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How to Fix BritBox Not Working in Easy Steps

BritBox not working? We understand how you feel when you experience is BritBox not working issue.

It can be frustrating when you just want to watch and catch up on your favorite TV shows.

If you are surfing the net to see answers to your problem, then we recommend that you finish this article to guide you through your problem.

This issue may be due to several instances. Do not worry because you’re not alone in this problem.

We would be able to help you with a few techniques so you can troubleshoot.

The troubleshoot steps that can hopefully get you back in watching your favorite shows.

BritBox Not Working – Troubleshooting Steps

If you experience some issues with your BritBox application, then try these basic troubleshooting steps to solve your problem.

Also, it is best to do this every time you encounter troubles from said application.

1. Restart the Application

The first advisable step to do is to try closing and opening the BritBox app or the browser where it’s open.

restart britbox

As basic as this may seem, there are instances where you just need the application to have a fresh restart.

If this does not solve your problem, proceed to the next step.

2. Establish A Stable Internet Connection

stable wifi for britbox

It is, in fact not an uncommon thing!

If you are not connected to the internet, you would not be able to watch your favorite shows or download videos from the web.

Ensure that you are well-connected to your Wi-Fi networks or your phone signals.

If you are not sure then it is better to reset your internet router or mobile data until it reconnects.

To establish a better internet connection, do the following steps:

  • If you’re having a bit of trouble with your connection, make sure that the range of router or mobile data is in a good range of connection to your device/s.
  • Remove everything that could possibly cause physical and signal obstruction; which can be the cause of the problems with your Smart TV’s connection.
  • Temporarily disable other devices that share or draw internet data.

It is advisable that you contact your internet service provider when you are experiencing connectivity issues.

Also know when to replace an existing modem or router.

3. Restart Your Device          

If BritBox not working is a problem, then it would be wise to check 1st the app on a unique device.

This is because your streaming device or your Smart TV may be filled with a lot of different streaming applications that could ruin its performance.

restart your device

If the application is working on a different device, then chances are that you have narrowed down the issue.

It’s possible that your Smart TV has a problem.

Try restarting or unplugging your streaming device for at least a minute.

4. Determine Whether BritBox App is Updated

You need to make sure that your BritBox app is at its latest software update.

Whether you are using a smartphone, Smart TV, or any other streaming device, updating your BritBox app to its latest version helps a lot.

This will fix even those problems that you did not know you have.

There are indicators that will show that your app is not updated.

Error prompts such as the following would indicate an outdated version of your application.

Thus, these messages should necessitate you to update your application.

  • “This content is not currently available on this device”
  • “Media Resolution Failed”
  • “Manifest”

There are devices where the application does not automatically update.

Therefore, you should sometimes manually check if the app is updated.

5. Take Help of Support Staff

However, when some error messages only appear when you are watching specific streaming videos, then you might have been experiencing technical glitches.

In this regard, contact BritBox’s technical service provider.

It would be most efficient for you to know what error message appeared during the time of your streaming and the video you are watching as this would help fix the problem.

6. Update Your Streaming Devices

Yes, updating the software of your streaming devices may help fix the problem.

There are devices where an update may improve its overall device performance.

To do a software update on your iOS device, do the following:

  • Open your iPhone and proceed to the Settings application on your home screen
  • Under Settings, go to General then Software
  • You will then see the latest software update if you still did not update your iPhone
  • Tap Download and Install then enter your password or Touch ID or Face ID when prompted
  • Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Press Agree to confirm your assent
britbox software update

To do a software update on your android device, do the following:

  • Open your android device, then proceed to the Settings application
  • It is usual to see a Software Update on the most bottom part of Settings
  • You may also search Software Update on the search bar of your settings
  • Press Software Update and you will see different labels that will let you know whether your device is updated

7. BritBox Account Should Be Active

Ensure that your account is active by checking on the BritBox settings account.

As simple as it is, there are times when we are busy and we forget paying for our accounts that have subscriptions.

britbox account

If you are this, then you will lose the access that you have; so make sure that you pay your subscriptions.

8. The Right HDMI Cable Plays a Key Factor

There are instances where the trouble of watching is because of the connection of an HDMI cable.

Because HD content would most often need a cable to be at least HDCP 2.2, and an HDCP 1.4 HDMI cable for graphics that have resolutions in 4K.

There is then a need to identify what cable you are using.

There’s really no telling unless you know your cables, you still have your cable package, or you have a spare cable which you may connect on a trial and error process.

This will help you to see whether the application would function on a different cable.


We hope that you have been enlightened through this article and know how to deal with your problem the next time you encounter one!

If you are still having issues with your Britbox not working, it would be better to contact your internet service provider or technical support from Britbox.

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