how to get peacock tv on roku

How to Get Peacock TV on Roku – Fool Proof Guide

Can’t find the best and the most reliable guide on how to get Peacock TV on Roku? Are you already caught up with all the inconsistent guides that barely work online? Then this guide that we have will be the best news you’ll receive today!

To watch or stream Peacock TV on Roku TV, you first have to sign up for a Peacock TV plan. There’s a FREE plan if you don’t want to pay extra.

Then, after you signup, you just have to add it to your channels and download it! It’s that easy!

Unavailability of Peacock TV on Roku TV

So why is the question? Back when Peacock TV was launched, it wasn’t available to be gotten on Roku TV and other devices such as the Amazon Fire TV stick.

Peacock TV was launched in July of 2020, and it wasn’t until September 2020 when it was added to the roster of the available channels and programs for Roku TV.

Thanks to their agreement with Comcast, the new program has been made available to the Roku TV lineup.

So, here’s the complete guide on how to get the Peacock on Roku TV.

How to Get Peacock TV on Roku TV or Player?

how to get peacock on roku tv

Before we get into the guide on how you can add Peacock TV on your Roku TV, you need to be aware that you’d have to be subscribed to at least one (1) Peacock TV package.

For the packages, there’s a total of three (3) different tiers: Peacock Free, Peacock Premium, and Peacock Premium Plus.

We’ll discuss each of them in detail and separately.

Peacock Free  

As we mentioned above, you can take advantage of the Free plan.

This free subscription plan gives away around 66% of its entire library. What this means is it will allow you to find movies, shows, TV clips, and other titles.

At a rough estimate, you will have access to 13,000+ hours of content.

One con that might bug you is with the advertisements, the ads run in five (5) minutes or less per hour of watching.

Another drawback of choosing the Peacock Free tier is that you wouldn’t access entire seasons of Peacock Originals; you’ll only have access to a few episodes.

Peacock Premium

Now, going on to the next tier is the Peacock Premium tier.

This tier is priced at $4.99 per month; you’ll get it for $49.99 if you pay for it for a whole year.

Basically, you’ll have access to everything you can get in the free package plus other titles, shows, and movies!

In approximation, you’ll have access to over 20,000+ hours of content!

When it comes to the ads, you’ll still see the same ads as you would in the free tier – which, Peacock promises to be five (5) minutes or less every hour.

In the Peacock Premium Tier, you will gain access to full seasons of Peacock Original shows.

Moreover, unlike waiting for NBC shows for a week in the Free Tier, you will get the chance to watch new episodes the day that they’re released!

Peacock Premium Plus

Last, but definitely not the least is the Plus Tier. It’s one tier higher and better than the premium tier.

It’s priced at $9.99 per month, but it’s just $99.99 a year.

Technically, you’ll get everything you get in the Peacock Premium Tier, with the opportunity to watch it with zero advertisements.

Moreover, you’ll also have the capability of downloading shows so you can watch them while you’re offline! Only the Premium Plus Tier gives you this capability.

So, are you now enticed and thrilled to learn how to get Peacock on Roku TV?

Like you, many others want to learn and figure out how they can add or get the Peacock program on their Roku device.

Without further ado, here’s how you can do it!

Adding It via Roku TV/Player

There are several ways and methods on how you can add Peacock TV on your Roku device.

We’ll gather up all the methods and we’ll leave you the decision on how you want to add the channel on your Roku.

NOTE: It is imperative to note that you have an account with Peacock first before you perform any of these processes.

Doing it in the middle of the process is also fine. But, you might find it to be more confusing and more difficult to understand.  

What You Need to Create a Peacock Account

You can create a Peacock account via Peacock TV’s website. If you’re going for the free tier, all you’d need is an email address and a password.

After that, you’ll have the power to watch the shows and the titles that you want immediately!

If you decide to go for the Premium and Premium Plus, you’ll need both an email and a password.

Furthermore, you’ll also need the following: proof of billing, and a payment method added or installed.

Free Trial Period

Not sure if you’d want to go with the Premium or the Premium Plus Tier? Don’t worry Peacock TV offers a 7-day free trial!

Cancel anytime if you don’t wish for the services to be continued!

However, make sure that you have it cancelled on or before the 7th day. Failure to do so will incur charges on your account.

Adding It on the Roku TV or the Device Directly

adding peacock tv to roku

In this method, you will learn how to get Peacock on your Roku TV directly.

You can do this by carefully following these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Search

On your Roku Homepage, navigate to the sidebar to make the menu appear.

The menu is where you’ll see a list of options, such as Settings, Featured Free, Movie Store, Streaming Channels, Search, and more!

In this scenario, we want to select the Search option.

Then, you’d have to type in Peacock using the virtual keyboard and hit on Search or the magnifying glass icon.

Step 2: “Add Channel”

Select Peacock on the list of channels.

When it prompts, click on the option that says Add Channel. Wait for it to finish downloading it will redirect you to the Peacock home and sign-in page.

Step 3: Sign Into Your Peacock Account

Then, what you want to do next is to sign in to your Peacock account by entering your credentials.

After a successful sign-in, you’ll receive a message that says that it was successful. Then, you’ll be brought back to the Roku TV homepage.

Step 4: Launch the Program

Lastly, all you have to do now is to launch Peacock and enjoy your favorite television programs and movies.

It’s easy! In fact, you’ll be able to add Peacock TV to your Roku account in less than ten (10) minutes!

There’s no need for you to wait for longer periods; it’s easy, fast, and convenient to use.


If you have been looking for the best and the most effective guide – this is it! You don’t actually have to look elsewhere to find the guide you need that will teach you how to get Peacock TV on Roku TV.

Adding It via the Roku Channel Store

If you’re more comfortable in adding it via a smartphone, laptop, or computer, you can do so, too!

Here’s how you can add it via the Roku Channel store.

Step 1: Access the Roku Channel Store

On a browser, access the Roku Channel Store or you can simply Google “Roku Channel Store.”

The Roku Channel Store is like the Google Play Store or the App Store. It contains many different programs and channels.

Step 2: Find the Peacock Program

After you successfully access the Roku Channel Store, the next step you have to do is to find and locate Peacock TV.

You just have to simply type in Peacock (you can add the “TV” in it) and you’ll be able to search for it.

Step 3: Click “Add Channel”

When you find it, click on it and hit on the button that says “+ Add Channel.”

Step 4: Sign Into Your Roku Account When Prompted

Clicking on it will automatically give a prompt asking you to sign in to your Roku Account. This happens even when you’re signed in; so, don’t worry about it (it’s not a phishing scam).

Once you sign in you would have to confirm the addition of the channel. That’s when you’ll be redirected for card details if the program or the subscription is paid.

Creating a New Peacock Account Within the Process

As you may have noticed, the guide did not include any steps on how to register or create an account with Peacock TV, but is it possible to create one? Yes!

In the part or the phase where you’d have to sign into your Peacock account, there’s an option there that will allow you to register.

Instead of signing or logging in, just click on that button and you’ll be good to go.

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Peacock TV Not Working on Roku TV: What Should I Do?

So, you have a Roku device or player and you’ve successfully added Peacock TV. However, upon opening it, it’s telling you that you’re not able to watch or access Peacock TV.

In this case, the best thing to do is to contact Roku’s technical team and ask about it.

Tell them that you’ve accomplished all necessary steps on how to get Peacock TV on Roku and you see it, but it’s not streaming.

There you have it! Those are the easy-to-do and the simple steps on how to get Peacock TV on Roku!

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