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How To Fix CenturyLink DSL Red Light

CenturyLink DSL red light is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to anyone.

This is because the only thing more stressful than having a slow internet connection is having none at all. Fortunately, CenturyLink’s got your back!

CenturyLink is one of the most popular ISP or Internet Service Providers around the globe. With a broad range of speeds, it has relatively cheap plans than the average.

However, the service may still fall short of what users expect. But thanks to its light indicator, users can identify their router’s state and troubleshoot problems.

CenturyLink DSL Light Red

centurylink dsl light red

DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, is the type of internet connection that CenturyLink offers.

If the DSL light on the modem is solid green, the relationship between the ISP and your home is well-established.

However, a CenturyLink DSL red light might indicate a problem with its connectivity or with the router.

Upon setting up the modem, the red light should not last for longer than 30 seconds.

router centurylink settings

Photo byCenturyLink

Otherwise, it indicates that the router has a problem. The persisting red light might mean that the router cannot connect with CenturyLink or cannot detect a DSL signal.

Another reason that you do not have an internet connection is that the CenturyLink signal is down in your area.

You may contact the CenturyLink hotlines for assistance with that, aside from waiting for the internet connection to return.

Troubleshooting CenturyLink DSL Red Light

Ensure that your router is properly set up and not filtered. You will only need filters on the jack when connected to a telephone.

If you did not subscribe to a CenturyLink landline phone service, filters would not be required.

Setting Up Your Router Again

setup router

The first troubleshooting method that you can do is to set up your router again.

If you want to set up your router without a mobile device manually, you can do these steps:


  • Plug the green cord’s end into the modem’s green cord slot, the other into the phone jack.
  • Connect the power cord into an outlet, and then wait for a few minutes for the Internet light on the router to turn orange.
  • Connect the modem to a computer with a yellow Ethernet cord. The light should turn green in a few seconds.
  • Visit the CenturyLink website on your browser, then follow the on-screen instructions to set up the modem.

Rebooting Your Router

reboot router

If correctly set up, you may try a router reboot before resetting. A reboot is turning your modem off and back on.

The steps for a router reboot are as follows:

  • Unplug the power cord from the modem.
  • Make sure that all the lights on the modem are off.
  • Wait for at least a minute, then plug the power cord back again into the modem.
  • Wait for the light indicators to turn green.
  • Try reconnecting to the internet.

Reset Centurylink Router

reset centurylink router

If rebooting the modem did not improve the situation, resetting your router would be a good idea.

Resetting your modem restores its settings to factory default.

Resetting also means erasing customized settings such as personalized passwords, wireless settings, IP address setup, etc.

The reset button is usually red and recessed to prevent accidental touches.

You would need a small, blunt tool to push the button, such as paper clips or ball-point pens.

Here is how you can reset your Centurylink modem:

centurylink router reset

Photo byCenturyLink

Step 1.  Press and hold the reset button for at least 15 seconds. The power light must start flickering orange or red when done correctly.

Step 2.  Wait until the power light turns amber.

Step 3.  You will also need to put your account log-in information to configure your modem.

Step 4. Wait for the internet light to turn green to connect to the internet.

Step 5. Re-enter the default network security key or Wi-Fi password from previously connected devices to connect to the internet.

Quick Note 

Resetting the modem would mean resetting the customized passwords as well.

To reconnect to your Wi-Fi connection, use the original password shown on the modem sticker provided.

If you feel there is serious issue with your modem, you can proceed to Centurylink return modem steps to return it.

Upgrading Your Firmware

firmware upgrade

If your DSL light remains red after the troubleshooting guide above, you may upgrade your modem’s firmware.

Firmware updates are essential for new features, thus keeping the router’s performance at its par.

Ensure that your firmware is at its latest version, especially if the equipment is not working correctly.

Using Internet Explorer or Safari with a stable internet connection to perform the firmware updates is highly recommended.

Note that updating or upgrading the firmware will not reset your custom router settings, so backing-up is not required.

Here are the steps to improve your firmware:

  • Connect a device to the internet via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.
  • Type into the web address field, and then log-in to the required information such as the Administrator Username and Password.
  • Select Utilities then Upgrade firmware.
  • Afterward, choose the Upgrade Status option.

Quick Note

Once you are here, you would know that you are done if you receive a “Firmware is up to date” or “N/A” message on your screen.

If it says Update Firmware, proceed to “Download.” Once you install a firmware, you can do the following:

  • Select “Upgrade Firmware.”
  • Wait for the upgrade installation and modem reboot to finish.
  • Afterwards, you will have the “Modem GUI Log-in” on your screen.
  • Wait for the internet and router lights to turn green before trying to access the internet.

The Essentials

The red light that you see on your CenturyLink DSL modem may indicate that you do not have any internet connection.

There are three essential and straightforward troubleshooting methods that you can do.

But if issues persist despite the troubleshooting tips above, do not hesitate to call 1-855-999-9873 on weekdays every 8 AM to 6 PM (ET).

You can also visit the CenturyLink website for assistance. Now you can enjoy a fast internet connection in the comfort of your home!

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