do you need a phone line for broadband

Do You Need A Phone Line for Broadband? Possible Solutions

Do you need a phone line for broadband? Getting a phone line along with broadband is not what everyone like.

Thankfully, you can still connect to the web without a phone line. Many possible alternatives offer excellent connection speed. Whether it be Fibre, mobile, satellite, or cable internet, you can say goodbye to your landline.

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Here, you’ll learn whether it’s possible to connect to the web without a phone line. We’ll also go into detail about how you can connect to the web without a line rental.

So, to keep you from waiting, let’s now answer your most asked questions about the topic.

Do You Need A Phone Line for Broadband?

Before, broadband packages only work when you have a phone line at home. Old internet services that use copper wires like ADSL and DSL would require a landline.

But because of this, they’re more readily available to people.

Even if you need a phone line for your plan, don’t worry because it won’t interfere with your calls and internet.

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You can still answer your landline while surfing through the web. So, if the only available plan in your area is ADSL or DSL, you’d need to rent your line.

But now, you can get standalone internet plans. That means you can browse the web without a landline at home. Depending on your budget, you can choose among Fibre, mobile, or satellite broadband.

Is Standalone Internet Cheaper?

Generally, standalone internet deals are cheaper than those that come in bundles. So, if you’re not using your landline at home, then you may want to upgrade to a better plan.

Does Fibre Broadband Need A Phone Line?

does fibre broadband need a phone line

As mentioned, Fibre broadband technically doesn’t need a phone line to work.

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That means you can connect to the web without renting and paying for your landline. However, this only holds for specific Fibre deals.

Out of the two possible plans, you’d need a phone line if you’re getting the Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) package.

It offers you a speed between 30 to 70 Mbps. It’s also widely available around in most countries.

Unfortunately, it still uses copper phone lines to transmit the internet to your home. We’ll dive more into the other deal in the following section.

But hopefully, this can clear the question, Does Fibre broadband need a phone line?

How to Get Internet Without a Phone Line?

how to get internet without a phone line

There are many ways to connect to the web without a landline at home. You can upgrade your existing plan to Fibre, get mobile or satellite broadband.

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You can also sign up for Virgin Media’s cable internet services.

Below, let’s look at how to get internet without a phone line:

1. Fibre Internet

Fibre allows you to connect to the web without a phone line. It also offers you a connection speed reaching up to 900 Mbps.

Unlike the FTTC plan, Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) doesn’t need a phone line to work. It uses special cables compared to the former’s copper lines.

It’s also currently the fastest Fibre connection, granting it with the name – Full-Fibre broadband.

FTTH is unfortunately only available in a few locations. If you’re residing in the countryside, then it may not have operations in your area.

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Instead, you’d need to wait for your provider to expand their services. But this plan is more reliable and faster than ADSL and DSL.

2. Mobile Internet

Besides Fibre, you can also connect to the web without a phone line using your mobile broadband. You can choose between 4G SIM cards or mobile dongles.

These two options are affordable alternatives to when you want to continue using the internet wherever you are.

Whatever you choose between the two won’t matter because they offer quick access to the internet.

They’re also portable and convenient. You can continue surfing the web even if you’re on the go. Most 4G SIM cards give you decent access to your email and Messenger.

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However, you’ll have trouble streaming shows from Netflix with this SIM card. But if you’re using mobile broadband for your games, you can avail the newest 5G plan.

It can give you a connection speed of up to 200 Mbps.

The only downside to this alternative is you’d need an excellent cellular signal to continue using it.

Otherwise, you won’t have the best surfing and streaming experience. You’ll encounter unexpected disconnections more often. You’ll also

3. Satellite Internet

Besides Fibre and mobile plans, you can also get satellite internet instead. Unfortunately, its connection speeds are slower than the rest.

But it’s useful because you can get it even if you’re in the countryside.

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4. Cable Internet

Since Fibre isn’t readily accessible, cable broadband is another possible alternative.

However, only Virgin Media offers such services in the UK because their operations are independent.

Compared to big-name providers like Sky and TalkTalk, Virgin Media has its very own cable network.

It doesn’t use the same equipment and lines from Openreach. Sadly, these broadband deals are more expensive than renting a landline.

The availability of these broadband deals would depend on your location in the UK. Some areas would have access to Fibre or satellite lines.

So, make sure to check with your internet provider to know which plans are operating in your vicinity.

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What Broadband Type Should I Get?

For a more stable internet connection, we suggest getting Fibre. Although it’s more expensive than mobile and satellite internet, you won’t have to worry about disconnections.

You can also connect many devices to your internet without buffering.

But if you’re always on the go, you can go ahead with mobile broadband. You can enjoy surfing the web using a 4G or 5G SIM card or a mobile dongle.

However, get ready for frequent disconnections, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

How To Switch To Fibre or Cable Broadband?

If you want to connect to the web without your landline, you may opt to switch to Fibre. It’s faster than ADSL and relatively affordable.

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Upgrading to this plan is also quite simple. The same goes for when you want to switch to cable broadband.

Just check whether Fibre or Virgin Media is available in your location. If it is, click on your preferred internet plan and subscribe.

Take note that a technician may visit your house to install the needed equipment.

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Now, this brings us back to our opening question, if you need a phone line for broadband? 

There are many possible alternatives to connect to the web without needing a landline at home.

You can sign up for Fibre and get a quicker connection speed than ADSL and DSL.

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You can also try out mobile dongles or SIM cards to connect wherever you are. Satellite and cable broadband deals are also excellent alternatives.

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