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EE Moving Home : A Step by Step Guide

EE Moving Home is among the most reputable home move services here in the United Kingdom. We all know the stress and frustration that come when moving into a new place.

Also, it can be a matter of worry how to initiate the moving process as there is no set of clear guidelines issued by the Company.

Luckily, we have your back covered!

Here, let us look at the perks and what you should do when transferring to a new house. If you follow the steps one by one, you will complete the whole process without any faults or trouble.

So, let us start without any further delay!

Why Get the EE Broadband Moving Home Service?

ee broadband moving home

Getting the moving home EE service may be one of the best choices you will ever make.

Its procedure is simple and straightforward, but you can also avail of this offer without any additional charge, even if they need to send an engineer at your new place.

But aside from being free, Fibre and standard broadband customers would not need to pay for their first month of broadband after they complete their move.

Meanwhile, if you are an existing EE pay monthly mobile user, you will be eligible for EE benefits like – data booster packages upto 50 GB for your EE device within few days of your house move request.


If these perks sound pleasing to your ears, below is a list of things you should do when moving out of your house.

EE Moving House: Before

before move ee

Before moving into your new place, you need to do two essential steps: checking for the availability of broadband deals and booking your move appointment.

1. Checking Broadband Availability

ee availability

When moving out of your place, the first step is to check the available broadband deals at your new address.

Most customers may be able to transfer their current broadband contract, but those on a Superfast connection may have trouble doing so.

This network includes people who are on cable broadband, Fibre Optic, and Fibre broadband.

If your new address does not support your broadband deal, you may need to cancel your contract and sign up with a new provider.

But you can also downgrade it to a broadband deal with slower speed. You can quickly figure out the most affordable packages by merely putting your postcode here.

2. Booking Your Move

contact ee

Once you have determined the broadband deal that you want, you can book a move request with the UK provider.

This can be done in two simple ways: through their website or call. Decide which is the most appropriate method for you and follow the steps below.

# Through Their Website

If you want to book your home move online, all you need to do is sign in to your My EE account. Once you have entered the portal, choose the Moving Home option, and answer all the necessary questions.

# Through Call

To initiate your move request through call, you can reach out to their customer service at 150 using your phone. But if you are calling from another mobile, you can dial 0800 079 8586 instead.

You would need to inform the home move agent about your request and provide them with the following information:

  • Your current address or landline number
  • Your new address
  • Your planned moving date

Quick Note

If your new address had the same telephone exchange area, you might be able to keep your current phone number.

But make sure to give the Company at least 21 days’ notice before your actual moving date. If there are changes with your moving date, you can call them again and reschedule your move.

During EE Moving House

during move ee

During the day of your move, we recommend you bring your wireless router and EE TV box with you to your new house.

But in cases where you would need brand new equipment, EE’s home move team will inform you. They will also keep you up to date through text or email. But you can also check their progress online.

After the Move

after move ee

Once you have everything settled, you would need to set up your router and cables again. Remember, your EE home broadband service could go live at any time of the day. The latest would be at midnight.

When you receive a text message from them informing you that your connection is up and running, you can now plug in your equipment and start using it immediately.

EE Moving Home Cancellation

ee move home cancellation

However, there may be cases when there are no broadband services in your new address that match your interests and requirements.

If this happens, you may need to cancel your contract with them. Thus, you might be eligible for early termination charges.

1. Out of Contract

If you are out of contract, you would not have to worry about paying anything. Since you have already reached your minimum term, you can safely cancel your broadband deal without additional termination fees.

2. Within Contract

In contrast, if you are still within your minimum term, you need to pay their Remaining Contract Charge.

All you would have to do is to contact support staff on 0800 079 0544 with at least a minimum of 30 days’ notice to cancel.

To calculate for your Remaining Contract Charge, you would need to consider a couple of factors, namely your discounts, VAT, the company’s cost-savings, and a 4% discount for early payment.

Quick Note 

As the name implies, your early termination fee would depend on the number of months left on your contract.

These terms may be a bit confusing for some but let us go through their cancellation calculations below:

First, you would need to subtract your discounts, VAT, and EE’s cost-savings from your monthly charges.

Next, you need to multiply that value with the number of months left within your minimum contract term. Lastly, apply the 4% discount, and you will get your Remaining Contract Charge.

Moving Home With EE

EE does its best to provide its existing home broadband customers with the best service at their new homes.

However, this would still depend on the availability of their network connection. If you want to know more about EE Moving home, you can reach out to their customer service hotline.

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