how to check phone line is active

How to Check Phone Line Is Active? [Proven Methods]

How to check phone line is active? If you recently moved into your new home or are experiencing issues with your landline, then the best way to go about is to check whether your phone line is up and running.

But with so many complicated instructions concerning this matter online, how exactly can you manage this task independently?

In this guide, let us look at all the possible techniques to ensure that your landline is active.

We will also share an alternative method with you if you do not have a handheld device at home.

Why Check Whether Landline Is Active

check phone line is active

The need to stay connected with our family and friends is crucial in why having an active landline is essential in every home.

Aside from this, several network providers require an active landline to fully and effectively install an internet connection in your residence.

Without an active landline, you may not be able to check up on your family and friends or even stream your favorite programs and music.

Hence, it is essential to ensure that your line has an independent circuit, which is not in contact with other landlines.

How to Check Phone Line Is Active

steps to check phone line is active

We understand the irritation and stress you may feel when encountering issues with your landline.

However, dealing with these problems is not that complicated.

In this section, we will show you several quick and easy-to-do methods to ensure that your landline is active:

Method 1: Check for Connectivity Issues

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The easiest way to know whether you have an active landline is by checking whether there are connectivity issues present in your cables and devices.

Below are some approaches you can take when dealing with these problems:

Step 1 – Charge Your Handheld Device

If you are using a wireless device, ensure that it has enough battery.

If not, we suggest charging it for around 15 minutes before testing your landline again.

Step 2 – Secure Your Cables And Cord

Unplug your phone cord from its jack and check its condition.

If there are damages to it, make sure to replace it as soon as possible.

Afterward, tightly connect the cable back in place. Make sure that it is not loose.

Step 3 – Use A Different Handheld Device

Aside from securing and examining your cables, ensure that your handheld device is also in its peak condition.

You can rule out issues with your device by testing your landline with a different handheld device and checking for dial tone.

Step 4 – Check Your Outlets

Unplug the devices connected to your phone line, such as your phone, routers, and fax machines.

Afterward, plug your handheld device into every outlet and check if your line is active.

If not, reach out to your provider’s customer service to schedule an engineer visit.

Step 5 – Call Your Home Number

Another quick and easy technique to check if your landline is active is calling your home number using your smartphone.

You can also request your friends or neighbors to call your landline.

Method 2: Check Outdoor Phone Line

phone line check II

Besides the techniques mentioned above, you can also check your landline’s status by directly connecting your phone cord to your exterior box’s jack.

For this method, follow these steps:

Step 1

Locate your phone line box outside your home and open it using a screwdriver.

Step 2

Unplug the jack that your handheld device is using and plug your phone cord instead.

Step 3

Check for a dial tone from your receiver.

How to Test a Phone line Without a Phone?

phone line check voltmeter

Despite not having a physical handheld device with you at home, you can still test whether your landline is active using a voltmeter or multimeter.

These two devices are capable of checking your line’s continuity and whether your provider’s signal reaches your residence.

So, once you have your voltmeter prepared, here is how to test a phone line without a phone:

Step 1 – Unplug All Devices

Before testing your landline’s status, make sure to unplug all the devices connected to it, such as your fax machines or routers.

Step 2 – Open Your Line Box

Afterward, open your phone line box located outside your house with a screwdriver.

Once opened, unplug the jack and disconnect the wirings to open your box’s circuit.

Ensure that these cables are not in close contact.

Otherwise, you will have a challenging time testing your line’s continuity.

Step 3 – Check Provider’s Signals

voltmeter to check phoneline

Although optional, we highly recommend testing whether your provider’s signals are reaching your home using a voltmeter.

For this step, make sure that all the wirings in your phone line box are in place.

Afterward, put your device into volts, and then touch the black and red probes of this device to the red and green wirings, respectively.

If your voltage reading is at least 45 to 48 mV, then it means that there are no issues at your provider’s end.

But if your measurement is 0 mV, there is a chance that you are not receiving any signal from your telecommunications company.

Step 4 – Check for Faults

Check whether your voltmeter is working by placing it into its continuity settings and then touching its probes with each other.

If you get a fluctuating reading, then your voltmeter is fully functional.

Otherwise, you need to replace your device with a new one and test for continuity again.

But if your voltmeter is functional, place the black probe to the red wiring and the red one to the other colored cable.

You will know if there is a fault in your phone line if you get a reading.

Aside from this, you can also test the individual phone jacks of your wirings to ensure that they are still in their peak condition.

Step 5 – Contact Your Provider

If there is a fault in your phone line, you need to reach out to your provider’s customer service and schedule an appointment with their technicians to repair the wirings inside your house.

With their help, you will easily get your landline back to its peak condition.


We hope after reading this article, you have understood how to check phone line is active.

You can use any of the methods mentioned above.

For more assistance, you can always contact the support staff of your operator.

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