television set came, and you are excited to try it out. But after you follow everything in the guide, it’s not displaying anything!

There could be a ton of reasons why your Sony Bravia TV lost its digital channels. Akin to the Sony Bravia, other Sony TVs could have these types of problems, too.

Take note that manual tuning doesn’t necessarily refer to manually connecting to transmitters; it could also mean initiating the retuning manually, but it’ll be done automatically.

Without further ado, here are the most common reasons why it’s suggested to perform manual tuning on your Sony Bravia TV:

Incomplete or Missing Channels

Are some Sony Bravia Freeview channels missing? Are you not sure what happened?

By doing a simple manual retuning, you can easily get lost channels back! Manual tuning enables your TV to tune to specific services and channels from transmitters that it can detect.

Therefore, you can say hello to the channels you missed again!

To Keep Your Channel Line-Up Up-to-Date

There are some instances where your channels would fall misaligned; and to put a long-term solution to this, manual tuning is what you need.

These are some of the reasons why it is the most advisable to perform manual TV tuning. And, to help you further, we have listed the steps on how you can retune your Sony TV.

Complete Guide on How to Retune Sony TV

In this guide, we will detail the steps on how you can perform both digital and analogue tuning on your Sony TV.

NOTE: The procedures below apply to all Android televisions of Sony. All Sony TVs would have each of the functionality and feature we will list below.

But, there might be some differences when it comes to the design, layout, and interface, so don’t be confused.

Digital Tuning

digital bravia retuning

In digital tuning, you have three options: (1) auto-tuning, (2) single antenna, (3) multiple antennas. We will discuss them separately.

Step 1. Hit on the HOME button, which you can find on your zapper.

Step 2. Navigate towards the Settings menu.

Step 3. Once you’re in Settings, hit on the option that says Channel Setup. From there, select the option that says Digital Setup ad Tuning. Within those settings, you’ll see Digital Auto-Tune.

Step 4. You will receive a prompt that asks you if you want to start Auto Tuning. Click on Yes.

Step 5. Decide whether you want to tune Cable or the Antenna. Should you select the latter, your TV will auto-tune for the antenna.  If you choose the former, you’ll see the Cable Menu appear

Step 6. You can select and set it to a particular option, whether you want to scan the Type, Network ID, or the Frequency manually.

Step 7. Hit on Start and wait for the confirmation message to appear.

I Did Not Receive Anything, What Should I Do?

In case you were not able to receive anything, you can choose to utilize the following settings:

Frequency: Auto Scan Type: Quick Scan (if this still doesn’t work, choose Full Scan) Network ID: Auto Operator: Choose the name of your provider from the list you’ll be given

Sony Bravia Manual Tuning (Single Antenna Guide)

single antenna bravia retuning

To retune your Sony TV, you need to make sure that the aerial cable is connected to the TV.

Akin to how digital realignment works, you would have to press on the HOME button on your remote. Then, you would have to go to Settings.

This is where it gets different. Instead of choosing Digital Auto-Tune, you’d have a different selection. You need to choose Digital Satellite Tuning within the settings of Digital Setup.

From there, you will receive a prompt asking you to choose what satellite antenna configuration you have.

You can choose between Single Cable Distribution, Fixed Antenna, or DiSEqC.

Then, the system would ask you to choose between General Satellite (it will show all channels of the selected antenna) and Preferred Satellite (it has the list of channels from the selected provider).

You would want to choose Preferred Satellite as it’s going to be direct from your broadcast provider.

Now, you’ll be asked to modify settings. In this case, though, and in a basic setup, keeping the default settings would be the most recommended.

Sony Bravia Manual Tuning (Multiple Antenna Guide)

multiple antenna bravia retuning

For the multiple antenna guide, you just must follow the steps of the single antenna until the prompt asking you whether you’d select Preferred or General Satellite.

This also is what you need to do in case you don’t see your provider if you choose Preferred Satellite.

When you select General Satellite, select Satellite 1 and ensure that Satellite 1 is turned on. Set it on the Full Scan type. Then, proceed to Satellite Selection, choose your satellite from the list.

After you select, navigate towards LNB Configuration and set it from the DiSEqC Control to “A.”

From here, your Signal Quality and Signal Strength should be close to the maximum.

NOTE: If you don’t see it close to max, you might need to modify the tuning specifications. You can find these parameters in Transponder Settings.

The next step is to setup a second satellite in the exact same way; but, instead of setting the LNB Configuration to “A,” set it to “B.” You can repeat the steps up to four (4) satellites.

Then, hit on Start and begin with the re-tuning procedure.

Analogue Tuning

analogue bravia retuning

Compared to digital tuning, analogue tuning is shorter and easier.

To be able to retune via analogue tuning, follow these simple and easy steps:

Step 1. Press HOME on your zapper.

Step 2. Navigate towards the Settings Menu (if you have an Android 8.0 Oreo version, you will see the settings icon located at the right-hand corner on the top).

Step 3. Choose the option that says Channel Setup and navigate towards Analogue Auto-tune.  

Step 4. You will receive a prompt that asks you if you want to begin Auto Tuning. Hit on Yes.

Step 5. Wait for a few minutes and you’ll receive a confirmation message that the tuning is complete.

My TV Did Not Follow the Steps Provided, What Should I Do?

In this situation, the next best thing to do is to contact Sony for help.

There might be problems with how your Sony TV has been programmed. They’re the ones who made it, so you can expect them to be the ones to know how you can solve it.

When you see to it that you are missing some Freeview channels, these are the steps you need to follow! That’s how easy Sony Bravia Freeview Tuning is!

While the tuning procedure itself can take up to an hour, it’ll take you less than 10 minutes to figure it out on your own!

You don’t need to be a technical expert to be able to follow these instructions on how to retune Sony TV!

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