how to get bt sport on freeview

How to Get BT Sport on Freeview – Quick Guide

Wondering how to get BT Sport on Freeview? Regardless of your gender, most people love the sport.

There are so many different sports available today that everybody loves to watch, not only males or females but also different age groups.

We all know how to get BT Sport on other platforms- you must pay for it, quite simply.

This is because sports channels do not come free of charge, but how to get BT Sport on Freeview is a question that baffles many people.

Follow this guide and you will watch Premier league football in no time.

We do not promise that all the options will be free of charge, but some options are more affordable than the other ones.

BT Sport on Freeview

bt sport on freeview

It is not mandatory for Freeview customers to be BT Broadband customers to get BT Sports.

They can watch this sports showcase channel on Freeview without any restrictions.

You can get this channel on your Freeview using the following methods:

  • Use Google Chromecast Stick
  • The BT Sport Monthly Pass
  • Computer & HDMI cable
  • Using BT Sports App

Quick Note

The prices mentioned in this guide is subject to change as BT may revise the rates or give promotional offers.

The BT Sport Showcase Channel

You can watch the BT Showcase channel free of charge on channel 115 Freeview HD.

In earlier seasons at least 12 games from Champions League and 14 games of UEFA Europa League have been shown live, many of them with football teams from the UK.

Some semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League as well as the final game have been there for you for live streaming and completely free of charge on this channel.

In addition to that, it has also been broadcasted online at their official website.

The season of 2020/21 BT will still need to clarify if they will show certain games on the Sports Showcase Channel, or it will take a different route.

As far as we know it will be possible for some games, Champions League finals included, to be viewed online on their official website and it will be completely free of charge.

How to Get BT Sport on Freeview

Let us learn in details how you can get your favourite BT Sports on your Freeview.

1. Use Google Chromecast Stick

chromecast bt sport on freeview

If you happen to be a BT Broadband customer and in possession of a Google Chromecast streaming stick, then one more alternative is to broadcast BT Sport straight from your smartphone or tablet to the Freeview TV.

The BT Sports Android and iOS apps are both compatible with the Chromecast which means that you do not have to buy a BT TV package. Lucky you!

As mentioned earlier, new customers will have to pay £15 a month for a BT Broadband package plus their phone line rental already added.

This will let you enjoy watching BT Sport from your phones or tablets, or their Freeview TVs via Chromecast.

So, it seems that BT sport on Freeview does come with a price tag.

2. The BT Sport Monthly Pass – BT Broadband Not Required

bt monthly pass

This is another way for you to solve the puzzle of how to get BT Sport on Freeview.

There is a BT Sport Monthly Pass that started last year in December and allows anyone to watch and buy BT Sport without a contract, and monthly.

It only costs you £25 per month and you are not obliged to have BT Broadband.

So, what do you get with The BT Sport Monthly Pass?

It will give you access to all the content through the BT Sport app on Android and Apple devices, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Samsung TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast (therefore it can be sent out to a Freeview TV).

It has also been made available online through You are getting quite a lot for that amount of money, which is a small price for all of you sports enthusiasts.

3. Using Computer & HDMI Cable

bt hdmi cable

If some of you are already BT Broadband customers and are not fond of the idea of paying for a BT TV subscription as well as to watch BT Sport on Sky TV, there is a solution for you.

You can do so by using your computers instead, and HDMI cables so you can be able to enjoy BT Sport on Freeview. All you need is

  • Computer/Laptop
  • HDMI Cable

Although what essentially this means is that BT Sport is not accessible straight on Freeview. Yet it’s a good way to go about it if you want to enjoy your sports games in the comfort of your house. With a beer in your hand, perhaps.

How to Do it?

What you have to do is you need to go on the BT Sport website, to log in, and simply begin to broadcast the game with their online player.

Follow the steps below:

  • Connect your HDMI Cable to your Computer
  • Log in to BT Sports Website
  • Now connect the other end to your Freeview TV
  • Use the TV Remote to find the HDMI Channel
  • Start Watching!

You can be connected using a laptop as well. For those who are yet to become a customer of BT, the Broadband picture is slightly different, by slightly I mean a lot!

New customers would need to buy a BT Broadband package and that package includes BT phone line rental, as well as BT Sport Pack.

Price for the most popular package is £27.99 a month and it is their superfast fibre broadband where standard speeds are about 50Mbps plus their phone line rental.

4. Using BT Sports App

bt sports app freeview

You can also watch your favourite sports by using the BT Sports app. It is possible for current BT Sport customers to download this app completely free of charge.

However, current customers who do not have BT Sport will have to pay for a subscription to this app. Prices are from £15 a month, you should decide whether is worth it or not.

Recently you can download the new BT Sport app on one of the following devices:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox One S
  • Xbox One X
  • Sony PlayStation 4
  • Samsung TV manufactured after 2015
  • Apple TV (starting at 4th generation)

For all potential customers, they will have to buy a broadband package of BT that also has a line rental included, as well as this sports app and at the time of the writing, it costs around £15 a month.

That will enable prospective customers to enjoy BT Sport on Freeview TV through the previously mentioned devices.


Apart from the available BT Sport Showcase channel, there is no other method to get BT Sport on Freeview.

Your only other options are to spend some cash for a BT TV subscription or, if you’ve had a BT broadband subscription, make satisfactory use of BT Sports iOS and Android app.

Else you can retune your Freeview regularly to see if any other sports channels are available that suit your needs.

We hope after reading this guide on how to get BT sports on Freeview you have made up your mind on which step you should go further. In case of any issues, you can always comment below.

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