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Best Educational Apps Every Student Should Have

Best Educational Apps can help you study well. Sometime earlier, smartphones and tablet PCs were considered distractors.

Teachers called for refusing to use them and even tried to forbid students from taking their mobile phones to classes. Fortunately, these times have passed.

Since mobile developers started to launch various educational apps, programs that help to organize everything and plan a person’s life, smartphones and apps became the main helpers of all students.

Except for the fact that they give access to the Internet. Nevertheless, many students may argue the statement that apps are the main helpers.

Modern students who face difficulties when doing their homework are used to ordering online college homework help.

But it isn’t worth underestimating the advantages of educational apps for all students.

People who are reading this article are either high school or college students. But no matter where they learn, we’re sure that the following apps will certainly prove useful.

Best Educational Apps List

1. Memrise


Even if you think that language classes at college are enough for you, self-education will never be extra. Stop thinking that learning a language on your own means doing the same you do in class.

There’s no sense in repeating the same activity you certainly hate. Memrise will make you love the process of learning. Find out new words, listen to native speakers, and try to repeat the right pronunciation.

The system will analyze your diction and ask you to repeat it if you do it wrong. Memrise offers users to buy a subscription, but the free version is enough for many users.

2. StudyBlue Flashcards and Quizzes


Flashcards are irreplaceable studying tools. If earlier, students had to spend a lot of time doing them on their own, now various apps facilitated this task.

All you have to do is to type in words, and the app will create a flashcard for you.

Moreover, StudyBlue lets every used take advantage of thousands of already existing flashcards. Add audio and customize flashcards to make them more useful for you.

The app will create special quizzes to help you learn the information from cards faster.

Track your progress and see what topics and statements require you to spend more time on learning them.

3. Evernote


Imagine how much time you spend on taking notes by hand, and how much time you spend on finding the necessary information because paper notes can’t be organized well. Don’t you think that it’s time to stop it?

Download Evernote because it’s the best existing note-taking app. It lets you make handwritten notes, record audio or video, add attachments to existing notes.

Moreover, you may use a web-page as your note.

The essential advantage of this app is that it’s free. Now all your notes are in the same place. This app is especially convenient for writing academic papers.

4. Grammarly


This app is essential not only for students who write assignments but also for other people who often face writing and must fo it perfectly. In general, many non-Native English speakers download it to improve their written English.

Grammarly is based on AI that provides recommendations regarding the correctness and clarity of your writing.

If the professor states that your essays are dull and boring, you may either hire a professional writer or spend time improving your writing skills with Grammarly.

The first option is a great solution for emergencies: you need to open a search engine, type in the keyword “write my essay cheap,” select a service and order the necessary paper.

5. Photomath


People who graduated a long ago didn’t have this app, but it might greatly help them to understand math and other similar disciplines.

Modern students don’t need to spend time finding solutions on the Internet; Photomath can solve almost any assignment.

This app uses a phone camera to identify the mathematical equations and then gives detailed answers.

It’s an amazing advantage because similar apps usually don’t provide explanations.

Photomath covers many subjects and topics, such as algebra, elementary mathematics, trigonometry, mathematical analysis, statistics, etc. Photomath is free and can work without an Internet connection.

6. edX


Do you have difficulties with a particular subject or want to get knowledge? Download edX — it’s an online platform with lots of free courses in various disciplines.

World-famous colleges and universities design all courses, so be sure that you’ll get relevant and up-to-date information.

Even though some courses are free, obtaining a certificate requires you to pay money. Also, you should be ready that the courses which are in demand will be paid.

EdX cooperates with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Boston University, University of California Berkeley, etc.

This app offers courses in all popular subjects, so you’ll surely find a program to your taste and needs: learn biology, art, engineering, ethics, food & nutrition, medicine, etc.

Obtaining online academic degrees is also possible with edX.

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