how to reset xfinity cable box

How To Reset Xfinity Cable Box in Easy Steps

How to reset Xfinity cable box is one of the most frequently asked questions of every Comcast customer.

Although Comcast is the most massive cable television service provider in the United States, you may still get frustrated because of several issues that may limit your viewing experience.

To reset Xfinity Cable box the best options are – Using Power Button, Unplugging the cable Box and reset through the help menu.

Today, let us learn how to factory reset Xfinity cable box on your own at home to resolve these problems.

Comcast Cable Box Not Working No Signal

comcast cable box not working no signal

Like other telecommunications company, Comcast also has its fair share of issues.

Sometimes, you cannot record programs or access your guide.

But the most common problem you might have experienced is not getting any signal on your cable box.

When this happens, you easily miss your favorite and most awaited programs.

Getting this error on your television screen may be due to several issues like faulty devices, loose cables, or a service disruption in your area, especially during adverse weather conditions.

Luckily, you can perform a factory reset on your cable box to resolve any memory issue.

How To Reset Xfinity Cable Box

how to reset xfinity

Before we discuss how to perform a factory reset on your Xfinity cable box lets do basic.

One golden rule in technology when troubleshooting issues is to restart your device. 

Compared to doing a factory reset, restarting your device will only refresh the system and not change any of your saved preferences.

Hence, previously scheduled recordings and recorded programs will not get lost in the process.

However, any ongoing downloads may get interrupted.

Fortunately, you can do several easy and straightforward techniques to troubleshoot a Comcast cable box not working.

These are initial steps before taking more severe measures.

Using The Power Button

The first and most basic method you can try out when learning how to factory reset your Xfinity cable box is to turn off your streaming device manually.

With just the steps below, you can get your equipment back to its peak condition in a few minutes:

xfinity power button

Photo by Xfinity

  • Press the Power button on your device for around 10 seconds.
  • Allow your cable box to restart and complete the process.

Unplug Your Cable Box

Aside from pressing the power button on your cable box, you can also unplug its power cord.

Similar to the above method, doing so will also refresh your device’s systems.


To do this, follow the steps below:

  • • Unplug your cable box from the outlet
  • • Wait for at least 10 seconds.
  • Plug your cable box back in, and press the Power Button.
  • Allow your cable box to restart and complete the process.

Through The Help Menu

If you have your Xfinity remote, you can force your cable box to restart through the Help menu.


Follow the steps below to guide you:

  • Go to the Help menu by pressing the A button on your Xfinity remote control.
  • Choose the Restart option, and click OK.
  • When you see a confirmation message on your screen, press OK again then select Restart.
  • Wait for a few minutes to complete the entire process.

How To Factory Reset Xfinity Cable Box

how to factory reset xfinity cable box

If your cable box still does not have any signal after you have tried all the possible techniques to restart it, you can now perform a factory reset.

But doing the following methods will bring your device back to its default settings.

This means that any saved preferences may get lost in the process.

You may also need to wait for a couple of minutes to complete the entire reset process.

Method 1 – Using The Xfinity My Account Application

xfinity application

Using the Xfinity My Account application is probably the easiest method to perform a factory reset on your cable box. 

In a few minutes, you can expect your equipment to become as good as new.


To do this method, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Launch the app and open the TV option located at the bottom of the Overview menu.

Step 2. Click on the device that you want to troubleshoot.

Step 3. Tap the Troubleshoot option and click Continue.

Step 4. Wait until the screen finishes loading then choose the System Refresh option to reset your cable box.

Method 2 – Using The Restore Default Option

Suppose you do not have the Xfinity My Account application installed on your mobile phone or tablet.

You can still perform a factory reset by navigating the Restore Default option on the User Settings menu.


Follow the steps below to guide you:

Step 1. Press the Power button on your streaming equipment.

Make sure you can see a blinking green light to indicate that the device is on.

Step 2. Press the Power and Menu buttons on your remote, and wait for the User Settings menu to appear on your screen.

Step 3. Press both the Up and Down arrow buttons on your remote to select the Restore Defaults options.

Step 4. Press the Right button and then click OK to perform a factory reset on your cable box.

Calling A Technician

If none of the previous methods work, the last resort you can do is to pick up your mobile phone or telephone and call Comcast’s customer service.

Dial 1-800-Comcast or 1-800-266-2278 during their business hours and explain to the Comcast agent the signal disruptions you are currently experiencing.

Afterward, the Comcast representative will conduct a signal reset using his or her computer to turn off your system.

When this occurs, they will refresh your system’s settings and may last for a few minutes.

Just provide your customer account number, and you will be good to go in no time.

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Watch Endless Cable Programs At Home

With the Xfinity cable box, you can access and watch infinite programs on your television screen.

However, you may experience several issues like signal disruptions or malfunctioning devices at times.

When this happens, we hope you can apply any of these how to reset Xfinity cable box techniques.

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