how much data does netflix use to download a movie

How much Data does Netflix use to Download a Movie?

Do you know how much data does Netflix use to download a movie ?

If you do not known, we have this article for you.

Netflix today is the world leader in the broadcasting of films, series and documentaries via streaming.

The American company has been able to transform the world of video on demand in a few years.

In 2000, Netflix introduced a system of personalized recommendations that uses user ratings to accurately predict the titles that members would like to watch. 

Tweaking its algorithm from year to year, it has become the monster with the 3 billion turnover we know today.

This incredible surge was made possible thanks to a very skillful use of big Internet pack…

Habits, desires, preferences, everything is scrutinized in order to hit the bull’s eye for sure!

Download or Stream Netflix

While you want the Netflix movies or series online on your TV or smartphone online, it is called streaming.

When you plan to make a copy in your smartphone or TV for later viewing it is calleddownloading.

As a thumb rule, both streaming and downloading uses the same quantity of Internet pack.

If a movie is of 5 GB, both watching it online or downloading will consume the same amount of your data.

Therefore, you should prefer to download wherever the option will be available.In this way you can watch it again and again.

Netflix Data Usage

Do you know how much GB is used while you stream or download? 

Moreover, are you aware of the data usage in watching your favourite series on Netflix?

The common answer we get it – No!

While you use this streaming company, it is better to have an idea how much data Netflix uses while you watch or stream your favourite movies or shows.

We suggest you consider it, before you subscribe to any new Internet Provider or plan.

Benefits of knowing the Internet Usage

  • High chance  that you won’t get bill shocks or high bill at the end of the month.
  • You can plan your other Internet usage for the month.
  • Plan how many content you can watch on average per month.
  • Your Internet plan won’t exhaust well before time.

Data Netflix Use Per Hour

The quality of content that you find in this streaming platform is of very high level.

Hence, the amount of data Netflix use to transfer a movie or show  to your device is on the upper side.

Moreover, being a top-level stream company, Netflix provides high quality services and materials.Let us break down how much data does Netflix consumes to download a full movie.This breakdown is based on download per hour with respect to quality:

Data Use per Hour

1 GB

6-7 GB

In this way we can calculate, how much GB does you need for Netflix downloads.

Standard quality uses the least while the Ultra HD uses the most data.

How much Data Netflix use to Download Movie

Let us calculate how much GB does Netflix uses for downloading your favorite movie or show. 

Case I

Now let us calculate it for a movie in HD, the length is  2 hours total for our calculation purpose.

For downloading the movie, the following amount of GB  will be used:


Data use for HD Video per hour   :   3 GB

To download in HD, we will need  :   2x 3 Gb or 6 GB total

But for Ultra high definition, the amount that you may require to download the movie will increase significantly.

Case II

Downloading the same content of two hours in Ultra HD, the amount consumed will be


Data use for Ultra HD Video per hour   : 6-7 GB

Our movie in HD, we will need    :    2x 6-7 Gb or 12- 14 GB.

However, in standard definition the amount of Internet pack consumption will be must less and will be in the range 1-2 GB.

Therefore, when you choose to download, keep this figure in mind.

Can I Control Netflix Data Use

Since, the content provider use a large amount of data, the company also knows that this may cause a concern for many of their users.

To reduce the usage, you can do the following.

Netflix users can watch any content with the following parameters:

  • Low Definition
  • Medium Definition
  • High Definition
  • Auto

If your speed is slow or you want low consumption of data while you watch, you can adjust the quality settings.You should cancelthe idea of High definition if your speed is low.

Hence, if you select SD or low quality, download size will be 0.3 Gb per hour while HD quality will consume 3Gb per hour as mentioned above.

Therefore, whatever parameter suits you, set is as default on Netflix and you can hence control data use on Netflix.

Is 100 GB Enough for Netflix?

is 100 gb enough for netflix

Many users have this doubt whether their Internet plan can accommodateNetflixor not.Is 100 GB enough?And so on..To get a clear idea lets distribute our monthly Internet expenditure on an average.

Calculations – Data Required for Downloading

For calculation, we assume that you will watch one Movie per day and 1 show per day on average.


180 GB


230 GB

From the above example it is clear that, in this world of streaming 100 GB  is not enough for a regular user.

You will need minimum 300 GB internet to watch Netflix and for other Internet work simultaneously.

Therefore, keep track of your Internet usage and choose your Internet plan accordingly.

However, if you just watch one or two movies a week, 100 GB is more than sufficient for you.

Therefore, when you ask if 100 Gb is enough for Netflix, the best answer will be – it all depends on your viewership type viz., heavy or low user.

Which Video Quality Should I Stream or Download?

While streaming or downloading , it is common for all of us to go the highest possible quality.

But, doing this we do not take into consideration how much data does Netflix use to download a movie or show.The same applies to streaming as well.

Consider Downloading by Merits

It is always our wish to see things in High Definition or Ultra HD.But you should download a movie considering its merits or requirements

  • For Example, your kids want to see a kid’s content.Is it necessary to play that movie in Ultra HD?Normal quality video will work for them fine.
  • And when you want to watch a Sci -Fi one, it is better to watch in HD or Ultra HD to experience the excitement and thrill that it has to offer.

That is why, choose quality of video accordingly.In this way you can save a lot of data for future stream or download.

Netflix Data Saving Tips

While using Netflix, it is always a good option to save some data for future use. Some of the Internet pack saving tips while using the service are as follows:

1.   Avoid Mobile Internet

When you use Wi-Fi, prefer to watch through it only. Avoid mobile Internet. You can change the playback quality to Auto or Low quality.

2.   Download Only

Moreover, download only if you intend to see it again rather than streaming online.

3.   Check Content

Before watching any content, go online and check reviews of the show or movie. This way you can avoid any bad content.

4.   Never download in mobile Internet

Most importantly, never set the download option in normal mobile Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Netflix Use a Lot of Mobile Data?

If you use the streaming service on mobile Internet, you will consume the same amount of data as explained below. Consumption will only depend on the stream or download quality you choose. 

Does Netflix Use Data on WiFi?

When you choose Wi-Fi, turn off your mobile Internet to be assure that it is not used. However, if you have Wi-Fi, it is always better to connect to it and use any steaming service


We hope you have got an idea how much data does Netflix use to download a movie. Keep the GBs in mind while you enjoy your favorite show.

It will not only help you to keep your Internet plan in tack also not to burn your pocket. Use the precise information we provided for your benefit and enjoy Netflix!

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