how to program directv remote to onn tv

How To Program DIRECTV Remote To Onn TV Easily

Are looking for ways on how to program DIRECTV remote to Onn TV? Usually, your DIRECTV remote would have paired smoothly with most major and even on-mainstream TV brands. There is nothing to worry about, as below is a guide on programming your remote to your TV, and more.

In order to successfully pair your DIRECTV remote with your Onn TV, all you need is the correct manufacturer code for the remote and follow onscreen setup process.

Each TV brand has a unique code in order to be paired with any other remote aside from their stock device. Once you enter this, the pairing should be completed successfully.

How to Program a DIRECTV Universal Remote

directv universal remote

Let us first discuss about programming the Universal remote. If you use a DIRECTV universal remote, it is a little different to setup. Although it can be a little confusing since you are able to use this remote for different devices, but this guide will make it simple for you. Here is how you do it.


Step 1 – Switch to “TV” Mode

Find the mode switch on the top of the remote and flick it to TV mode. Make sure it is on TV, as you might end up messing with the remote and the pairing if it is set to pair for another type of device.

Step 2 – Program the Remote

Find the Mute and Select buttons. Hold them down. Once the green light flashes twice, let go of them. From there, enter 960. The lights should flash twice again. Finally, slide the switch of the remote back to the DIRECTV logo.

How to Program a Genie Remote with Onn TV

These are the steps on programming your DIRECTV Genie remote for your Onn TV. This also applies to most TV brands in general.

Step 1 – Start the Setup with Your Remote

First, point your remote to your receiver box. Then, press and hold the Mute and Enter button. The green light should then blink twice. When that happens, let go of the button.

Step 2 – Complete TV setup

After you see the prompt that says, “Applying IR/RF Setup,” turn on your DIRECTV Ready TV. After this, hold down Mute and Select on your remote. Wait for the green lights to blink twice again and let go once it does.

Step 3 – Enter the Correct Code

Once prompted, enter the correct manufacturer code. If you enter the correct code, the remote should now be paired. For Onn TV, most used and common codes are given below.

Onn TV Codes for DIRECTV

During the programming steps, you can try the following codes to pair your DIRECTV remote to your Onn TV. These are commonly used Onn TV codes.

  • 5104
  • 0514
  • 5028

If none of these codes work, you can try other more codes.

Since Onn TVs are built by the company Durabrand, codes for TVs they built should work for the Onn TV as well.

Some of the five-digit codes are: 10178, 11665, 10171, 10463, 10180, 11463, 11570, 11595, 11034, 10178, and 10171.

If you are looking for ways on how to program DIRECTV remote to Onn Roku TV, there is a specific code for it as well.

How to Program DIRECTV Remote to Onn Roku TV

program directv remote to onn tv

Did you know that Walmart also has in-house branded Roku TVs? These are called the Onn Roku TVs, and if you have this kind of TV, you might be wondering how to set up and pair the remote you have for it.

No worries, as most of the time, the remote code 3851 usually pairs a DIRECTV or any universal remote to your Onn Roku TV. Most of the time, this code would do the job in paring your remote to your TV.

If this doesn’t work, you can try DIRECTV’s code lookup tool, or you can try reaching out to Roku. They would then be able to give you an updated code, if that is what you need.

DIRECTV Remote Programming and other FAQs

Aside from concerns like Onn TV codes for DIRECTV remote, there might be other questions you have about your DIRECTV box. Here are some of the most common DIRECTV questions as well as the easiest answers to them.

Where can I find DIRECTV Remote TV codes?

If you are unsure which code to use for your new TV, you can use the online code lookup tool of DIRECTV to find the one that would work for the TV set that you have.

How many Devices can I Program on a DIRECTV Universal Remote?

You can pair up to four devices to your DIRECTV universal remote. You can program it to work on TVs, sound systems, game consoles, and even DV players. However, you should take note that you can only pair one device of each type at a time.

Can you Program DIRECTV Remote with a Voice Remote?

Currently, DIRECTV does not offer any type of voice remotes, although you can try to see if any third-party device may match for your DIRECTV box. Compatibility is not guaranteed, although some users have tried, and it worked.
You can also set up your DIRECTV to work with any Alexa device. Any models of Amazon Echo, Dot, or Tap should be able to sync with your DIRECTV box and control it remotely.

Does DIRECTV have an Online Remote Troubleshoot?

Yes, they have. You can check the online self-help tool that they have. Most problems are covered here, and do-it-yourself solutions are already included, too.


Knowing how to program DIRECTV remote to Onn TV is an easy thing to do. Although Onn TV is not a mainstream brand and may not be easily detected by most universal remotes, it is still programmable.

All you need to have is the correct code and the correct type of remote and you are good to go. With the help of this guide, you will surely have no problem with making your DIRECTV remote work even for your Onn TV set.

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