centurylink where's my tech

Centurylink where’s my Tech

Centurylink where’s my tech is the service that most subscriber of Centurylink talks about. It is a quick access service provided by the company to let subscribers know the status of their technician visit.

Sometimes a customer’s technical appointment time may get missed. The reasons for this condition may be due to

  • Engineers not showing up
  • The customer cannot find time to be home.

If you are ever unsure about when to expect your CenturyLink technicians, or how we ensure our technicians keep to estimated times of arrival – here’s the read to keep you in the loop…

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What makes CenturyLink so Special? 

CenturyLink operates as a global technology company, with headquarters in Monroe. It has over 45,000 dedicated employees, from customer service agents to technicians, to account manager.

facts on where's my tech

CenturyLink is one of the USA’s most widely recognised Internet Service Providers (ISP). Their website and customer service lines are quick and simple to use.

Centurylink is the second largest communication provider only second to Verizon Communication in terms of the number of subscribers they have.

Their ‘Where is my Technician?’ portal is a handy tool for subscribers who would have previously been left with an only telephonic option.

So, when you are enquiring about the status of your technician visit, the company acts promptly.

Facts – Centurylink where’s my Tech

In the early days, customers would be required to call the tech support number to know the status of the technician visit. This would require going through all the auto-attendant processes, which just adds more time.

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But CenturyLink’s ‘Where is my Tech?’ is a much faster way than was traditionally used.

If customers are enquiring about a CenturyLink technician’s Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for non-same day appointments, this will not be available, rather only the 4-hour window will be displayed.

This appointment window is though, subject to change, due to the high demands that US CenturyLink offices receive as more and more customers look to improve their broadband speeds and upgrade their routers and WIFI modems.

Enquiring About Your Technician

tech visit status check

Many times it happened when the technician does not show up. This is indeed a frustrating situation. When you need to enquire about the where’s my tech CenturyLink you can visit the Company website to know the status.

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If you do not want to call the support staff and wait for them to talk, you can use their online “CenturyLink where’s my tech” to know the status.

To enquire about the visit status of technicians, follow these steps on their website:

where's my tech login

Source: https://www.centurylink.com/

  1. Open this link of the Company
  2. Head to the contacts page
  3. Enter valid USA 5-digit ZIP code
  4. Enter the phone number, account number
  5. Or enter valid Repair Ticket Number
  6. Know the Status

Quick Fact. Around 90% of technicians do show up on time, however, 10% of technicians regularly being late is very high – Especially considering that this constitutes for every state in America.

According to reports, CenturyLink technicians must aim to keep to a 4-hour appointment window – so customers are advised to wait until their 4-hour window has expired, before calling technical support.

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What about my installation appointment?

If customers are anticipating an installation for their home, the Company’s ‘Where is My Technician?’ site form is handy. Because, it is always exciting to get a new connection.

Modem and/or broadband installations can easily take up to 6 hours if work involves things such as extra wiring, or installation of outlets.

Quick Fact. When customers are worried it is too late in the day, there will be updates given as to when next to expect a technician on another day.

Due to this, it is highly recommended for homeowners expecting a technician, to take the day off work should they normally work on the same day of their scheduled technician appointment.

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What If I’m Not Available?

If no one over the age of 18 is present at the house/building where the installation or work is to take place – The technician may be forced to tell the customer to reschedule.

reschedule centurylink tech

When the Company send a technician, you must be available at your home. But if you are not sure about your availability, you can surely reschedule the appointment to a later date.

For rescheduling do the following:

1. Call Technical Support

The tech support number of Centurylink is 080661 63301. Call them and ask for rescheduling. You can also even use the chat service on their website to chat immediately to support staff.

2. Request for Reschedule

Ask them to reschedule the tech appointment date. Before accepting any date make sure you will be available that day for sure.

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3. Timeline

Rescheduling an appointment must be done at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment window. Otherwise, they may still be charged due to the technician not being able to carry out work, when they are on contracted hours.

Reschedule due to Company’s Problem

With recent reports from the cable commission shows that the issue of CenturyLink technicians missing appointments.

It is something that happens more often than one would expect, with dozens of appointments being rescheduled each week across the USA.

Quick Fact. CenturyLink blames this on the high demand that continues to grow for Fibre Broadband.

Their newest gigabit services are attractive, and rightly so, offering speeds that are more than 40 times as fast compared to standard broadband connections.

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It is a balance of two weights that ultimately the customer will either be rewarded or somewhat disappointed from.


Their customer support hotline continues to under perform, and the technician tracking tool will hopefully soon disassociate most if not all need to call support when customers are chasing up technician appointments.

Hold times of up to 30 Minutes are still reported from impatient customers looking for help.

So, it will be vital for CenturyLink to inform customers that they can track their dedicated technician in two clicks, rather than over a phone call that could last several minutes.

Customers can access the ‘Where is my Technician?’ web portal using the link below, only a phone number or Repair Ticket Number is required.

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